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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 30th, 2022)

SafeMoon Connect

"Bills being introduced for Bitcoin in multiple states. Why? B/c the crypto space is too big now & they DON'T want to be left behind! SAFEMOON CONNECT WILL BE the missing link 4 many mainstream companies who scramble 2 get their products shipped to crypto masses!" Ryan tweeted today! Say it louder for the people in the back, Ryan!

SafeMoon Teaser

SafeMoon Official account shared a teaser video yesterday and tweeted "One small step for Man.... #BUCKLEUP #SAFEMOONARMY." 🤔🤔

SafeMoon Exchange

Looks like Enhance Token has been pre-approved to be listed on the SafeMoon Exchange. "Pleased to ANNOUNCE that @EnhanceToken is OFFICIALLY ONE OF THE FIRST TOKENS TO BE PRE-APPROVED FOR THE #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE and discussing that on a future #SAFEMOONSUNDAY.

SafeMoon Education

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has published two new educational articles this week! These are must reads! 👀

Crypto Contract Allowances

Crypto Token Allowances. Do you know what they are? Did you know that there is something you should be doing about them to keep your assets ever safer? Cats has created an explanation of what they are and what you should do about them!

To check it out click the image⬇⬇⬇

Wallet Security

In this article Cats gives us "a guide on all the SafeMoon Wallet security features along with..." all the things he does personally to keep his assets safe! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Cats! To check it out click the image ⬇⬇⬇

SafeMoon Timeline

This is just the beginning. "We are barely into the red section. Think about that. That red section was the Apple I. It was the first KFC after 80+ rejections." -Mr. Adult SafeMoon Global Community Manager

SafeMoon Education

Have you checked out the Timeline on SafeMoon.Education, where it shows SafeMoon's history thus far?

Meta IoT

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is functionally an online 3D universe, where you can socialize, create and explore within the confines of certain digital parameters.

There isn't just one metaverse, either. You could think of certain open world games as instances of the metaverse, like Fortnite or Minecraft. But perceiving the metaverse as something exclusively for gaming would be taking a very narrow view. The metaverse as a concept could be adopted by virtually every industry.

Businesses can use the metaverse to create a virtual space for meetings when employees are scattered across the world. Schools could create immersive virtual classrooms for distance learning students, tourists could explore Earth - or even new worlds that we create, [businesses could host virtual meetings, medical facilities could host educational 'hands on' conventions for healthcare professionals, the possibilities are endless.] Another cool use of the metaverse could be to map out a digital representation of a city to optimize city planning in a physical space. Having computer generated mock-ups is fine, but how much more immersive would it be to physically BE in the space you're designing in real time?

How might Meta IoT be utilized by SafeMoon? ["META IOT is the evolution of Macro IoT," SafeMoon CEO John Karony said. To get an understanding of how SafeMoon could utilize the Metaverse,] I imagine that part of the wind turbine aspect of Operation Pheonix [could] involve using sensor networks to measure the physical conditions of the environment.

What if we could use sensor networks to measure conditions of an environment over time, and use that data to optimize decision making on where to deploy more infrastructure? For example, certain parts of land are very windy but currently lacking a turbine? Why not put a turbine there!? Why not combine this kind of optimized decision making with a metaverse version of that space, giving SafeMoon the opportunity to really understand how new infrastructure would mesh with the existing physical space by trying it out beforehand? These kind of decisions would traditionally be done using a series of computer renders, analyzing data and then deploying new infrastructure in phased integration. That method has worked well enough in the past, but this is the Evolution [and the utilization of the blockchain will allow this data to be collected at incredible speeds].

With data fed to the blockchain in real-time, and AI to analyze the most optimal move to make at any given point, we can maximize efficiency in ensuring that the infrastructure being built is constantly the best use of resources. [In the last SafeMoon Sunday, Karony talked of their plans and ideas regarding the metaverse, macro IoT, and NFTs:

"So GAMA. So imagine being able to mint things in real life and then having an NFT counterpart also minted at the same time. Well, we're looking to do more with our turbines, meaning when you purchase an NFT - a specific NFT line (Metaverse Development Experience NFTs or MDE NFTs) - a real-life turbine is minted, which means more wind is harnessed and more SafeMoon is burned. And what we're also looking at doing is you'll be able to receive crypto based off of the performance of the real-world counterpart, meaning if the turbine is set up and there's a lot of wind going into it, the holder or holders of the NFT will be able to receive SafeMoon as well. So burn and receive SafeMoon, but we'll be talking about those in the near future in its own special moment. "] In addition, maybe Mooncraft could implement a resource generator in Minecraft to create cool in-game perks. The sky really is the limit here. IoT devices aren't new, but the means to share scientific data rapidly in real-time using blockchain technology is pretty new. And creating metaverse mirror versions of these devices with new perks is very new and extremely exciting!

Having a means to efficiently and methodically build up the foundations of this new infrastructure will save vast amounts of time and energy, allowing SafeMoon to continue innovating in new areas.


A massive thank you to Mazz, a SafeMoon Discord moderator, for sharing his thoughts and knowledge in this section! So much to think about! If you would like to reach out to him with questions about this write-up, you can reach out to him on the SafeMoon Discord at Mazz#3907.


SafeMoon Community Creations

Credit to Reddit user PhatJai

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