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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 26th, 2022)

SafeMoon Wallet


Official Twitter announced that the SafeMoon Wallet has reached 1 million user downloads.

"WE DID IT!! The #SAFEMOONARMY has blasted past 1 MILLION #SAFEMOONWALLET downloads in under 5 months! 🌑🚀There is no sign of slowing down... next stop, 2 MILLION! What might we do when we hit that milestone?🍍"

To which John quote-tweeted saying, "The #SAFEMOONWALLET team and .

[Ryan] deserve a 32 in celebration of what they built, and continue to build upon. #SAFEMOONARMY, 2022 is off to a great start! #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!"

Ryan also quote-tweeted SafeMoon's Tweet. "1 MILLION #SAFEMOONWALLET WARRIORS!!!🔥🔥What an incredible day! 🍍 🍕 👀"

SafeMoonWarrior spotted a little pineapple 🍍 added to SafeMoon Twitter's recent posted image.


The new SafeMoon Wallet update for Android is here!!! Galan, one of our amazing senior moderators, sent out a tweet with all the new updates:

  • Multiswap calculation errors fixed - swap any pair

  • Edit notification feature added - mark all as read or delete

  • Scan QR code to enter contacts

  • Smart Chain BNB moved to the top when using MoonPay

  • Updated data for certain carts showing incorrect price

  • Swap entry fields now work properly with larger font size

  • Minor bug fixes, UI and stability improvements


There are many reasons to use the SafeMoon Wallet but when it comes to security and protection of your assets, the SafeMoon Wallet outshines other wallets. One of the reasons -and perhaps one of my favourite features- is as Cats mentions in his recent Tweet that there is a feature built into the SafeMoon Wallet if turned on "disconnects any live connections [automatically] after 30 minutes...when using wallet connect via QR Code!"

Exchange Migration Update

Suncrypto announced V2 Migration complete and that trading has resumed as of 01/17/2022. View announcement here.

Bitrue has now completed migration to V2 and is back online!! View announcement here.

Enhance Token

Enhance is now LIVE on SafeMoon WebSwap and the SafeMoon Wallet!

  • "Enhance Token is now tradable in

  • both iOS and Android Wallets (backend fix)

  • 17% slippage/standard gas speeds are the lowest settings for BNB-->Enhance

  • The token is still volatile. "Fast" or "Lightning" TX Speed is more likely to go through."


To Purchase in WebSwap:

  • In SafeMoon Wallet: Settings Wallet Connect Create New Connection Allow app to use the camera.

  • On WebSwap in external browser: Disconnect any active connections by clicking in the upper right then "Disconnect."

  • Now, "Connect Wallet" then choose "SafeMoon Wallet" and scan the QR code with your phone. Accept the connection in the wallet.

  • In the WebSwap, use these setting (the trade needs more gas than standard): - Fast transaction speed, 20% slippage, 20 min transaction deadline - Again on WebSwap, hit Swap, then Confirm - In the Wallet: Accept the transaction in the pop-up

B2B Networking

Scott Paul, a friend of John and CEO of Wooly, tweeted this photo of our Captain: "Night of networking with @CptHold @Steve__Hale @TravelinTweeter @albumvc"

Who are these other gentlemen in the picture? According to their Twitter profiles, @Stevel__Hale is the Director of Operations at Album VC. Album VC is a "VC firm investing in early-stage tech ventures, shaping the future of tech and culture. @TravelinTweeter is Brandon Doyle, Founder of Wallaroo Media, a "full-service digital advertising agency.

SafeMoon Family

Fabo had the opportunity to meet up with Ryan in Miami! He tweeted, "RYAN👀 It was an honor meeting you. You are an awesome person. I hope you enjoy Miami, FL 🌴😎 #SAFEMOON is in good hands. Thank you for everything you do for the #SAFEMOONARMY 🚀🌕"


Web1 was the read-only stage., whereas Web2 incorporated the ability to write. Web3 adds the ownership layer to the Web.

SafeMoon plans to be one of the pioneers helping guide companies who wish to utilize and tap into cryptocurrency and Web3's capabilities by creating products which allow them to do this easily.

