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SafeMoon Lowdown (January 15th, 2023)

Updated: Jan 16


SafeMoon Orbital Shield: Tweet - Community Feedback | Community Content: Images & Videos - SafeMoon Insider Support | Blockchain Education: Bear Traps and How to Avoid Them - NFT Marketplaces - Potential Benefits of NFTs on the Planet | Blockchain News: Crypto Market Cap Rises Above $1 Trillion First Time Since November | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: Mirror Protocol - Rhythm - Shido - GroveCoin - Glow Token - DxSale - EverGrow | Reminders

SafeMoon Orbital Shield


"#SAFEMOON #ORBITALSHIELD is designed to protect users. 🔒Through the anonymization encryption process, SafeMoon has produced a fully working login system through which your information will remain secure even in the event of a breach. Watch now.👀"

Original Tweet

Community Feedback

Thanks again to our amazing community for all the wonderful feedback you have given us! ♡♡♡

"Security first, complexity hidden for the user in this first use case, the SFM wallet. Core function for the upcoming safemoon product ecosystem. Professional video. Keep going!"

"That is the prettiest and most information loaded ad from you guys i love it. Step by Step together . her voice was a bit too low in volume but another than that 10/10 ad campaign"

"The video is so slick and professional. Can’t wait for a deeper dive video for those that are interested, but this hits the sweet spot for the masses. Good job team 🔥"

Space V

"I love this video my words to the Moon n Beyond, what companies hadn't being hurt by hackers all over the word. Quote Tweet SafeMoon @safemoon "

Safemoon Orlando DR

"Let’s goo!!🚀🚀🌖 #SAFEMOON TO THE MOON!! Awesome news!! And that voice 🤩 love it sounds so professional!!💙"

Michaell SFM

Community Content

Images & Videos

"As promised @Blairosophy. Deals a deal. Two photos of the

shiny crew if you will. Repping the #Crocs and #SafeMoon."


"Shido Chain is using Sharded PoS that ensures scalability and decentralization. Shido Chain sharding solution have a linear scalability where the capability of processing transactions increases proportionally. A perfect foundation for large-scale apps. 🌐"

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SafeMoon Insider Support

"✅LETS GET THEM ABOVE 6k FOLLOWERS! If you are not following the Safemoon Insider (@SFMInsider ) then you are missing out! They have the best daily SM updates on Twitter and they also update you on #Safemoon swap partners like #GroveCoin"

SafeMoon Tim

Thank you so much for the shoutout, Tim!

We always appreciate you!

Blockchain Education

Bear Traps and How to Avoid Them

A bear trap is a tactic used by some investors to temporarily lower the price of an asset through coordinated selling. This can cause confusion and losses for novice traders, as well as those who try to time the market. In a bear trap, the price drop may be temporary and followed by a resurgence in the previous upward trend, deceiving those who believe it signals a downward trend. This form of market manipulation is risky for both short-term and long-term investors, as it can lead to losses from sudden selling pressure.

To read more about the following questions, check out this educational article by Cointelegraph:

1. What is a bear trap?

2. How does a bear trap work in crypto markets?

3. Bear traps vs. short-selling

4. Is a bear trap bullish or bearish?

5. How to identify and avoid a bear trap?

NFT Marketplaces

NFT (non-fungible token) marketplaces are online platforms that allow users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets. These assets are digital representations of items such as artwork, collectibles, and even virtual real estate.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, NFTs are not interchangeable and each one has its own unique characteristics. This allows for the creation of digital items that can be bought, sold, and owned just like physical items.

NFT marketplaces use blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent way for buying and selling these digital assets. Blockchain allows for the creation of a digital ledger that records every transaction made on the marketplace, providing a record of ownership for each NFT.

Some popular NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. These platforms feature a wide variety of NFTs, including digital art, collectible trading cards, and even virtual real estate. Some marketplaces also feature tools for creators to easily mint and sell their own NFTs.

The NFT market has been growing quickly in recent years, with the total value of NFTs sold on these marketplaces reaching over $2 billion in 2020. This growth is expected to continue, with many predicting that NFTs will have a significant impact on the way we think about digital ownership and the value of digital content.

NFT marketplaces offer a new way for creators and collectors to monetize and own unique digital assets, but it's important to be aware of the risks and to do proper research before participating.

Potential Benefits of NFTs on the Planet

Ecomint, a UK-based company, is leading a project in Ghana to plant over 240,000 trees on 200 hectares of jungle to create a three-tiered canopy of forestry that generates funding from the carbon it captures. The project aims to use the power of capitalism to create an economically viable environmental project that funds itself. The novel aspect of this project is that the initial investment for planting the trees will come from selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type of unregulated and risky crypto investment. [Source: NewsWeek]

Blockchain News

Crypto Market Cap Rises Above $1 Trillion First Time Since November

The cryptocurrency market exceeded a total value of $1 trillion for the first time since November, according to CoinGecko. On January 14, the value of Bitcoin rose to over $21,000, due to the possibility that inflation may have reached a low point. The value of the largest cryptocurrency increased by 7.5% to $21,299. This was the first time it had reached above $20,000 since November 8 and the 11th consecutive day of growth. Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, saw a 9.7% increase in value and other coins like Cardano and Dogecoin also experienced significant gains. [Source: LiveMint]

Food For Thought

"Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and where you want to be. It's never too late to be who you might have been. Make someone smile today, and as always, #BeKind."

- HollyGirl

"When people feel safe enough to raise their hands and say, 'I made a mistake' or 'I need some help.' The leader has created an environment where people feel safe to be themselves."

- Shared by Rob Schram

"😎To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow...👊 😉Plantar un jardín es creer en el mañana.🤝"

- Chela

SafeMoon Stats

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SafeMoon Partners

Mirror Protocol

"First of many weekly updates!"

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"Rhythm Music v2.0 will be the start of a transition to web3 music streaming and applications. Stay tuned, coming soon."

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