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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 19th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 20

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SFM V1 to V2 Migration

SafeMoon moderator Sharcaan shared a screenshot of SafeMoon Core Team member Mr. A letting everyone know that the migration from SFM V1 to V2 "remains open indefinitely."

Did you experience issues with your SFMV1 to V2 migration? SafeMoon released the Migration Completion Program for all those who experienced an unsuccessful migration. To participate in the program, visit

If you still hold SFM V1 and have yet to migrate, you can do so through SafeMoon's Wallet application or by visiting SafeMoon's web SWaP at

SafeMoon Gaming: World of Warcraft

Today we are playing World of Warcraft! Join in on some community raids and PVP, no matter your server or faction! Hop on over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord to join in at 3 PM MDT! Hope to see you there!💻

SafeMoon Official Accounts

Due to the many scam accounts in the Twitter community, SafeMoon's Global CM Veno reminds us of the official SafeMoon accounts on Twitter.

"OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS for #SafeMoon - There's a lot of fake and scam accounts out there, and we know it's confusing when there's multiple accounts. These 4 accounts are officially us:"

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SafeMoon Banner

SafeMoon community member Danology points out that the Official SafeMoon Twitter account's banner has been updated.


According to TradeDog, SafeMoon was in the "TOP BNBChain Projects by Social Engagement" yesterday.


Images & Videos

"@safemoon #SafeMoon #SafeMoonArmy @BlockBustersTch #BBTF @MProtocolFuture #MProtocol @MoonizenStudios @MoonizensNFT #Moonizens #TogetherWeThrive 👾"




"#Safemoon has: - Robust team - Wallet - DEX - HQ - #safemoonorbitalshield (military grade cybersecurity for wallets) - Tokenomics Supervisor - Token Monetization Innovation (TMI) - Debit card (pending) - Centralized Exchange (pending) - Blockchain (pending) - and more to come"

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Crypto Education

What is Testnet?

SafeMoon partner Empire Token shared some education with the crypto community yesterday on the topic of "Testnet" in a Tweet.🙏


  • A testing network for a new coin, project, or product or for potential improvements to an existing product or offer.

  • A testnet can also be used by newcomers to practice activities like staking and trading.

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2022 Crypto Lessons

This thread compiles "the top 10 lessons that we wanted to take away as venture investors in 2023" Provided below is the shortlist. To read more detail, view the full thread here.

  1. Diligence actually matters, and it's important to verify the information before investing.

  2. Be cautious when everything seems crazy, and valuations and narratives appear to be too high.

  3. Move quickly and push harder to close deals.

  4. Keep an open mind to new and unconventional ideas.

  5. Don't blindly follow trends in crypto, and focus on what people actually want.

  6. Macroeconomic factors can greatly impact the performance of asset classes.

  7. Regulation takes longer than expected, and it can have a big impact on investments.

  8. To make money, you need to find a unique insight or edge in a company or deal.

  9. Building a strong brand can help win deals and should be invested in up front.

  10. Don't trust the judgment of other VCs, and stay true to yourself.

2022 was a tough year for crypto investing, but it was also an educational one.

Source: @hosseeb

Blockchain News

Solana Foundation Warns of Security Incident Involving Emails

The Solana Foundation has warned of a security incident involving the Mailchimp platform. They stated that an unauthorized person had gained access to one of their Mailchimp accounts and sent out a phishing email to all those on their mailing list, attempting to trick recipients into sending cryptocurrency to a fake address. The Foundation advised recipients not to click on any links in the email and to double-check the address before sending any funds. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Cryptocurrency Firm Genesis Global Trading Preparing to File for Bankruptcy

According to Bloomberg News, cryptocurrency firm Genesis Global Trading is preparing to file for bankruptcy. The company, which is one of the largest OTC crypto trading firms in the US, has reportedly been hit hard by the recent drop in cryptocurrency prices and has been unable to secure new funding. The report states that Genesis has been in talks with potential buyers, but so far, no deal has been reached. The bankruptcy filing is expected to be in the coming weeks. [Source: Reuters]

Google Ads Delivered Malware Drains NFT Influencer's Entire Crypto Wallet

An NFT influencer has fallen victim to malware that was delivered through Google Ads. The malware drained the influencer's entire crypto wallet. The attack appears to have been targeted at the influencer's audience through Google Ads, which placed the malware-laden ad on a legitimate website. The malware was able to access the victim's computer and wallet information, allowing the attackers to drain the funds. The article advises users to be cautious when clicking on any Google Ads and to use reputable antivirus software to protect their devices. [Source: Watcher Guru]

Binance Obtains Regulatory Approval to Provide Crypto Services in Poland

Binance has obtained regulatory approval to provide crypto services in Poland. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) has granted Binance a license to operate as a crypto-to-crypto exchange, allowing it to provide services to customers in Poland. This move will enable Binance to expand its reach to customers in Poland and offer them access to its wide range of crypto trading services. The move comes as more and more countries are looking to regulate the crypto industry and provide a framework for companies to operate in. [Source: watcherguru]

Food For Thought

"If someone makes a mistake or wasn’t aware on how something might work. Don’t attack, elevate them instead! Guide them on what went wrong, show them the solution and truly help them understand what might not to do moving forward! Elevate those around us! "

- Cats

FACT: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates, and uses the entire brain is music.

- Shared by RobSchram

"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other."

- Walter Elliot

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners


"Pawthcast #49"

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"Less than 2 weeks left. The R33LZ short video application will launch with full utilities. Learn more by watching our trailer! #crypto #watchtoearn #sharetoearn #shorts #R33LZ #trailer"

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"par·al·lel u·ni·verse noun a world conceived of as coexisting with and having certain similiarities to the known world but different from it in some fundamental way. This is no different when we look at one blockchain to another. Ⓜ️#TheMProtocol #CrossChain #ParallelUniverse"

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