In a Twitter Space on January 19th Ryan SafeMoon Global Head of Products talks about this a bit:

"We’re thinking “How can we make great products, be at the tip of the spear in this market?” and have these products so that when those web 2 companies that are late or not even late because this is all still so new but that say “Hey. I wanna dip my toe in this space. How do I do that?”

Well, they’re going to start looking for other products which allow them to onboard and dip their toe into the space and the cryptocurrency market without being to bold about it. And that’s what we’re building. We’re building an ecosystem that allows these companies to do that. In the end game, they are going to be using our products, they will get familiar with our token as we grow. SafeMoon as a token and as a coin it will be easier to buy. By that time, we will have even more functioning products. We are not trying to prove ourselves by being in a lot of exchanges. We’ve proven ourselves because we actually have real world products that are being used and are helping people, allowing people to make more money, and be successful in their businesses."

Learn more about Web 3 here.

SafeMoon Education

Have you checked out the Timeline on SafeMoon.Education, where it shows SafeMoon's history thus far?

Also if you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the site to receive the latest on SafeMoon Education!!

Trolling McDonald's

McDonald's recently Tweeted about crypto and Twitter. "[H]ow are you doing, people who run crypto [T]witter accounts"? SafeMoon Official Twitter account made a little 'funny' in response, "Web Mcrib?" to which John then followed up with "On behalf of the #SAFEMOONARMY, wen?" 😂🍟🍔


SafeMoon Community Discord


SFM Holder A: What's the price of [Enhance] and when's it out?

SFM Holder B: It's already out. Just under 24 billion tokens for 1 BNB

John: Can I blame supply chain issues, or does that not work in our industry?

SFM Holder: How are you, bro? Everything aight?

John: Everything is always aight🙂

SFM Holder: Reminder everyone to search "safe moon" on Twitter, then retweet and like top SafeMoon posts.

John: I almost forgot.

SFM Holder: Wen Binance?

John: Wen McRib?

SFM Holder: (For reference, the link below is for Realtime price charts and trading history on DEXes across Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Cronos, Arbitrum, Optimism and more.) thanks @jimmycash for the link

John: You are an MVP🙂

SFM Holder: All other tokens are no longer wen Binance, they are now wen SafemoonSwap

John: Literally.

Teagle: Made this one for the mods 😁

John: meme game strong

In Ethereum Chat: Wen low gas fees

In XRP/XLM/XDC Chat: Wen win

In Dogecoin/SHIBA Chat: woof

In NFT-Education Chat: We got some cool NFT stuff coming🙂

In SFM-Metaverse Chat: Meta IOT

SFM Holder A: It's weird how achy you get, right? SFM Holder B: Yeah, but luckily that was only for one day. Just got a sore throat now. No other side effects.

John: Lucky. I almost died. Get well soon!

SFM Holder: Shhhh John's typing

John: You shush. Why do I have to wait for John to type?

SFM Holder A: I have an idea for when we hit 2 million downloads on the SafeMoon Wallet. John has to eat mashed potatoes and pineapple. Like chunks or a weird pineapple gravy or something.🤷‍♂I know mashed potatoes and pineapple isn’t a thing, but holy crap it would be funny.😂😂😂😂

John: I want you banned.

SFM Holder B: I nominated every 1 million milestone with X paired with pineapple.

John: I want you banned too.

SFM Holder C: Nope, beans pizza. It’s already been decided.

John: I want you extra banned.


SFM Holder A: Who knows what SafeMoon ecosystem will be used for in the long run too. I feel like John is just chuckling with Ryan while we fumble around happy about a tiny glimpse behind the curtain and all we saw was a cardboard cut of a cake and not the real deal that will be superbly delicious.

Ryan: Huh? What’s behind the curtain is an absolute monster. We don’t release products anymore until they are properly QA’d and ready for release. John doesn’t “chuckle” anyone. I wouldn’t work for John if I didn’t trust him. We have a solid process, great things will be released when they are ready. The software development lifecycle will be respected & we will launch great product when ready.

SFM Holder A: Damn, I was about to go to bed but now I need to see what Ryan is doing up at 3:30 am in Miami.😂😂😂

Ryan: Because I don’t stop and I live, eat and breathe SafeMoon