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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 28th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 30


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SafeMoon Orbital Shield Explained

SafeMoon released a more technical explanation of their patent-pending security product, SafeMoon Orbital Shield. The explanation video was published on the official SafeMoon YouTube channel and was provided by SafeMoon Chief Technology Officer Jake Hammock. 👏👏👏

"It's here! A slightly more technical explanation of #ORBITALSHIELD! 🎓 In this short video one of the #SAFEMOON team will bring some clarity to some of the functions, as well as some of the possible applications! Headphones recommended 🎧"

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The feedback for the technical presentation of SafeMoon Orbital Shield was overwhelmingly positive! As always, thank you all for your comments, feedback, and support.

Need a slightly more simplified explanation?

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Just for Giggles


"Anyone else think Jake Hammock sounded a little like James Halliday from Ready Player One?👈😁 SafeMoon Oasis incoming! " - jkpoint

SafeMoon SWaP

SWaP Listing 🆕

SafeMoon has announced a new upcoming SafeMoon SWaP listing.

"We are excited to announce that @Revoltance will be listing on the SafeMoon SWaP soon!🎉..."

Want to learn more about Revoltance? Visit their website at 👀.

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Rovoltance also has an upcoming Twitter Space scheduled for those interested in learning more this coming Monday. Set your reminder here.

Feature Feedback

SafeMoon community member, RudyMoon shared her feedback and appreciation of one of the many SafeMoon Wallet features.

"The press and hold to sell feature in the SAFEMOON WALLET has now saved me twice from making the wrong transaction. Sometimes it’s these little things that seem so simple to many that are huge to others. This is probably my favorite feature of the wallet #SecurityFirst #SAFEMOON" "...And some don’t realize that a “little” feature like that is a lot of work, and think about how much people will save by not having those mistakes. 🙌"

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SafeMoon Twitter - Business Verification

In response to a community member's statement SafeMoon tweeted that their Twitter business verification application was submitted and that currently they're just waiting for Twitter's response.

"We gotta get @safemoon officially business verified on twitter that way the separate accounts can have verification as well and there won’t be a question wether it’s a scam or the real account! #SAFEMOON"

- SafeMoon community member Hunt.sfm

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SafeMoon community member and moderator Sharcaan shared that #SAFEMOON was trending on Twitter with 12.2K Tweets yesterday!

According to SafeMoon community member SafeMoonian, #ORBITALSHIELD was trending in under 10 hours after the most recent SOS video release.

"As I said it #ORBITALSHIELD is trending in under 10 hours This is the power of the #SAFEMOONARMY and #SAFEMOONFAMILY TOGETHER! #SAFEMOON 🔒🌕🌌🛡️❤️"

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"First round of the maintenance has now concluded 🔧 Fixed the following: Volume tracker Transaction categoriser Twitter feeds Added: “Last updated” to holder brackets Next up: Wallet tracker “Last updated” to rest of the data tables Have a nice Friday 🙌"

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SafeMoon community member and managing director of MProtocol, Gotti shared some of his thoughts on SOS and it's potential for NFT security.

"My OPINION from a community member perspective, even though I was right about a lot of things during a convo yesterday about the upcoming #SAFEMOON video. I knew it was going to be about SOS and it had to be! We needed more of what SOS is! And #SAFEMOON delivered Short 🧵 👇👇👇 Something that I caught, that was mentioned a lot by Jake Hammock, was data creators and data ownership. What else does this mean besides owning your credentials, or creating your credentials? Does this have anything to do with not only locking down access to a marketplace But can Orbital Shield add extra layer of security to #NFTs? We know #NFTs are a hot commodity now and its communities are only growing stronger. Could #SAFEMOON be at a forefront of this innovation for #NFT?"

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"Let's Gooooo! I'm on Full mast right now!! This video makes me wonder, if I own my data w/ SOS, in theory, can I choose to sell my data someday in the future? Would be dope! Either way, great video production! Great explanation! Great ORIGINAL product!"

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"#OrbitalShied 25 years in the making! Lynn Spraggs is the genius behind #OrbitalShield He has been developing this encryption and building upon it for that long if you follow the patent dates!"

Original Tweet

"Really well done video and what a pleasure it was to hear from our CT/RO Jake Hammock! Truly puts it into perspective as to how revolutionary #OrbitalShield truly is!"

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" Behind every new tech breakthrough is a team of dedicated individuals working tirelessly to push boundaries and ensure security is top priority. The future is built on the hard work of these unsung heroes. #innovation #security #hardworkpaysoff #bbtf #TheMirrorProtocol #SAFEMOON"

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"Congratulations to all the #safemoonarmy members getting recognized! You deserve it for your hard work! @safemoon... good job!"

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Miss the SafeMoon Water Cooler Twitter Space yesterday? Not to worry, listen to the recorded space here.

Images & Videos



#SFM32 #BBTF #SafeMoon Meetup! @Katxkin32


"#SAFEMOON So Cal meet up in the LBC #LongBeach Finally met @DreamingDeFi and @Benji_420 and other from the army."




New York Senate Introduces Bill to Allow Crypto as a Form of Payment

The New York State Senate has introduced a bill that would allow individuals and businesses in the state to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The bill, called the "BitLicense 2.0," aims to provide a framework for the responsible use of cryptocurrencies and to make it easier for businesses to use digital assets. The bill would also establish a licensing process for companies that provide cryptocurrency services, such as exchanges and wallet providers. The bill is still in the early stages of the legislative process and it is unclear if or when it will become law. [Source: WatcherGuru]

Texas Senator Proposed Capitol Hill Vending Machines to Accept Crypto

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has proposed an amendment to a federal spending bill that would require all vending machines on Capitol Hill to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The amendment aims to promote the use and understanding of digital currencies by members of Congress and their staff. The amendment would also require the Government Accountability Office to study the potential benefits and drawbacks of using digital currencies for government transactions. If passed, the amendment would be a significant step towards mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency. [Source: CoinDesk]

Food For Thought

"Don’t wait until you feel fully ready.The soft spot for growth and opportunities is when you still feel a bit insecure, but choose to believe in yourself, and go for it."

- OrangeBook

"Consistency is more important than for perfection"

- Shared by Gary Goodridge

"Keep building. Keep improving. Keep adding value. Be helpful, interested and focused on real positive outcomes. And do not get distracted by the noise and uncertainty."

- Vala Afshar

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