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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 27th, 2022)


In the SafeMoon Discord John replied to a holder's question asking if there were any new updates on pSafeMoon's migration to V2."We are working it 😊" .

SafeMoon Standard

Ryan Arriaga not only gave us some food for thought but also hinted that the SafeMoon Wallet NFTs are coming soon! He tweeted, "💭People watch MVP sports stars perform greatness for dunking, tackling & throwing a ball. Has the day arrived that people start taking interest in MVDev Teams (MVD) performing @ ⚡ speed, deploying updates & pushing code? #SAFEMOONWALLET NFTs SOON!..." with an Iron Man gif. In response to his gif in the comments SafeMoon Prime tweeted "Bro wrong gif. Here [is] the real one... [Iron] Hound," and posted the gif below. 👏😂 Ryan replied with Jack Nicolson's nodding gif of approval.

Mr. Adult, SafeMoon Global Community Manager never disappoints with his SafeMoon Standard words of advice. "You can do anything. Or you can do the right thing." He tweeted again saying, "Lead change."

SafeMoon Wallet

SafeMoon Moderator Arie reminds everyone of some of the benefits of using SafeMoon Wallet over alternative wallets tweeting, "Unlike Metmask and Trust Wallet - SFM wallet does not collects [its] user data."

Why SafeMoon Wallet is a Safer Choice:

1) Trust Wallet doesn't institute a limit on the number of tries you can do for logging in but SafeMoon Wallet does have a limit implemented.

2) The encryption that SafeMoon is integrating into the platform is NIST certified. "It makes it harder and way more expensive for a hacker to break it. Nothing's unhackable but if you create the barrier to entry in the billions, upon billions, upon billions of dollars, they will not go after small wallets or secure wallets. They will go after the other providers that have weaker security" - John Karony at Cryptopia

3) SafeMoon Wallet has 2FA or Two-Factor Authentication added for an extra layer of protection.

4) SafeMoon Wallet only lists vetted tokens. Listed tokens have to pass through the 'SafeMoon Standard' ensuring bona fide contracts and teams. This means that there is a far lower chance that the token you buy will be a scam or a rugpull.

5) Wallet Connect on the SafeMoon Wallet is safer than using the traditional dapps via TW because the connections made through the SafeMoon Wallet automatically expire after 30 minutes.

6) SafeMoon Wallet has better privacy when compared to Trust Wallet and MetaMask as it does not collect data from its users.

7) The SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon Exchange will work seamlessly together. This is single-handedly the most important feature when it comes to handling your crypto assets!

Thank you, Arie, for this awesome information!

SafeMoon Community Content

How well do you know your SafeMoon moderators and CMs? Challenge yourself to this awesome crossword puzzle made my community member @SafemoonSpyros!! Spyros tweeted, "CHALLENGE FOR YOU! *In exactly one day I will post the answers. *In any [are] correct, I will confirm it. *Ignore SafeMoon in the names, because at least half of them have it 😂 SO, NOT LET'S HAVE FUN!! 😊😊" Thank you for putting this together, Spyros!! 😊

SafeMoon Swap Listings


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