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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 26th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 1


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SafeMoon Official YouTube

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats Tweeted a reminder to subscribe to the Official SafeMoon YouTube channel.

"I love links to websites! Do you know which link I really like right now? It's a great link to a #YouTube channel. I really think you all should subscribe😉"

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SafeMoon Orbital Shield

SafeMoon shared that an upcoming technical overview of SafeMoon Orbital Shield will be shared this Friday from a never heard from before team member!

New #SAFEMOON #ORBITALSHIELD video! 📺 With a team member you've not heard from before! 👀 Coming this Friday! 🗓️ #Crypto #technology #web3 #security

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SafeMoon community member Jkpointing replied to SafeMoon's Tweet.

"Please say it has points! 🙏Please oh SafeMoon Gods, say it has points! 👈" - @jkpointatthings

"It has at least a start point, a middle point and an end point."

"So many points! 👈👆☝👉👇👈👆☝👉👇

Let's Goooo!" - @jkpointatthings

"It also has sick beats! 🎶"

SafeMoon added,

"We'll be talking about this INCREDIBLE invention more, not less. 📢 We'll talk about other things too at the right time. 🎉 Win-win 👐"

"In my opinion, Orbital Shield is bigger than what most people realize. I love it! - Gotti

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats replied to some comments about Orbital Shield.

"If you give someone your car keys, they have access to your car. But if you put a steering wheel lock on the car the car can’t move. They can have your username and password but as stated first time login still require security question answers." "Orbital shield protects against things Brute Force or Man in the middle attacks." "Sure, I can see your point about the handling of information on an individual bases. Now I will say that this is an MVP and first iteration and always room to look further into how we could protect against social engineering or similar attacks."

"I appreciate you having this dialogue! I agree and maybe that’s something in the future they can work on to change! I do think other companies would indeed use orbitalshield and that it is a good product for businesses to use!" - @Crypto_KingJB 🙏

"That’s why we are here, to discuss and seek to understand the prospective of others. We/I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I will say your and members of the SafeMoon are being acknowledged. Even if they aren’t actioned instantly " - SafeMoon Education Manager, Cats

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SafeMoon Lowdown

The SafeMoon Education team is trying out a new short-style video format for the SafeMoon Lowdown. Have you checked it out yet? 👀 Let us know what you think.

SafeMoon community member Imagine provided feedback saying this would be "perfect for TikTok gen, quick info in a cool format💯👍" 🙏💙

Well, we thought so too.


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SafeMoon Banner

Fabo pointed out that SafeMoon's banner has been updated again.

SafeMoon Gaming: World of Warcraft

Today we are playing World of Warcraft! Join in on some community raids and PVP, no matter your server or faction! Hop on over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord to join in at 3 PM MDT! Hope to see you there!💻

Images & Videos

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy, I’ve decided to rebuild the #SafeMoon Moonseum in @Spatial_io so everyone will still get to enjoy it. This time you will be able to join on your phone, computer or #VR. Soon after I will begin working on #ClubSafeMoon V2. The SFM #Metaverse continues…" Metaverse Josh

"Don't sleep on it! #SafeMoon and @CptHodl are still building! Building what? PROGRESS!! Advanced Technology! Security! Generational Wealth! FREEDOM!"



"The #SafeMoon Lowdown on YouTube wat?" Glenn (SafeMoon Trends Reporter and Moderator)


We have ANOTHER fake me everyone, you know what to do. This is another reason I pay for Twitter Blue, if you don't see the blue checkmark it's not me. #SAFEMOON 👇 Block and Report 👇 @Dan0l0gy10

👇 Block and Report 👇 @Dan0l0gy10

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Glubiz Site

Hello! It has been a while 😅 I’m planning to do some much needed maintenance on the coming weekend 🙌 If you have experienced anything that doesn’t work, please let me know either in the comments or send me a dm 😁 Thank you in advance! 🙏

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Oreo launches a Metaverse…and a really big cookie

Cookie company Oreo launched its own Metaverse, the OREOVERSE, an interactive digital world where cookie lovers can play cookie-themed games and enter into a sweepstake.

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Visa CEO Reveals Multiple CBDC and Stablecoin Initiatives in Development

Visa has a number of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and stablecoin initiatives underway, according to the company's CEO. This suggests that the payment giant is exploring ways to integrate these emerging forms of digital currency into its existing payment infrastructure and services. [Source: WatcherGuru]

"UK Treasury to Hire Head of CBDC to Develop Digital Pound"

The UK Treasury is seeking to hire a head of central bank digital currency (CBDC) to lead the development of a digital pound. The role will be responsible for leading a cross-government working group to develop and implement a CBDC for the UK, in collaboration with the Bank of England. This move is in line with other countries that are exploring the possibility of issuing their own digital currencies. [Source: WatcherGuru]

Food For Thought

"New ideas need audiences like flowers need bees. No matter how brilliant and colorful, they will die unless others work to spread them." - Simon Sinek

- Shared by safemoonfamily

"From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own." - Publilius Syrus

- Shared by RobSchram

SafeMoon Stats

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