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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 28th, 2022)

Updated: Jan 29, 2022


Point of Sale System

On LinkedIn, John talked about our point of sale system. His post reads: "For me, crypto isn't about the trading. I always try to spend crypto vs. trade it. Our point of ale system solves this. Yes, half the reason we built it was because of merchants or folks not wanting to take crypto when I asked due to crypto being "too difficult" or they didn't know how. This system eliminates that. Looking forward to its release and all the great partnerships already standing by for integration."

SafeMoon Progress

Listings. Exchanges. AND it looks like a new update is in our near future for the SafeMoon Wallet. With Ryan's NFT hints and now SafeMoon education Manager CatsRus's recent Tweet. "Listings are being made, Exchanges are coming and the SafeMoon Wallet sure looks like a work of art🎨," he tweeted along with a screenshot showing a new tab at the bottom on the SafeMoon wallet labeled "Collectibles". Ryan then replied with "👀"

SafemoonWarrior reported that SafeMoon is now in the Top 80s!!

SafeMoon Education

Two new articles now LIVE!

SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus has just published two new educational articles! These are must reads!

Crypto Contract Allowances

Crypto Token Allowances. DO you know what they are? Did you know that there is something you should be doing about them to keep your assets ever safer? Cats has created an explanation of what they are and what you should do about them! To check it out click ⬇⬇⬇

Wallet Security

In this article Cats gives us "a guide on all the SafeMoon Wallet security features along with..." all the things he does personally to keep his assets safe! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Cats! To check it out click ⬇⬇⬇

Useful sites


There has been an update to the SafeMoon Glubiz site!

Updates: - The user page and the wallet tracker backend [have] now been rebuilt

- Added transaction loading status to the tracker

- The swap and liquify countdown [is now on] the stats page

Glubiz added, "I have tested the trackers and they worked perfectly in the tests, but if you experience any issues with the tracker or the user page, please send me a DM."

Crypto Bubbles

Crypto Bubbles tweeted some good news for SafeMoon! SafeMoon V2 is now available on their website. 🎉

Web3 Mesh Networks

Written by Mazz, SafeMoon Discord Moderator

I'm going to dive into a discussion of what the infrastructure for a web3 mesh network might look like. Grab your drink of choice and let's get into it.. Thanks to this message [CEO John Karony] wrote on the official SafeMoon Discord (see right), we have a pretty cool idea of what it may end up looking like already.. but there are a few complex elements I'd like to explain first. I'll start w/ the difference between web2 (current internet) and web3.

What is Web2?

Web2 is the internet in its current state - a digital metropolis populated by companies which make money by selling services in exchange for user data. Those pop-ups that ask for cookie requests? Small contracts you're signing to give away your personal info for sites to resell. Web2 isn't really inherently bad, but it does give a huge amount of power to corporations. Other (arguable) downsides include websites having the capacity to censor information, block payments and refuse service to individuals, or undergo unintentional and extended downtime.

Web3 is perceived to be the logical next step in the growth of the internet. Web3 by design is decentralized - meaning there is no single point of failure. Having servers spread out worldwide reduces the chance of unintended damage, lack of service & data loss. Having server control spread out globally also necessarily causes censorship & access restriction to be difficult, if not outright impossible - it'd require global cooperation to enforce changes to the way access is made available. Not an easy task.

This isn't to say that all web services should be reconfigured into web3 dapps (decentralized apps) though. Misinformation can spread rapidly - something we've learned the hard way over the last few years. Lack of censorship could cause misinformation to last forever in web3. User experience has also historically been a huge issue with Web3. Ever tried to yield farm via Curve or Aave? Or really engage in DeFi at all? There's too much jargon, and with no single host to offer security in the case of lost funds, the stakes are very high at all times.

