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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 29th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 31


Crypto Scam Preventative Measures | Most Burned Tokens | Community: Scam Warnings - Thoughts - Images & Videos | Blockchain News: Amazon NFT Initiative - US Tax Season Incoming - Latest in Crypto Hiring - Blockchain in Action (California) | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: EverGrow - Mirror Protocol - Rhythm - R33LZ - Shido - Glow Token - Empire Token - GroveCoin | Reminders

Crypto Scam Preventative Measures

Here's a list of six types of cryptocurrency scams and tips on how to avoid them:

  • Phishing: Be wary of unsolicited emails or messages, double-check the website's URL, assure a link is from an official source before clicking, and never enter personal information unless you are certain who is receiving it.

  • Ponzi Schemes: Be wary of investments that promise high returns with little to no risk, be skeptical of unsolicited offers, and do your own research on the company or individual behind the investment.

  • Exit Scams: Be wary of investments that seem too good to be true, be skeptical of companies that don't have a clear business plan, and do your own research on the company or individual behind the investment.

  • Pump and Dump Schemes: Be skeptical of hype surrounding a particular cryptocurrency, be wary of unsolicited tips or recommendations, and do your own research on the cryptocurrency in question.

  • Cloud Mining Scams: Be skeptical of companies that promise guaranteed returns, be wary of companies that don't disclose information about their mining operations, and do your own research on the company.

  • Impersonation Scams: Be wary of unsolicited messages or emails, double-check the website's URL, and don't click on links or enter personal information unless you are certain it's legitimate. Also, verify the authenticity of the person or the organization through the official website or through other means before making any transactions.

Most Burned Tokens

According to Crypto Insights, SFM was one of the most burned tokens over the last 24 hours!

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Scam Warnings

"Scammers are out in full force today, trust no one. Double check profiles & don’t believe a soul who slides into your mentions. We’ve had enough heartbreak in this space.."

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"SafeMoon family: I’d like to take a moment to look back at where we came from. We are now a sought after Dex. We are the beacon of creativity in the decentralized space. Industry leaders and innovators are contributing to the ecosystem, and we have so much more coming. I have grown so much as a result of being a member of the army. BBTF has benefited so much from the members in this space. We have all placed a great deal of confidence in this projects future and today, I am more bullish than I have ever been about this ecosystem."

Don Bailey


"It’s an absolute pleasure being apart of the best community within our space 😤. The energy seems to be shifting. Phenomenal job @safemoon on todays video of #ORBITALSHIELD."


MProtocol Community Moderator

"The crypto community is proving that together, we can educate and uplift each other, pushing positivity and understanding to the forefront. The power of a close-knit community is undeniable."

VibeWell MProtocol Community Moderator

"#SAFEMOONARMY another banger of a #SAFEMOONLOWDOWN Well done #safemoon education team. I'm seeing SAFEMOON become a power house in real time. NICE!"

Thank you for your continued support, Safemoon Knight! 💕💕

Safemoon Knight

Images & Videos

"I’m on a boat! 🛳️"


Westside Demon

SafeMoon Knight

SFM Tony

"NFTs be like:"

Minister of NFTs

Amazon NFT Initiative Coming Soon

Amazon to Launch Digital Assets Enterprise, NFT Initiative Expected in Spring, according to sources. Amazon has been shopping its digital collectibles effort to industry players such as layer-1 blockchains, gaming startups and exchanges. Focus is on blockchain-based gaming and related NFT applications. An example in the works is getting Amazon customers to play crypto games and claim NFTs. The effort is still developing with a public announcement expected in April. This move is a big one for crypto, affecting existing players if executed well, says one source. [Source: Blockworks]

US Tax Season Incoming: IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Crypto Income Reporting Ahead of 2022 Filing

As the deadline for filing 2022 federal income tax returns nears, the IRS - an agency enforcing US federal tax laws - released a list of reporting requirements for the public dealing with cryptocurrencies. The IRS updated their reporting forms to use the term "digital assets" instead of "virtual currencies". All US citizens must report information about their cryptocurrency holdings, even if they haven't conducted any transactions. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Latest in Crypto Hiring: Former Nike, Apple Marketing Pro Joins Segment

This week, some crypto firms announced layoffs while others hired high-level executives. Algorand named Jessica Tsai Chin as its new CMO. This comes after Algorand hired Chief Marketing Officer Michele Quintaglie, formerly from Fidelity Investments and Visa. Quintaglie will continue in her role, with Chin leading the foundation side. Chin was formerly Head of Brand for Global Privacy at WhatsApp, where she led the metaverse efforts for the marketing team.

