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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 25th, 2022)

SafeMoon is the Evolution

"We are the evolution, if folks did things the way of the old there would not be any innovation. Prime example is the advent of the assembly line. We are able to build tech faster and more efficiently than other tech companies."

-SafeMoon CEO, John Karony


Did you miss MoonCast?

In Sunday's MoonCast, CatsRus, Mr. Adult, Veno and Gandalf covered various topics: Community Q&As, SafeMoon Rewards, Education Site Updates/new additions, MoonCast plans, Metaverse, and more. View the full transcript and/or video here.


What is Mooncraft?

"Mooncraft is a multiplayer Minecraft server made by SafeMoon... It features several game modes, active development, and many fun things to enjoy with friends!" In CatsRus's article he talks about how Mooncraft will be an essential part of SafeMoon's future acting as a testbed for things such as NFTs. To read more click here.

Project Lead of Mooncraft, Jacob Engel made an announcement on the Mooncraft Discord yesterday.

"Status Update - MoonCraft 1.0.0

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time now since we have updated you guys on MoonCraft!

Thank you for your patience and support! - here's a brief look at what's new:

- V1 Release Date coming soon!

- New BedWars gamemode complete!

- New Azkaban Prison gamemode! (OP)

- New Alkatraz Prison additions! (OG)

- New Creative gamemode updates!

- Updated website information/links!

- New maps, cosmetics, and gadgets!

- Quality of life additions across network!

In the near future I will be making a forum post outlining all the release details, posting screenshots, and sharing other info! To prepare for that, please create an account here: For now hang in there guys! We are almost there, and we can't wait to share MoonCraft with all of you!"

Server IP:



Staff App:

Mooncraft Discord:

SafeMoon Gaming Event

  • The event will be on Friday the 28th at the following times: January 28, 2022 9:00 PM UTC

  • We will play for 2 hours. Remember this is an test event. We will stream it on Twitch: SafeMoonGaming

  • The game is: Call of Duty Warzone.

  • Please add Sander to join the game. His Activision is: WarFighterZ#9175973

  • You can play on: Playstation, Xbox and PC (Battlenet)

  • (This is only a test event. No prizes will be given or no payed entry)

  • Join on the SafeMoon Gaming Discord for more information. Participants will be meeting each other in the main voice channel in the Gaming Discord. (Please mute your microphone when you enter the chat)

SafeMoon Standard

"Choose to participate in initiatives that will positively impact the world and help make a difference in your community.

It absolutely is a choice."

-Mr Adult

SafeMoon Connect

Ryan tweeted, "If anyone happens to stumble around this place in South Beach Miami, feel free to say 👋 I’m the dude on my laptop with a big coffee working on some design work & planning for this thing called #SAFEMOONCONNECT 😄



John on SafeMoon Discord

SFM Holder: I think we hit 1,000,000 downloads

Mod: Yes, we did.

John: We did!

SFM Holder: I sell Ferraris let me know when you're ready!

John: You should incorporate our point of sale system so that folks can buy Ferraris with their SafeMoon.

SFM Holder: I think we could make something happen.... DM me and we can coordinate a strategy

John: Go through the moderator / cm team and they will put you in touch with the right person.

SFM Holder: Enjoy your pizza 🍍🍕

John: I don't enjoy eating trash.

SFM Holder: Maybe you can order a pineapple pizza, remove all the pineapple off of it and then eat it. I mean, technically it's still the same pizza, right?

John: No, it's contaminated.


Mod: This is the only person I trust with the future of SafeMoon.

SFM Holder: I also trust this person. But this person need to learn fast and not like spent 2 years experimenting and learning from experience. The new CTO will take like 3-4 months to adjust and we are taking all the important tech base foundation decision without even having a CTO on board first. I hope you see the problem now like I see it.

John: You don't need a CTO to fill a CTO role when others already fill that function. We hire when [the] need arises. Not to mention, a horizontal structure is more effective than a vertical structure that is top heavy.