These are what I personally consider to be some of the biggest issues web3 is currently facing. SafeMoon is all about innovation, so I guess we'll have to wait and see how they intend on tackling these kind of issues. And I anticipate they will have some exciting methods to use! This industry is growing exponentially. We are currently witnessing the tentative first steps of a brand-new economy. Always do your research and learn as much about it as you can. There's always more to learn.

What's Mesh Network?

Anyway, so, what's a mesh network? A mesh network is essentially a decentralized network. They function by having a large number of individual server nodes all connected to one another, each acting as a means to sustain the connection and extend the reach of the signal. Utilizing wireless mesh networking affords businesses and individuals the same benefits (and drawbacks) as web3 does over web2. No single point of failure, and the capacity to scale near infinitely by just adding more nodes to the existing infrastructure.

Guess what also can benefit from adding more to an existing infrastructure? A decentralized energy system, featuring wind turbines. Now, imagine if each server node supporting the mesh network IS a wind turbine. Or energy generator of some kind (could be solar, hydro, etc)A successful energy system would also require sensor networks to feed information about the climate, including wind speed, temperature, humidity, ground activity, soil pH levels... All sorts of data that impacts the capacity for turbines/generators to convert energy.

What if these sensor networks were also nodes for a huge mesh network? What if all of these devices were operating on a proprietary SafeMoon blockchain, using SFM to automatically pay for the transactions to occur, without the need for any manual input?

Imagine how intricate and complex a system like this would be, and then consider that SafeMoon as a tech company isn't even a year old yet? The ambition this team has is nothing short of astonishing. We know the initial 'beta' featuring 100 turbines will be deployed in Gambia. The beauty of a mesh network is that you can just add more devices to the existing infrastructure though - the hardest part is the initial launch.

If it wasn't already clear, I'm extremely excited for the developments SafeMoon are working on. If products take longer to release than maybe you expected, try and understand how complex these plans are that they're working on. Also, I should probably mention that a lot of this stuff hasn't been directly confirmed. Most of these ideas are extrapolated from information John and the team have mentioned publicly on the Discord server. Nothing I've posted here is any kind of confirmation. Yet 😅

A massive thank you to Mazz for sharing his thoughts in this thought-provoking piece!

SafeMoon Community Creations

SafeMoon Moderator Hypafly has created yet another amazing video for the community!! He tweeted, "A little treat for my [followers] 🎥👇" Thanks Hypafly!

Spyros is at it again with his memes and this time SafeMoon holder Vico helped out a bit. The meme features Global Head of Products Ryan Ariagga with four different facial expressions each labeled numerically with one of the labels being "No30+2," an inside joke among the SafeMoon community. The meme says "NFTs soon on the SafeMoon Wallet! -Limited collection, release date TBA-" Ryan responded to these with a laughing emoji. 😂

A member over on the SafeMoon Official Facebook Group recently had a birthday and shared his excitement about how his cake was decorated! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Paulius! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you SafeMoonTim for the daily laughs!! We always love seeing what you come up with. 😂


John on the Official SafeMoon Discord

SafeMoon Holder: Yea, PooCoin is f'd with this coin. DexScreener is the way.

John: Dex Screen is one of my new favorite 3rd party tools.

John: Seriously, how far away is the moon?

SafeMoon Holder: 6155.924 miles is the answer. John: I don't know about that

SafeMoon Holder: Capt, how far is the moon? What's YOUR answer?

John: 32, my answer is always 32.

SafeMoon Holder A: Why is 50% down?

SafeMoon Holder B: I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess you’re holding SafeMoon V1?


Mod A: Tonight's another 40mg of melatonin night


SafeMoon Holder: Just making a joke about the weird American insistence on putting dates in the wrong order?

John: FUD, we got it in the right order. jk jk. you all got it better.

small/medium/large aka day/month/year

Mod: Love that this morning we were rank 96 and now we're rank 85!!!! Let's go!!!!!

John: I only want 32 numbers in my life.

SafeMoon Holder: Wen are we imminent?

John: I'm not allowed to use that word anymore.

