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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 9th, 2022)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

SafeMoon Sunday

The first SafeMoon Sunday of the new year is today! Jan 9th, 2022 at 1pm MST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 1:30am IST (01/10/22)

And it looks like it will be on a different platform this time! YouTube Live! Stay tuned to Official SafeMoon Twitter for the link!

When asked what SafeMoon Sunday would cover this week, Ryan replied, "On SafeMoon Sunday we will "connect" with you all." 👀


SafeMoon Headquarters

SafeMoon VP of Content, David B. Smith, Testing out the new SafeMoon Sunday set up at SafeMoon headquarters!


SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon Global Head of Products, Ryan Arriaga expressed his excitement about finding a fix to the "Swap Speed" on the SafeMoon Wallet.

Apple submission fix has already been approved! Hang tight Android users.

Additions and fixes implemented with this new SafeMoon Wallet submission:

  • Swap calculation speed fixed!

  • “Insufficient BNB for gas” fixed

  • QR code scanner added for “My Contacts” page

  • Added security features (change password and transaction signing toggle both now require user authentication)

  • Automatic disconnect from Dapps after 30 minutes!

Have an issue to report on the SafeMoon Wallet?

Live support available in the Official SafeMoon discord via the wallet channels beneath "Products". See image. You can join the SafeMoon discord here.


Exchange Migration Update

A big thank you to Chris, one of our Discord Community Managers, for compiling this list!


Advice from the SafeMoon Community

It is so important to keep ourselves educated and up-to-date on all the ways we can protect ourselves from losing our funds.

Thank you Explorer (a SafeMoon Discord moderator) for putting this together for us!


SafeMoon Website Update

SafeMoon's Products page was updated and SafeMoon v2 is now listed as one of our live products.


SafeMoon Education Update

CatsRus posted the recent updates to!


You can join our mailing list located at the bottom of the SafeMoon Lowdown Page

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