SFM Holder: Haven't seen a tech company ever without a CTO. Hiring freelancers just brings a lot of bugs later and they don't even take responsibility for fixing them. I hope the captain will one day understand how a tech company is structured.

John: Mighty assumption we hire freelancers. We are the evolution, if folks did things the way of the old there would not be any innovation. Prime example is the advent of the assembly line. We are able to build tech faster and more efficiently than other tech companies. You are entitled to your opinion. Thank you for the feedback

SFM Holder: Can’t wait to use SafeMoon to purchase items in the metaverse 🙌

John: Not just in the metaverse.

SFM Holder: Buy pineapple pizza with the SafeMoon card

John: No.

SFM Holder A: Any updates on bullish news? Or still the same?

SFM Holder B: Nope, just teases and clues to major projects ahead.

SFM Holder A: Of course.. just wanted to see if he would give us more upcoming news

John: How close is the moon to us? asking for a friend. (literal moon, NFA and not talking about price) . . .

John: Seriously, how close is the moon? Asking for a friend. Mod: Which moon?

John: Earth's. THE moon.

SFM Holder C: 32 miles

John: Close enough.

SFM Holder D: 390k km John: 323 miles? or 232k miles?

SFM Holder: Hey John and Ryan, just want to say have a amazing 1st quarter! Thank you for everything!


John: We have a lot of tokens joining the SafeMoon Fam and ecosystem here soon 🙂

SFM Holder: Is the February AMA going to have us hyped or will it be nice cool smaller things that are coming down the road?

John: Depends. But it is an update for you all.

SFM Holder: Thank you! I read an article today about stable coin regulations and also that Biden (not political commentary I promise) is planning to release a strategy for digital assets (crypto industry). Have you guys been planning for this all along or could it change things?

John: We have known or at least could "read the room" that changes in regulation could come, and we prepare the best we can for all contingencies.

SFM Holder: How about delivery of the turbines and will they only run on the SFM Blockchain, correct?

John: It is a phased and iterative process.

John: Ooohwee im hyped.

SFM Holder A: Could we receive a one word hint as to why you're hyped, my good sir?

John: [redacted]

Think imma tease you all with this one all week long.

Imma channel this energy allllllllllllllllllll week

SFM Holder B: That’s what I like to hear, keeping us hypeeee!!!

John: All week long

SFM Holder C: Partnership or internal progress on something?

SFM Holder D: My guy, he gave us the hint, it's [redacted].

John: If you dig far enough, I've given a pretty big hint heh heh heh

SFM Holder: I'd like to talk to the manager, pls

John: So do I, but everyone at the office looks at me funny when I do.

John: Do i blast "Pump it up" in my office? Yes, yes i do.

SFM Holder: Can we lower the S$L rate so it doesn’t send us lower each time it hits?

John: We have been architecting a solution for it 🙂

SFM Holder A: We have exchange coming?? SFM Holder B: No.

John: Lmao. Yes, we have new exchange listings coming. We finished signing the agreement for one. Finished up some paperwork for another. We can only move as fast as they move. But I am EXCITED!!!!!

SFM Holder C: Nothing more exciting than watching you eating that pizza

John: What have i done? I should have set a higher bar.

SFM Holder D: Top 10?

John: By what ranking and metric? There is no standard list based on standardized metrics.

SFM Holder E: Tier 1 👀

John: Define Tier 1? Customer service? Whether or not the company cares about their users? For me tier 1 is all about whether or not the company / CEX cares about their users.

Volume is important too. They got it.

SFM Holder F: Is it on this list? 👀

John: I cant read. So I don't know.

SFM Holder G: Can you please just tell us since its already finalized?

John: I wish the world worked like that but sorry.


Community Creations

@SafemoonSpyros never disappoints with the memes!! 🤣🤣🤣

Ryan replied to the meme saying, "We stop for NO ONE!"

Thanks SafeMoon Tim for putting this song in our heads! It's true though, we definitely are "all in this together." 🥰