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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 24th, 2022)

SafeMoon Labs

SafeMoon Labs is a live Twitter Space discussion or "Laboratory think tank" on a variety of topics led by SafeMoon Educators. The spaces are recorded, and then uploaded to SafeMoon Education YouTube channel! Along with these Spaces will be a correlated article located within the SafeMoon Education site.

Investing With Emotions: Benefits and Risks

Here's another think tank held by Scholar and Educator Gandalf. Today Gandalf looks to discuss the benefits and risks when investing with emotions. Watch the video, or if you would prefer you can read the written article.

Reach out to Gandalf if you have any questions here!

SafeMoon Standard

"One of the hardest things to find when making an impact & dealing with big life-changing moves: 👉TRUST & LOYALTY👈 When you have it water it, make it grow - don’t pick little pieces off to protect yourself out of fear. A rising tide 🚢," Ryan Global Head of Products tweeted.

SafeMoon Wallet Update

The new update is now live for SafeMoon Wallet users on iOS (Version 2.1.3):

What's New:

  • MultiSwap calculation errors fixed - swap any pair

  • Edit notifications feature added - mark all as read or delete

  • Smart Chain BNB moved to the top when using MoonPay

  • Updated data for certain charts showing incorrect price

  • Minor bug fixes, UI and stability improvements

SafeMoon's Progress

Yesterday, Ryan had tweeted about the progress the SafeMoon team has made over the past few months. Today John retweets in support saying, "I am extremely proud of the staff that work from #SAFEMOON and the innovations that they see to delivery. We bridge communities through human focused innovations. Much more to come #SAFEMOONARMY, we are excited for 2022."

The Metaverse

John Karony liked this post made last month by SafeMoon holder Josh George on LinkedIn where he shows himself creating a SafeMoon Wallet within the Metaverse. "So I'm planting my flag as the first #Safemoon HODLER to create a wallet inside the #metaverse. #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONV2".

Since SafeMoon Josh has created a SafeMoon Club in the Metaverse! Here he shows everyone a video on how to enter club SafeMoon in the metaverse on Oculus! A more immersive way to hang out with the community! How exciting! Check out the video! ⬇⬇⬇


John Karony answered a question regarding decentralization at the Cryptopia event this past week.

John Karony: True decentralization doesn't exist when you have a company behind it. Now what I mean by that is, let's take Oracle for example. They have an open-source JavaScript, which is what I would say is 'decentralized'. But it is developed by a centralized company. So a centralized company can build decentralized tools - if that makes sense. It's not us going away from DeFi, it's a company, essentially being able to evolve a decentralized tool or decentralized product continuously over time.

One of the big issues is that you can't predict everything and if a project removes their ability to adapt to a situation like SafeMoon has seen many many times over the past 10 months. It could kill the project right then and there. You can't remove your ability to adapt, but you don't have to give up decentralization.


Pizza Time!

Credit to Cassano_sfm

In yesterday's MoonCast episode, Cats mentioned we've reached 1 million user downloads. Wen pineapple pizza, John???

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