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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 20th, 2022)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Twitter Space Q&A with Ryan

Ryan Arriaga, our Global Head of Products, jumped in a Twitter Space where 5.4k people got to tune in and listen to the Q&A! For the transcript and audio recording, check it out here.


Here's the write-up about John Karony posted on Cryptopia's site:

"John Karony is the CEO of SafeMoon, a Fintech and technology company, and the developer of the SafeMoon cryptocurrency protocol and token. SafeMoon began in March of 2021 and has grown rapidly to encompass a user and partner community of 2.9 million individuals, known through social media as the #SAFEMOONARMY. Through its community and user-focused development cycle, SafeMoon creates fintech and innovative technology products within the SafeMoon ecosystem which advances faster, more efficiently, and in many cases at a much lower cost than companies managed and funded through traditional forms of VC and private equity investment.

Based on its growth and success in 2021, SafeMoon is excited for continued innovation in 2022, with the launch of the SafeMoon 2.0 protocol, additional expansion and functionality to the SafeMoon Wallet (almost 1 million users and growing), and growth in its ecosystem and sustainability efforts. In keeping with the metaphor of "Safely to the Moon" behind the company's name, SafeMoon promotes transparency, freedom, and active communication in the course of its development and implementation of innovative technology. SafeMoon is bridging communities through the development of human-focused innovations to build a better and brighter tomorrow.

In addition to his expertise in fintech and software development, Karony is a video game enthusiast, a US veteran, and is passionate about civil rights and social action, disaster and humanitarian relief, economic empowerment, human rights, politics, poverty alleviation, and science and technology."

Ryan tweeted out some love for our CEO today saying, "Proud of our @CptHodl in his performance today at Cryptopia! 🔥Always making us proud John. 💪"

From left to right: Scott "DeFi Jedi" Paul, XidaxPC founder Dan Young, and SafeMoon CEO John Karony

SafeMoon VP of Content David Smith assures the SafeMoon Army that we will be able to watch Cryptopia soon, saying "We will be releasing the full panel discussion from Cryptopia 2022 on [the official SafeMoon HQ YouTube channel] so make sure you subscribe and hit the bell so you are notified when it is published! #safemoon #safemoonarmy #SAFEMOONV2"

David also posted this picture of Dru Williams getting excited for Cryptopia. "Cryptopia is go! @drut43 #SAFEMOONARMY #safemoon" he tweeted.

For MORE Cryptopia content including the Cryptopia video, Crypto Panel transcript, and SafeMoon Army pictures from the event, check back soon!

Veno's Riddle

The puzzle is complete! Community Manager Veno tweeted the full answer today:


M O V E T O V 2

with an additional message "HUE/COLOR ALL AVATARS TO #00A79D"

His second tweet reads, "It's our first big community event since the Laser Eyes. Let us work together as a community to help do our part! Let's see that sea of green, and teach the world and #crypto space about #SafeMoon!



SafeMoon Hue is a community campaign with two objectives. GROW and TEACH.


The best way to help the SafeMoon project as a member of the community is to share the journey with others. To do that, they have to find us. So change your avatars to a color/hue of #00A79D so we can wash over the trendlines with a wave of green! In addition Let's try to use these hashtags as well!

#SafeMoon | #SafeMoonHue | #AreYouOnV2 | #SAFEMOONARMY | #00A79D


Understanding V1 and V2 for some is a challenge. Every holder we help online only serves to better the project and the community. Across social media we must drive home the messages of what V2 is and what exciting things are in our future!

The event will end Monday Jan 1st at 8pm EST

Please note: This is a SafeMoon COMMUNITY EVENT, not an Official SafeMoon Business strategy/event/announcement. Community events are not any indication or announcement of any company projects/products/commitments.

SafeMoon Swap

Discord Senior Moderator Galan tweeted, "Many people ask me about the swap in the wallet and if the amount they see in the bottom field is before or after tax. It is before tax, and after pressing "swap" you will then see a confirmation screen that gives you the total amount you will receive after tax. #SAFEMOONWALLET"

He added, "If you have 'Transaction Signing' enabled in security settings, you will then need to authorize the transactions with fingerprint/face id/password depending on your selected preferences."

SafeMoon Standard

"The past is in our heads. The future is in our hands. Craft a great one."

-Mr. Adult, Global Community Manager

"Growth requires work. Make the effort, push towards your goals. Don't sit there in shame that it didn't come free or easy. Make it come true, and be proud of it. #SafeMoon #SafeMoonHue" -Veno, Discord Community Manager


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord


John: Great conference today! Keynote wasn’t live streamed but we will be uploading it

John: (Referring to the SafeMoon Wallet) Also, around 4K users till we hit 1 million users 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

SFM Holder: Watch it live trough Safemoon AL, he was streaming it. Good talk

John: Great guy. Met a lot of awesome folks today from the SafeMoon Army.


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