SafeMoon Holder: What if i said… 🤲IMPENDING🤲


SafeMoon Holder: Will our windmills be our validators?

John: What if I said the end state is for them to be a part of what validates?

SafeMoon Holder: Capt, could we have a feature of the wallet a Checking mode? Cannot transfer or sell, only checking, thus no need to use seedphrase. Just wallet address. No priv keys needed. Thus it is impossible to be hacked.

John: BSC Scan, but i will let Ryan know

SafeMoon Holder: When we are listing SFM as coin?

John: Wen we finish blockchain.

SafeMoon Holder: JOHN! Are the new exchanges going to dish out reflections to people who hold on the SafeMoon Wallet??

John: If we dropped tokenomics (even forms of it) when we list with exchanges, it would be a lot easier for us. But this next one should be doing tokenomics. For us, we are building a comprehensive chain vs. just a smart chain. For it must integrate with our ecosystem well.

John: I'd rather spend my gains vs. trade them. NFA, but our point of sale system will make it easier for merchants to accept tokens/coins on our wallet.

SafeMoon Holder A: I would like to use the pos system when ready

John: This POS system usually takes other company at least a year to build. We are working hard to get it done within weeks. SafeMoon Holder B: Piece of shit system?

John: Was waiting for that. it means point of sale.

SafeMoon Holder: Based on your previous statements... perfection is the journey.... even if the blockchain was in a fully functional state and capable of being released, would you tell us or will you always be working towards being finished and just blindside us with releasing it? (BTW I would love to see you guys have a few product releases where you just say, "o that thing is live, go check it out everyone." haha)

John: The one feature or item i mandate is a FREEAKIN UPDATE FUNCTION. Always, allows for us to innovate and continue to iterate with more ease.

Not sure yet, might blindside, might say immine.... wont say that. But we will decide the best way to release it when the time comes.

John: SFM on eth and BSC will tie to the SFM blockchain.

SafeMoon Holder:

John: Scott was laughing when he posted it. He picked the one where I blinked hahaha.

Mod: lmao what a troll

John: You have to be able to laugh and take the heat in this game. Realize hate is just a part of innovation. Get this, humans fud'd SOAP! freakin soap. They also FUD'd the automobile etc. Its a fact that innovation is always met with resistance.

SafeMoon Holder: How have the meetings Scott has been setting up for you going? Lots of positive outlook on SafeMoon?

John: Some meetings Scott sets up others he does not. But he and I run in the same circles. We are good friends.

SafeMoon Holder: Who's your most famous friend?

John: the SafeMoon Army

Mod: John, any update on the pizza?

John: I will demote you. JK JK. I was in meetings and out of the office all day today. So no filming. But I will try to do it tomorrow after my meetings, or this weekend. Also, why you do this.

SafeMoon Holder A: How don’t y’all like pineapple pizza like seriously?

John: Because its trash from the deepest levels of hell

SafeMoon Holder B: But have u ever tried it?

John: I chose life.

SafeMoon Holder A: Hey John, Hope all is well with you and your family. I am so excited about SafeMoon Connect and SafeMoon Rewards!! Will you guys be talking more about in the next AMA?

John: I am a user of SFM products as well. So I'm excited too.

SafeMoon Holder B: U got NFTs on your wallet yet?

SafeMoon Holder C: Sir, we don't use that word (🍏) might be watching "Collectables"

John: I'm excited for collectables.

SafeMoon Holder D: Don't sleep on Connect and Rewards. The whole thing is going to be massive! John: Yah it is.

SafeMoon Holder D: Everybody needs to read this about Connect and Rewards.

"SafeMoon Connect is a hub for user and e-commerce. Tips, Gifts and more offered through a simple link. More information will be released in time!"

• The ecosystem in the SafeMoon Wallet will allow us to bring partnerships into the wallet for easy accessibility! This will be tied into SafeMoon Rewards, so stay tuned for more information!