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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 5th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 6


SafeMoon Gaming: Rust and WoW | Community Images & Videos | Blockchain News: SEC Pursues $45M Scam Based in Fake Blockchain Technology - Crypto Payments Platform Wyre Shuts Down - BMW Thailand To Use Blockchain Technology For Daily Operations | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners | Reminders

SafeMoon Gaming: Rust and WoW

Today we are playing Rust and WoW at 3pm MDT 5pm EST/ 10pm BST). If you play and are interested in joining in on the fun, head to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord.

To learn more about the games, watch the videos or click the hyperlinks below.
World of Warcraft

Community Images & Videos

SafeMoon Keith

Broad Arrow

SafeMoon YOLO


Blockchain News

SEC Pursues $45M Scam Based in Fake Blockchain Technology

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) has accused Neil Chandran and several others of scamming investors by falsely claiming access to blockchain technology. According to an article by CoinDesk, the SEC and Department of Justice claim investor money was embezzled and used to purchase luxury cars and real estate. The Sec seeks to recover the funds and fine those involved.

Crypto Payments Platform Wyre Shuts Down

Wyre announced that it will be shutting down this month after the failed acquisition by Bolt Financial, originally valued at $1.5 billion.

To read more about the ongoing situation, read this article written by Blockworks.

BMW Thailand To Use Blockchain Technology For Daily Operations

Luxury car maker BMW is planning to pilot blockchain technology in Thailand in their daily operations. BMW Thailand has partnered blockchain company Coinweb to develop tools to automate the vehicle financing processes and loyalty program.

Coinweb will be advising BMW Financial Services on cross-chain Smart Contract set-up and implementation as well as a Customer Loyalty Program, based on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC). The loyalty program will incentivize BMW customers with a blockchain-based rewards program. Owners will be able to redeem the rewards for products and services both with BMW and in the future within a connected ecosystem. The blockchain-based rewards system will be rolled out in 2023.

Food For Thought

"NEVER give up."

- Koorah

"It's better to fail at doing the right thing than to succeed at doing the wrong. It's takes real character to do the right thing when no one else is doing it 😉Make someone smile today, and as always, #BeKind 💙"

- HollyGirl

"#Today: Love others for who they are. See the beauty in the journey. Hold your head high and be brave. Extend a hand, give back. Believe in the power of simply being #kind, even to yourself. #bethechange you want to see. Open up to different perspectives."

- Pulse

"2022 taught me the importance of pruning and trimming the decay and overgrowth of life..... In 2023 I'll continue to nurture that which I Love with the new goal of adding more color and vibrance to enhance Life in any way possible. 🌱🌷🌻🌼🌿"

- RobSchram

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

Grove Token

"On the 6th of Jan at 6pm EST, #GroveCoin #GRV is launching! 🌍🚀 - 48M Circ. Supply #BNB / #ETH - $.73 Launch Price - 0% Buy/Transfer 10% Sell Tax. Anti-dumping protections in place at launch Transition Tool on very shortly after!"

Original Tweet

"You should now see an "Emergency Withdraw' button on all locked pools. Please use this to unstake your tokens now! ⚠️ Remember it is important to claim your rewards before you use this button, or you risk losing all of your rewards! ⚠️"

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"With all pipeline designs now finished for the foreseeable future, we are announcing that @CPdoge will be stepping down from his full-time role as Head of Design for EverGrow. CP has been an invaluable member of the team & very much remains part of the #EGCfam.💜"

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"Something coming to Crogecoin 👀 🐊 Turn on our twitter notifications and stay tuned!"

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(previously MetFX)
"Looking for the ultimate short video app? Look no further than R33LZ! With a wide range of content in various genres, a sleek and intuitive design, and unique features like our "Find The R33LZ treasure hunt" game, R33LZ offers something for everyone. Download R33LZ now!"

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SafeMoon CEO John Karony talks about SafeMoon's Centralized Exchange
(CEX) progress in the Captain's Log video below.

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CEO John Karony gave a quick update on the SafeMoon blockchain explaining a bit about the chosen consensus mechanism and release expectations.

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Token Monetization Innovation (TMI)

SafeMoon has released a new patent pending feature designed to improve the user experience on it's DEX (Decentralized Exchange - SafeMoon SWaP) labeling the feature TMI (Token Monetization Innovation).

TMI aims to improve transparency and transaction predictability by charging the exchange fees upfront in the native token and using smart contracts to ensure transparency in token liquidity pairings. It also aims to expand the availability of web3 and enable additional community partnersh