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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 21st, 2022)

SafeMoon Sunday

There is no SafeMoon Sunday this weekend and it looks like SafeMoon Sundays will now be a monthly broadcast instead of a biweekly one.

"SafeMoon Sunday changed to [February]. Once a month per Dave. Fits better with our dev sprints," John announces on Discord in response to a SafeMoon Holder expressing their excitement about SafeMoon Sunday this week.'

SafeMoon Wallet

"Did the #SAFEMOONARMY know, 43% of statistics are made up?

This one isn't! We are less than 1% away from 1 million #SAFEMOONWALLET downloads 🎉. This may or may not mean we are close to a particular pizza being

consumed by a particular individual. IYKYK.🍍🍕➡👨" Official SafeMoon Twitter account Tweeted today.

"And Ya know. It's like we always say John. Preparation is key!"

Exchange Migration Update

Update 01/21/2022

Quidax, tokens have been migrated

ZBG, migration ongoing

Hotbit has temporarily suspended withdrawals. Read their official announcement.

Crypto Speed

"Glad someone else understands this. I say '1 quarter [in] crypto is a week long. Build your sprints around this timetable'. This industry moves fast, very fast. #SAFEMOON

#SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOONARMY." John had made this joke during his AIBC speech about building a blockchain innovation tech company in 7 months.

SafeMoon Standard

"More hue. More presence. More family," SafeMoon Global Community Manager tweets in response to Veno's tweet referring to all those in the SafeMoon Army who've changed the hue of their profile pictures in participation of the recent SafeMoon Hue Community Event.

"Love seeing the community represent the best #crypto in the Hueniverse! #SafeMoonHue #SafeMoon"

SafeMoon holder Whiskey tweeted out this sincere 'thank you' to the SafeMoon Army saying, "I see you, and I appreciate you! To the quiet ones who don't speak in Spaces or share how much they do for the community that we don't even know about. The ones who have brought people into SafeMoon, gifted in, and spent hours teaching ones about crypto. To the members of the Army who are new and overwhelmed or shy or nervous to speak. We see you and we've all been there. You're just as valuable as the loudest in the room! -Whiskey"

Thank YOU, Whiskey, for giving recognition to those who are all too often overlooked.

Securing your SafeMoon Wallet

2FA (Two factor authentication) will add an additional layer of security within your wallet and is very fast and easy to set up.

1) Download the SFM Wallet and Google Authenticator and configure them.

2) Go to Settings in SFM Wallet, then select Enable Google Authenticator.

3) Copy the key, then go to Google Authenticator.

4) Click the + sign in the bottom right corner and select Manual Entry.

5) Name it whatever you want, for example "Wallet," then paste your key and click Add.

6) You should see a string of 6 digits now. Copy this and paste it into the SafeMoon Wallet to finish the configuration of 2FA.

(Thanks again to Discord Moderator Explorer for the valuable information!)

Galan, a Senior Discord Moderator, also reminds us, "If you have 'Transaction Signing' enabled in security settings, you will then need to authorize any transaction with fingerprint/face id/password depending on your selected preferences."


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

SFM Holder: Wtf why sell so low

SFM Holder: Cause he lost his faith in the token probably haha

John: Ooof. With an exchange listing right around the corner.

Mod: When 1m users John?

John: 2k away.....

SFM Holder: SafeMoon Sunday gonna be huege this week?

John: SafeMoon Sunday changed to Feb. Once a month per Dave. Fits in better with our dev sprints.

SFM Holder: There seems to be a lot of buzz after Cryptopia

John: We will be releasing the recording as soon as its out of editing.

SFM Holder: Yes, I do, I smell an exchange listing which surprisingly smells like beef

John: right around the corner.

John: 2k users til pineapple on pizza......

SFM Holder: Is Bitcoin a rug pull?

John: 2017 called, they want their FUD back


Credit to SafeMoonTim

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