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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 16th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 17


SafeMoon Gaming | Crypto Education - Tips for Avoiding Scams | Community Content | "Teamwork" by Gandalf | Blockchain News: Google Security Alert! - A Push for Crypto Regulation - FTX to Sell Assests for Consumer Shortfalls - Polygon Hard Fork | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | Partners: LCP - Empire Token - Rhythm - Shido - GroveCoin - Glow Token | Reminders

SafeMoon Gaming


The SafeMoon Gaming community is getting together today to play Dota 2 at 5 pm MDT/ 7 pm EST/ 12 am BST! Dota 2 is available for free from Steam on PC/MAC. If you're interested in joining in, hop into the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. Hope to see you all there!🤗

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game.

Interested? Check out the video below.

Crypto Education - Tips for Avoiding Scams

Tips to avoid scams:

  • Research the exchange before using it, looking for reviews and information about its security measures.

  • Use a strong and unique password for your account and enable two-factor authentication.

  • Avoid sharing personal information or login credentials with anyone.

  • Keep an eye out for phishing attempts, such as emails or messages asking for personal information or login credentials.

  • Be wary of unsolicited messages or requests for investment in fake projects.

  • Keep your private keys, login credentials, and other sensitive information secure.

  • Avoid clicking on links from unknown sources or high-profile accounts that have been compromised.

  • Research any trading platform or investment opportunity before investing, looking for signs of fraud or Ponzi schemes.

  • Be aware of the growing volume of scams, hacks, blackmails, and other fraudulent activity in the crypto industry.

Read more in this article by CoinTelegraph.

Community Content

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Be Better


Watercooler host Jeremiah Tweeted, "The #WaterCooler will be back tomorrow morning 1/16/23 at 10AM. Join me, @DefiMirrorMan , and @rla323 for cool vibes, good music, and #SAFEMOONNews 😎👍✨"

Matt Ferny let the community know that there would be a Space this week. Join Rez, Daz, Mel and Matt for the SafeMoon Australia Discussion Space!

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"Teamwork" by Gandalf

How does effective teamwork work, and why should you always optimize it? An explanation including my thought process 🧵⬇️ The thread created here is about my own experiences, thought processes, and related ways of knowledge that I want to share.💭

What is teamwork? 🤝

Teamwork describes the cooperation of several members of a group to achieve a common goal. Care is taken to ensure that each member of the team knows the main goal of all, which is ideally the same or aimed at a common goal.

Why is teamwork important? 🤔

Teamwork is the cornerstone of a sound, effective, and much more promising way of working. The output, the result, and the final product benefit from the cooperation of several because, in return, possible errors, potential problems, or even wrong approaches due to several work members are prevented. The work from a team is always more productive than the individual work product.

In addition, the work is much more flexible and time-effective because by dividing the work and, if necessary, distributing the tasks according to strengths and meaningfulness, every part of the work process is approached optimally.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

What is the advantage of team-based work determination over individual work?

In a team, mistakes, problems, and obstacles are easier to solve. Helping and motivating each other not only promotes a sense of belonging but also strengthens the personal approach because you are part of a collective - a joint creation of a valuable product.

For larger tasks, teams are not only indispensable but usually the only solution.

How great is the potential of teamwork? 🔧

Simply answered: Limitless. Any work, no matter how difficult or how insurmountable it may be, can be approached, planned, and managed in a structured way as a team.

The result of the team's work can, in the best case, not only produce satisfactory results but also generate breakthrough changes as well as set new standards, thus bringing a groundbreaking change. There is no limit to morale, motivation, and progress here.

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Blockchain News

A Push for Crypto Regulation

Republican Lawmakers Push Crypto Regulation

Upon gaining control of the House of Representatives, Republicans are establishing a new committee whose primary focus will be on digital assets and financial technology. As a part of the House of Financial Services Committee, this new subcommittee was announced on Thursday by Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC). [Source: Decrypt]

Google Security Alert!

Data of 2.5 Billion Google Chrome Users Is at Risk

A cyber security firm, Imperva Red, found a flaw in Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. Over 2.5 billion users' data was found to be at risk, according to the firm.

The company explains how the flaw affected Google Chrome, saying that a hacker may make a false website that promotes a brand-new cryptocurrency wallet service. By asking them to download their "recovery" keys, the website might then deceive the user into creating a new wallet.

“These keys would actually be a zip file containing a symlink to a sensitive file or folder on the user’s computer, such as a cloud provider credential. When the user unzips and uploads the ‘recovery’ keys back to the website, the symlink would be processed, and the attacker would gain access to the sensitive file," the firm's blog states.

The flaw was found through a review of the ways Google Chrome interacts with the file system. Google was notified of the vulnerability, and the issue was resolved in Chrome 108. [LiveMint]

FTX to Sell Assets for Consumer Shortfalls

FTX Cleared to Sell LedgerX, Other Assets to Repay Creditors

To pay off creditors, FTX has been given authorization to sell some of its assets. LedgerX, Embed, FTX Japan, and FTX Europe are among of the assets. The parties interested in purchasing the assets are required to make non-binding preliminary bids for the asset they wish to purchase. FTX has so far acquired assets worth about $5 billion. This week's Voyager hearing pushed a plan for the company to sell its assets to Binance US. Uncertainty surrounds the total amount of the consumer shortfall. [Source: Decrypt]

Polygon Hard Fork

Polygon primed for hard fork aimed at reducing gas fee spikes: New details revealed

A hard fork is planned on January 17 for Polygon. Validators must upgrade their nodes prior to block 38,189,056. To address the issue of chain rearrangement, the hard fork will drop the SprintLength function to 16 and increase the BaseFeeChangeDenominator function to 16 in order to mitigate gas cost spikes. Producers of single blocks will be able to add blocks again every 32 seconds thanks to this feature. The amount of time or blocks that a validator creates will remain unchanged. [Source: CoinTelegraph]

Food For Thought

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

- Gary Goodridge

"If you try and fail, you learn, you get stories to share. If you never try, you live in anxiety wondering what kind of life you could be living. If you try and succeed, life gets better."

- Orange Book

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners


Yo LCPIANS, Howdy? is undergoing a server-side maintenance, and we are working with our partner @safemoon on this. When you should be able to purchase our #NFT. Reflection & staking follows…Stay tuned!!!

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Empire Token

"While keeping an eye on the project's needs, we have decided to take a portion of our liquidity off of PancakeSwap and move it to centralized exchanges in order to meet their minimum requirements. We thank you for your continued support!"

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"Get Hyped! Rhythm Music v2.0 coming soon. 🎵🎶"

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