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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 29th, 2022)


The weekend is here and that means another MoonCast! Join us this Sunday, January 30th at 8pm UTC (3PM EST / 12 PM PST) on the Discord, YouTube or Facebook! If you are interested in posting questions for Cats, Gandalf, Mr. A and Veno, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

Job Posting

Site Reliability Engineer

This position is open to being remote but all applicants must reside in the United States.

Apply before: February, 22 2022 SafeMoon is a leading innovative blockchain tech company serving over 2.5 million holders and a part of an alternative financial system which enables trading on peer to peer chain networks without the interventions of centralized systems. With multiple successful products and a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token, our mission is to increase economic freedom around the world. We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer to work directly with the Head of Infrastructure and build out our highly available and scalable infrastructure function.

What will you be doing?

  • Build software and systems to manage platform infrastructure and applications to increase SafeMoon’s automation across our IT operations

  • Ensure that the underlying infrastructure is running smoothly and that all systems and tools are working as expected

  • Participate in an On-Call Rotation ensuring all issues are responded to and managed in accordance with SLA’s

  • Operate and build infrastructure in Kubernetes (EKS) and Terraform

  • Participate in system design consulting, platform management, and capacity planning

  • Debug Production issues across a variety of services and products within SafeMoon

  • Plan and execute disaster recovery

  • Develop CI/CD/CD processes with a GitOps focus to empower boring deployments for our devs

For information on the job requirements and the application, click here!

SafeMoon Standard

We love seeing the SafeMoon Army spreading positivity throughout the different platforms!! Vico posted this tweet saying, "There's only ONE [SafeMoon Army]. This is what gave us the #1 Crypto Community Award last year. Never forget."

He also included this lovely graphic with his message! Thank you so much for encouraging mutual respect and support. This is SafeMoon Standard material!


Innovation is often met with resistance. People tend to prefer the status quo because it’s what is familiar and safe to them. John touched on this while talking in the Discord saying, “There will always be those who go against innovation. The same people who FUD’d soap, the automobile, cellphones, and internet, etc.”

A classic example of this is when Bill Gates went onto David Letterman’s talk show. It’s so surreal to hear him doubting the internet, knowing what a force it has become in everyone’s day-to-day lives.

EU E-Money License

In response to a fudder on the Discord, CEO John Karony said, “We have over 1 million users on the app. We have an EU E-Money license. We have won awards, and have our own DEX vs. a router contract (which is what most of these other projects do). We are going through the filing process for other licenses as well. Because we focused on compliance, we are able to get SFM Debit cards tied to the wallet. Our point of sale system will allow business and merchants to take ETH and BSC tokens (just to start) that are on the SafeMoon Wallet. We have a presence in multiple countries across the globe. SafeMoon is a tech company, not a ‘project.’ We do things differently.”

A SafeMoon holder replied, “Wait, so once we have the EU [e-money] license, we can release our exchange, correct???” John responded with, “It’s one of the main required steps [so that] we can be EU compliant.”

Another holder said, “I repeat…… ‘We have an EU e-money license.’ Successful application " in which John clarified, “We are waiting on a final few legal items[, but] it’s basically in the bag." Not QUITE DONE yet, but looks like we're getting close!!👏

Are You on V2?

Internet celebrity and founder of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy tweeted recently that his SafeMoon was down but he's still holding! There's one big problem...

Dave is still on V1!! 😩

The SafeMoon Army is working together to try to get Dave's attention so that he can get migrated to V2 safely. Among those tweets, CatsRus quote tweeted, "Hey @stoolpresidente, you might want to look at migrating to SafeMoon V2! With your holdings of 4.4B SFM V1, you should have around $7-8k would would be 4.4M SafeMoon V2! I'd be happy to show on your show and explain it along with the benefits or read:"

This is a perfect reminder that there are still plenty of people who have no idea about the V2 migration! If you know anyone holding SafeMoon, please help them by educating them about V2 and the migration process.


The SafeMoon Army is no stranger to trending on Twitter! Mr Adult posted this screenshot of #SAFEMOONARMY trending today with almost 9k tweets and this sweet message: "Always a delight when you see your favorite community trending. 🎉That's you, #SAFEMOONARMY! ❤️"


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