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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 27th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 28


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SafeMoon Newsletter Reminder

SafeMoon asked the community,

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Crypto Education Crucial For Adoption

As the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology grows, education in these areas is becoming increasingly crucial. By educating investors about the technical aspects of blockchain and crypto, they will have a better understanding of how to safeguard their digital assets from hacking and theft.

Proper crypto education can also benefit new or inexperienced investors looking to invest in digital assets. With the right educational materials, they will know where to exercise caution, for example, understanding the risks associated with leverage trading. By receiving education on crypto and blockchain, investors can minimize risks as they navigate the crypto markets.

Furthermore, blockchain education is essential in developing professionals who will join the expanding blockchain workforce and contribute to the development of new ideas and products in the industry, which is necessary to keep it at the forefront. [Source:]

Avoiding Negativity by Gandalf

How to care less about hate and focus on the positive things - An explanation including my thought process 🧵⬇️

The thread created here is about my own experiences, thought processes and related ways of knowledge that I want to share 💭

What is hate? Hate is a form of expression that leads some people to express their opinions in the form of assertions with aggressive undertones and direct attacks. Most often, this is done not to express an opinion, but to assert an opinion.

This form of expression is usually used to give weight to an opinion, either to counter a popular opinion or to attack a situation that contradicts one's own opinion. In doing so, the creator of the argument wants his argument to be heard more than what is in the foreground. Why do people use hate as communication? Hate is an expression of many things:

- uncontrolled emotions

- envy

- resentment

- fear

Fear, in particular, is a driving factor in making statements intended to harm others.

The principle here is that the person who chooses this communication knows no other way to get attention. Attention is the keyword that forms the foundation for this type of communication, because that is all it is intended to generate.

How can you avoid this type of communication? Here you have to distinguish:

- Is one the one who overhears an opinion?

- Is one the one who wants to formulate an opinion?

Depending on which area you belong to (or even both), it is crucial how you react.

If you are the one who reads opinions, then you also decide what you want to read. Giving attention to what seeks attention only fuels its drive. This includes commenting or recanting, because as mentioned before, nothing else wants to create hate, unrest and division.

If you are the one who wants to express an opinion, always keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with having a different opinion as long as you express it factually. Profanity, false claims or the like do not belong here and do not help to give weight to your opinion.

In the end, focusing on positive things is easy when you get involved. Of course, you sometimes like to read the spicy arguments of others, but this does not change the fact that what is negative, after a short time no one can remember and positive memories remain.

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SafeMoon community member HeathStarr2 shared a screenshot of #SAFEMOONARMY trending with 1,736 Tweets.

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SafeMoon community member and creator of the SafemoonGlubiz website shared an update.

"Hello! It has been a while 😅 I’m planning to do some much needed maintenance on the coming weekend 🙌 If you have experienced anything that doesn’t work, please let me know either in the comments or send me a dm 😁 Thank you in advance! 🙏"

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Images & Videos

SFM Centurion

"Just customised my Samsung watch. Look familiar, @safemoon 17400 steps 13kms 👀"


"SafeMoon Gandalf"


"On route for the London Safemoon meet-up!!"

Krypto Magnus

"The @safemoon galaxy is growing."

OG Crypto Wizard

US Institutions Account For 85% Of Bitcoin Buying In ‘Very Positive Sign’ — Matrixport

According to Matrixport's chief strategist, institutional investors are not shying away from cryptocurrency, with data showing that up to 85% of Bitcoin purchases are being made by American institutional players. Markus Thielen, head of research and strategy at Matrixport, stated that this is a sign that we may be entering a new "crypto bull market" and that institutions are not giving up on crypto.

A report from Matrixport suggests that the performance of a digital asset during U.S. or Asian trading hours can indicate whether it is more popular with retail or institutional investors. The report also noted that Bitcoin is up 40% this year, with 35% of those gains occurring during U.S. trading hours, indicating that U.S. institutions are currently buying Bitcoin. [Source: Cointelegraph]

One of America’s Largest Homebuilders Just Opened Its First Community in the Metaverse

One of America's largest homebuilders, KB Home, is branching out into the virtual world as more real-world homebuyers are canceling their purchase agreements. KB Home, based in Los Angeles and operating in 47 markets across the country, announced the launch of a unique virtual reality community to encourage more exploration and engagement among its customers. This move comes shortly after the company reported a 68% cancellation rate in its fourth quarter earnings, compared to the 13% reported in Q4 2020.

The virtual community allows customers to customize some of the company's model homes to their preferences, from changing the architectural style to personalizing the interior design. The virtual community was created in partnership with marketing firm The Metaverse Group and launched on the Decentraland platform, a web browser platform that enables people to purchase virtual land with cryptocurrency and build digital homes. [Source: Business Insider]

Food For Thought

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Sometimes we're tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths 😉 Make someone smile today, and as always, #BeKind 💙"

- HollyGirl

"Don't downgrade your dream to fit your present reality. Upgrade your attitude, discipline and skills to match your destiny."

- Shared by Rob Schram

"Trust is one of the hardest things to find in a world where greed runs rampant."

- EverGrowPaul EverGrow Operations Manager

"No one will ever always have the same perspective and views on everything. What's important is that we give each other the opportunity to present new ideas. Mutual respect is 100% necessary."

- OG Crypto Wizard

"Innovation is the key driver of adoption. Without new ideas, products and services, we would be stuck in the same old routine. Embrace change and think outside the box to drive growth and success."

- Darkmoon Tim

SafeMoon Stats

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"We'll be at #BESUMMIT London 2023! Come along to meet some of the #GroveCoin team at our booth and catch up on exciting #Crypto and #GroveBusiness developments 🪙🌍 Can't make it? We'll keep you updated on our official social media"

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"None of us see the future, but we are all shaping it, together. With patience, kindness and understanding we can build a tomorrow that is not just sustainable but prosperous for more people. All it takes is seizing todays opportunities and lifting each other up."

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Mirror Protocol

"Good afternoon! Todays Through The Looking Glass will be postponed until Thursday Feb 2nd! Be sure to tune in next week as we will have some special guestS and this time we will talk #TheMirrorProtocol 😉😏"

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⚠️⚠️PLEASE RETWEET⚠️⚠️ #TheMirrorProtocol DOES NOT HAVE ANY OFFICIAL SUPPORT PAGES ON TWITTER!! PLEASE BLOCK AND REPORT THESE ACCOUNTS!!! @MProtocolHelps @CoreumOfficia11 @MProtocolOfSupt If you need help or have questions, reach out to @Blairosophy @VbeWllPrspr @BertBeattie

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"#TheMoreYouKnow has integrated our very own #HollyGirl chat option! Here you can find our How-To's, submit tickets, and even give feedback. This tool will be very important when we begin the "infinite process". More info to come! Turn your on your 🔔"