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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 23rd, 2022)


On Jan 19th, 2022, SafeMoon CEO John Karony joined Dan Young and Scott Paul at The Leonardo [in Salt Lake City, Utah] for a panel discussion covering a wide range of topics in the crypto space.

For the full panel discussion transcript and video, click here.

The SafeMoon Army really showed their support at the Cryptopia event this past week! Many showed up in SafeMoon attire as others helped educate and set up SafeMoon Wallets! There was even someone who sacrificed sleep getting only "2 hours of sleep" at the "airport before Cryptopia" just to show support. You guys are amazing!

What a great Panel! Cryptopia will be returning to Utah again in May and also in October of this year!


Be sure to tune into today's MoonCast, a community podcast held on the Official SafeMoon Discord and led by SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Community Manager Veno, and SafeMoon Scholar and moderator Gandalf! It will be live-streamed on SafeMoon Educator YouTube channel and in the Official Facebook Group at 3pm EST.

SafeMoon Progress

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga tweeted out to the SafeMoon Army to remind us of what has been accomplished and what is still to come saying,

"In a few months we've built from scratch:

- Several SCs - A Web Swap

- A Multi-Chain Router & LP Pool - An iOS & Android Wallet - Internal systems for SCALE

- #SAFEMOONCONNECT &🔜 - Exchange

- NFT Innovations

-Blockchain & MUCH more. We're early!"

SafeMoon Standard

Carly, who works in SafeMoon HR, tweeted an image today that said, "Words have energy, meaning, + impact."

Our Global Community Manager Mr Adult tweeted, "The day can run you or you can run the day."

Call to Action

John requested everyone report an account on Instagram that was impersonating him...

BrianS a SafeMoon Discord "Moonizen" who works at Meta got on it right away. "Guys I work at Meta and submitted an internal ticket and I just heard back. John's imposter account on IG has been disabled."

Within an hour the account was removed! Thank you, Brian!! 💪Mission complete!

Wen OneWheel?

Thank you, Hypafly, for this awesome video edit of our Captain!


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

SafeMoon Scholar: In my opinion the CEX is only a small piece of the SafeMoon ecosystem. Granted it is an essential piece, to provide a on-/off-ramp for fiat (including the card) within the ecosystem. And obviously gain the volume/scalp the fees that currently go-to other CEXs. And if we attract enough users to the platform, the buy-backs and burns we gain from it, will significantly add to the value of SafeMoon. But as I stated earlier it will pale in comparison to the rest of the ecosystem. So it is more foundational than not. But think top 25 exchanges and how much money flow through them. If our CEX is any good and can attract a top 25 volume that's still multiples of X-es of the value of SafeMoon based on that piece of the puzzle alone. John: CEX is not needed for on/off ramp. However it is important for transactions only possible off chain.

SFM Holder: There's no way to see our Doge holdings in [the] SafeMoon Wallet yet, correct?

John: Not yet. It’s in our sprints to implement more blockchains.

SFM Holder: 🍍🍕

John: Imma leave if you all keep FUDing me.

Mod: Have you ever tried it?

John: I don’t eat from [the] trash.

SFM Holder: Hey Cpt! Was XT the exchange we were waiting to be listed on?

John: Nope.

SFM Holder: I see the perpetuation of fear and uncertainty; and rallying the troops. It's tiring, man. It wears out the army. Completely unnecessary but you're welcome to join them. No one is going to judge you. I sometimes monitor them for damage control but .. that's about it. You may benefit from reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

John: That and The Meditations.

SFM Holder: What do you guys use for SafeMoon contract development? Hardhat, Truffle, or even Remix?

John: A computer.

SFM Holder: SafeMoon Ark server is running 24/7, Details in the Gaming Discord Come join us 🙂

John: Oh siiiiiick. Guess I’m downloading Ark and joining tomorrow.

SFM Holder: I wonder if "no more v1 support" makes it more susceptible to thieves, even if the thieves don't know that if they try to steal the tax will eat it all up

John: It allowed us to stop a bad actor. V2 blacklist and V1 100 tax.


Credit to Spyros the Hound Whisperer

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