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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 21st, 2023)

Updated: Jan 22


SafeMoon Wallet Update | SafeMoon YouTube | SafeMoon Special |⚠️Scam Awareness: ⚠️Twitter Scam Accounts - ⚠️Scam Alert: PayPal | SafeMoon Gaming: Fortnite | SafeMoon Banner | Community: Spaces - Images | Blockchain News: FTX Possible Relaunch - China Digital Money to have Smart Contract & New Use Cases - Film Festival embraces blockchain and crypto film initiatives | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: Pige Inu - Empire Token - Pawthereum - Live Crypto Party - Mirror Protocol | Reminders

SafeMoon Wallet - Update 3.36

A new SafeMoon Wallet update was pushed yesterday! You can now view, purchase, send, and receive Solana tokens and NFTs, all under the security of Orbital Shield!

"Update v3.36 🚨 Let's welcome #Solana Tokens and #NFTs to the #SAFEMOONWALLET! 🎉👏 "

Additional Update Details:

  • To use the Solana Chain in the application, you will need a multi-coin wallet (12 or 24-word recovery phrase)

  • "Forgot credentials" now requires biometrics if enabled

  • Walletconnect with internal browser now returns to the dApp after confirming the connection

"WALLET UPDATE 3.36 SafeMoon is excited to announce Solana Tokens are now available to purchase, send, and receive! Additionally, you can now view, send and receive Solana Collectibles, all secured by Orbital Shield! Additional Update Details: • To use the Solana Chain in the application, you will need a multi-coin wallet (12 or 24-word recovery phrase) • "Forgot credentials" now requires biometrics if enabled • Walletconnect with internal browser now returns to the dApp after confirming the connection"

Original Tweet

"Just updated my #SafemoonWallet we now have #Solana chain"


SafeMoon YouTube

Yesterday SafeMoon reminded everyone to subscribe to the Official SafeMoon YouTube Channel.

"Are you subscribed to the #SAFEMOON YouTube channel? 📺 👀"

Original Tweet

CEO John Karony added that a lot of SafeMoon's information will be published on the SafeMoon Youtube channel.

"Are you subscribed to the #SAFEMOON YouTube Channel? That is where a lot of information will live, including information on #ORBITALSHIELD #SAFEMOONARMY"

SafeMoon Special

SafeMoon Core Team Member Mr. A shared that a SafeMoon Special could potentially be in store for March, given everything goes as planned.

"And all going well. I am officially hopefully maybe doing a SafeMoon special for march (please don’t take this as a 100% fact. Life happens. But it is the aim)."

Original Message

⚠️Scam Awareness

⚠️Twitter Scam Accounts

SafeMoon moderator Steve warns of the scammers on Twitter working a little harder to scam individuals after wallet updates! 🙏Please be careful out there, everyone.

"Right after a wallet update, the intensity of scammers increases. Stay alert and please report and block any that you see, including this one #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONWALLET "

SafeMoon does not have a SafeMoon Support or a SafeMoon HelpDesk account on any social media platform.

Look for official links for SafeMoon accounts on SafeMoon's Official Link Tree.

⚠️Scam Alert: PayPal

Scammers are using PayPal invoices to trick victims into sending them cryptocurrency. They create fake invoices that appear to be from PayPal and ask the victim to make their payment in cryptocurrency to a specific address. PayPal, like most companies, will not request payment in cryptocurrency. Be cautious of unsolicited PayPal invoices and verify the legitimacy of any invoice. [Source: Infosecurity]

SafeMoon Gaming: Fortnite

The storm rages on! Survive the Fortnite battlegrounds with your fellow SafeMoon community members! Hop on over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord to join in at 1 PM MDT!

SafeMoon Banner

SafeMoon community member Fabo pointed out that the SafeMoon Twitter account's banner was updated again.

SafeMoon responded with a gif:

Original Tweet


The SafeMoon WaterCooler was held yesterday, and SafeMoon community member Tim shared that he really enjoyed the topics discussed.

"🔥A great @JEREMIAH1SFMWC space with @SafeMoonWing from #Safemoon and @justbeingmendy from #GroveCoin answering questions including a deep dive question from @DarkmoonTim"

Want to listen? Click here.

Original Tweet

Images & Videos

"Time draws closer on the daily! Work is still being done and progress is being made at #SafeMoon!"



FTX Possible Relaunch

John Ray III, CEO of FTX, has announced that he is evaluating the potential benefits of relaunching the company. He is assessing whether this move would positively impact both customers and creditors as the organization works towards recovering lost funds. To date, FTX's debtors have identified approximately $5.5 billion in liquid assets. The recovery process has been challenging, and updates regarding the recovered funds are subject to alteration. [Source: Techcrunch]

Digital Yuan Gets Smart Contract and New Use Cases in China

China has added smart contract functionality to its digital yuan, along with new use cases for the currency. The move is part of the country's efforts to promote the use of the digital yuan and increase its adoption among businesses and individuals. The smart contract functionality allows for more efficient and secure financial transactions. Additionally, new use cases for the digital yuan have been introduced, such as in the transportation and food delivery sectors.[Source: Cointelegraph]

Film Festival embraces blockchain and crypto film initiatives

The Sundance Film Festival, which is considered one of the world's most prestigious film festivals, is embracing blockchain and crypto film initiatives. The festival takes place in January and is including several films and events that focus on the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the film industry. Many projects are in progress with the effort to create a decentralized platform for the distribution and monetization of independent films. The festival is also featuring a "Blockchain and the Future of Entertainment" panel, which will explore the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional film industry business model. The panel will feature experts from the film and crypto industries. One of the independent films mentioned is a crypto-themed film called "Crypto," a thriller that explores the world of digital currencies and the dark web. [Source: CoinTelegraph]

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