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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 31st, 2022)

SafeMoon Labs

Crypto education with Gandalf, SafeMoon Scholar now has a scheduled Twitter Space! They will be held every Monday at 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT/8 PM CEST.

Gandalf announced, "From tomorrow on there will be an educational Space every week🥳

At 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT/8 PM CEST every Monday I will give a detailed presentation on a special topic, which will be uploaded to and YouTube with a matching article at the end of each week 📰"

Gandalf has already recorded and uploaded two of his Educational Think Tank Twitter Spaces and published their corresponding articles here on the site.


In this article and Think Tank Gandalf looks to bring you a basic understanding on NFTs and how they play into the real world. Click here to read the article and/or listen to the space.

Investing With Emotions: Benefits and Risks

In this one he discusses and writes about the benefits and risks investing entails when you invest with emotions. Click here to read the article and/or listen to the space.

Reach out to Gandalf if you have any questions here!

Exchange Migration Update

Update 1/30/2022

NEW ZBG has migrated their V1 tokens

A community farewell

Today a dear friend of the community, Spyros, announced that he will taking a break. He tweeted, "Today I had to make a very hard decision. I have to step down. This is *not* the end of the road and I will come back in one day, one week, 🤷‍♂️. @TheFudHound and @SafemoonWarrior I can not express enough how much I appreciate your support! For all of you this is my last request 😊" along with an image with a simple message: "HEY, ARMY. SMILE FOR ME." Thank you for the countless laughs you brought to the community. We appreciate you and love you!

Ryan showed his support replying, "You have been a shining star in the world of MEMES for the SafeMoon community. Please take [care] of yourself and I hope to see you back in the near future. 💪💪"

Community Creations

Thank you MrCrypto24h for this awesome video!!


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

SFM Holder: Which mod banned John? Heard he had an allergic reaction to pineapple pizza


SFM Holder: John, you ded?

John: I went and played lead American golf. aka went to the shooting range.

Was plinking to 750 meters.

SFM Holder: We use freedom units here cap

John: Yards.

SFM Holder: Sounds like a Barrett .50 cal type of day

John: How'd you know? Wait, you're from the alternate timeline. My bad.

SFM Holder: I used a .50 bmg to pop a hole in a 12 valve flywheel

John: Hax

SFM Holder: Did you play Halo today or watch football?

John: Went to the range

SFM Holder: Who did you root for?

John: Me hitting the target.

SFM Holder:

John: My goal is to hit a target at 1 mile.

SFM Holder: We’ve got some good ranges in Logan, UT

John: I go to the one on the boarder of Nephi and Santaquin. Gotta find ways to relieve stress. For me range days help.

SFM Holder: I am volunteering for the SafeMoon Defense Force.

John: I aproov of 50s

Mr. Adult:

John: Kitty Cannon

SFM Holder: Capt, wen Cybertruck?

John: Wen Elon releases it.

John: It's gonna be a good week tho.

John: You all know I'm human, but give SafeMoon 10000% of what I got.

SFM Holder: Where is FUD hound- He's been MIA.

John: He's workin

SFM Holder: I still want John on Dave Portnoy's one bite pizza review with pineapple pizza.

John: Spoiler alert, will say its trash.



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