Before WhatsApp, she worked in global brand marketing at Nike, developing mobile-first growth initiatives for platforms like SNKRS and Nike Run app. She spent around 4 years at Apple, leading global special projects for enterprise tech products.'s former Chief Compliance Officer, with a strong background in traditional finance, has moved to Kraken to serve in the same role. [Source: Blockworks]

Blockchain in Action: California DMV to Digitize Car Title Management System via Tezos

The California DMV is experimenting with digitizing car titles and transfers using a private Tezos blockchain. It's part of a partnership between the DMV, Tezos, and blockchain firm Oxhead Alpha, who announced a successful proof-of-concept on January 25th. Oxhead Alpha is building on a private Tezos testnet called a "shadow ledger", a blockchain version of the DMV's current database.

The DMV's Chief Digital Officer, Ajay Gupta, aims to have the shadow ledger completed in the next three months and then plans to introduce digital wallets for holding and transferring car title tokens with the DMV serving as a mediator. Gupta believes the DMV's image of being outdated will change with the blockchain initiative, which will have many uses for the agency in modernizing its paper-based systems. Oxhead Alpha's President, Andrew Smith, mentions that the blockchain initiative will prevent transaction fraud, where car sellers conceal information about the vehicle's condition. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Food For Thought

"Hard work always pays off. Without exception 🛠️ Moving in one direction as a team and working together to create change - that's what counts 🤝 This is the essence of rational and effective work - by taking our time and making the right decisions 🧘‍♂️"

- Gandalf

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt Shared by CryptoToMars

"Time, not money, is the most important currency of your life."

- Gary Goodridge

"It's a new day, fresh start, fresh energy, new opportunities. Get you mind right, be thankful, be positive and start you day right!"

- Safemoon Stacey

SafeMoon Stats

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"If you are seeing the old $EGC logo in TW & want the up-to-date 1 to show.U need either clear cache & close. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the entire TW app & enter ur seed phase back in. Search #EverGrow . Or wait a little for our official wallet coming soon! @evergrowcoinEGC"

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"During the 1848 Gold Rush, few prospectors made money panning for gold. It was those selling the picks & shovels that got rich. In crypto the equivalent is the devs & exchanges. Projects & holders are constantly taken advantage of. It's time to change this. We are working so hard at EverGrow to prove that value can be returned to holders. Despite the challenges of the last 12 months, EverGrow have still distributed more rewards than all BUSD projects combined, by a long way, and we are only just getting started."

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Mirror Protocol

"Im glad to have, and will continue, to expand #TheMirrorProtocol community. It’s not about being one type of maximalist. To me it’s a new space of maximizing in #DeFi as a whole. I’ve met too many great community leaders here. Let’s move forward, not backwards."

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"As we prepare for exciting days to come, please be cautious and follow the real TheMProtocol accounts. We DO NOT have Twitter support accounts @MProtocolFuture @BertBeattie @VbeWllPrspr @Blairosophy @CryptoC_James @GOTTI_MProtocol"

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"$RHYTHM is a rare gem opportunity set to take off when Rhythm Music 2.0 and Artist pass NFTs are released, Don't miss the chance! 🎵🎶"

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"Not bad... Rhythm is a rare opportunity and is set to take over the blockchain-music industry when we release Rhythm music 2.0 and Artist pass NFTs! Don't miss this one!!🎵🎶 $RHYTHM @BNBCHAIN #BSC #BSCGemsAlert #RHYTHM #ETH #Crypto #BNB"