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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 19th, 2022)

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

SafeMoon Connect

CEO John Karony and Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga have lately been sharing more information about SafeMoon Connect and what it will bring to the table for SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army! Recently Ryan tweeted, "How do you onboard future partners & incredible products to your ecosystem at a record pace? You must build a proper foundation that is self-serve, scalable & integrates beautifully with your wallet, smart contact & community.👀 #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOONCONNECT"

In Discord, where John Karony prefers to casually communicate with the SafeMoon Army, he responded to "SafeMoon Connect [is] going to be a gamechanger."

"What won't be blatantly there is transaction volume. IE commerce volume of SafeMoon. Reflections come from there, too. Additionally, with the blockchain, reflections will be on there as well. Functionality of the SFM Coin may look a little different, as we are able to do MORE because SafeMoon is building a comprehensive smart chain. Can't make a true WEB/// network without comprehension" he replied.

John hinted at it again when asked by a SafeMoon holder what upcoming product [he is] most excited for, saying, "Commerce functionality and WEB/// network."

John had a lot more to say in Discord. Check it out! 👇👇👇

John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

John: I'm looking forward to this next listing. (Disclaimer: Should go through pending nothing unforeseen happens)

SafeMoon Holder: Idc what exchange [it is] but is it [going to have] tokenomics? John: That is the plan. SafeMoon Holder: Are there any active merchants that take SafeMoon as payment we can support??

John: There are but we have something we are releasing to make it easier for them to take not only SafeMoon, but crypto as well. Mod: SafeMoon Connect going to be a gamechanger

John: What won't be blatantly there is transaction volume. IE commerce volume of SafeMoon. Reflections come from there, too. Additionally, with the blockchain, reflections will be on there as well. Functionality of the SFM Coin may look a little different, as we are able to do MORE because SafeMoon is building a comprehensive smart chain. Can't make a true WEB/// network without comprehension.

SafeMoon Holder: When are you going to update the whitepaper, Cap? We Are A Tech Company!

John: In the process.

SafeMoon Holder: What upcoming product are you most excited for?

John: Commerce functionality and WEB/// network.

SafeMoon Holder: Would this be the next thing for us?

John: It is hard to predict timelines in this space. We release when ready. What sometimes takes a normal project 6 months, takes us weeks.

SafeMoon Holder: That's another factor that makes us different from other project!! We do things FAST

John: I've watched VCs throw hundreds of millions of dollars at projects for a feature that is just an addon for us. I've also had folks show interest in buying the company. But this was my response:

SafeMoon Holder: YES YES YES YES! I do hope at some use terms short-term / mid-term / long-term when discussing roadmaps... short-term next 12 months, mid-term 1-3 years / long term no time line/strategy and vision... or something to that regards..... love zero timelines!!! My favorite thing you changed over last 12 months!..... I know it frustrates some people...but really the best move!

John: Short term = 1-6 weeks. Midterm is 6-9 weeks, long term is a year. SafeMoon Holder: But what about imminent?

John: imminent = 1 - 2 months.

SafeMoon Holder: Some teasers for short terms things?

John: Some cool b2b tools that make it easier for our partners to take not only SFM but other crypto as well.

SafeMoon Holder: So [the] exchange is coming in Q1,Q2 this year 😊 Hopefully with blockchain John: It all depends on how fast the regulated markets team can get things done.

SafeMoon Holder: Can you give us some bullish news?

John: We have an exchange listing coming. (Disclaimer: Pending all goes to plan and nothing unforeseen happens)

SafeMoon Holder: Would this be a top ten?

John: I'm not giving any more information.

SafeMoon Holder: Anything happening with SafeMoon Gaming?

John: Lots happening. Go join the channel and find out.

Mod: Will you share some metrics for the billboard?

John: I don't have those numbers off the top of my head. But our user count increased significantly since the billboard went live.

SafeMoon Holder: Hey everyone I’m about to land in Utah in a few hours. Anyone else gunna be at Cryptopia!?

Mod: You got a bar there or how you gonna survive?

SafeMoon Holder: I’ve called ahead and put a bar in my hotel room.

John: There are bars in Utah. And clubs. SafeMoon Holder: Thank God.

John: Unless you are in Provo. Then there are only 2 bars in that city last time i checked.

SafeMoon Holder: Dude, pre-game if you like drinking or get beers. Most restaurants in Utah limit alcohol to like 1 ounce. They are super strict on booze there.

John: What are you talking about? You can order another drink. You can have a full beer if you want (and are 21 or older).

SafeMoon Holder: My best Utah advice is pregame unless ur a beer or wine drinker then ur good but Cap would know better than me!… Someday I’ll stop by maybe at an event or something when I’m out that way in the most non weird creepy way humanly possible way.

John: If you are looking to get schwifty, first have a DD. never drink and drive.

But yes, they measure liquor here, but you can just ask for another one after you have your first.

SafeMoon Holder: When exchanges?

John: Yah wen exchange. I want to speak to the manager...oh wait...

SafeMoon Holder: John, I’m pulling up to HQ today with pineapple pizza 🍕 get ready! John: Oh noooooo, i got a meeting i have to be at, literally anywhere else.


SafeMoon Holder: You are Giddy LOL

John: SafeMoon does not have a business relationship with Giddy other than being pro- DeFi/Crypto in Utah.

SafeMoon Holder: Usually when you post that cat something good has happened

John: Cryptopia is tomorrow!

SafeMoon Holder: Are you going to arrive in your Lambo?

John: I’m arriving in my Lambo-feeties.

SafeMoon Holder: Me n John used to blaze together John: I dont blaze. Other than blazing a trail in innovation.

SafeMoon Holder: Hydroponics? Aquaponics?

John: Aquaponics.

SafeMoon Holder: John giving a presentation:

John: I'll be sitting this time around.

Scam Awareness

The SafeMoon Army has done an amazing job spreading awareness of scam accounts. SafeMoon Moderator Jared found this newly created website attempting to steal funds by asking for your seed phrase.


"This is an unofficial website with no links or affiliation to SafeMoon. Whilst we try our very best to make people aware of these dangers, sadly there will be people that continue to disregard our messages and warnings. Please be careful friends, and take care of each other. Continue to educate and raise awareness of the importance of keeping your security information safe and secure at all times.! This website will be reported through the correct channels with the aim to have this website taken down as soon as possible. #SafeMoon is growing everyday and we are the Evolution."

SafeMoon Billboard

"Looks like there was another person in NYC with our CEO.@CptHodl

#SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOONARMY," SafeMoon tweeted. John replied, "I didn't see him #SAFEMOONARMY. Might have been behind our billboard.".

Credit to Cassano_SFM for the Charles edit. 👏

SafeMoon Standard

"We should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on, not trying to outshine one another. The sky would be awfully dark, with just one star."

Veno's Riddle

Today's the day!!! Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST, be on the lookout for the reveal. "An individual voice can feel powerless. But tomorrow, the collective voices of our community will start bringing #SafeMoon to every screen it can reach. It's time to set the trend #SafeMoonArmy. Your future is 00A79D"

S A F E M O O N _ _ E

M O V E T O _ 2

SafeMoon Memes

"The second best thing about @safemoon after reflections is the memes of the #SAFEMOONFAMILY," Scott Paul, CEO of Giddy, tweeted.

Credit to Cassano_SFM for the meme. 👏