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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 12th, 2022)


Responding to BitMart's most recent announcement regarding SafeMoon V2 migration, Official SafeMoon Twitter said, "#BitMart has been actively communicating and closely working with us to reach a solution for #SAFEMOON holders. BitMart will support the SAFEMOON migration automatically for all BitMart users"!

Global Head of Products, Ryan, responded to BitMart's announcement saying, "Thank you for following through and doing the "right" thing, enjoy working with you guys."

John also added, "Thank you for continuing to do the right thing."

SafeMoon Scholar and Senior Mod, HughscL tweeted advice to the SafeMoon Army holding on BitMart: "If you are planning to withdraw, I suggest to wait or you will miss the reflections from 2 months."

SafeMoon Connect

Staying decentralized is the SafeMoon way! "#SAFEMOONCONNECT will stay truly decentralized. I stepped into this role to make a difference & not become another “centralized” entity corrupting what DEFI stands 4 As long as I am here, I will uphold that oath - otherwise we ain’t in defi!" Ryan tweets.

TaxBit Partnership

"Need help with your crypto taxes, #SAFEMOONARMY?🤔 🔑We’ve got you covered - our partnership with the @TaxBit Network allows you to do your taxes for free straight from the #SAFEMOONWALLET - COMING SOON!", SafeMoon tweets out about their new partnership with TaxBit. "Initial support through TaxBit only for United States holders"

SafeMoon then shared a message from CEO John Karony, "As SafeMoon pushes the boundaries of blockchain technology in the FinTech ecosystem, our partnership with TaxBit is vital to providing more benefit to our users. We are extremely pleased to be part of and accepted into the TaxBit Network with other large players in the industry.

What is TaxBit?

🗒️TaxBit is an industry-leading tax & accounting software for the digital economy that's enabling widespread adoption with real-time data automation and support.

In regards to cryptocurrency, TaxBit's software automates the calculations required for crypto tax reporting, helping reduce the pain point of crypto taxes and allowing you to view the real-time tax impact of all your crypto transactions. This will be implemented into the SafeMoon Wallet SOON! With the planned e-commerce for SafeMoon and future regulations within the cryptocurrency platform, this is an amazing feature addition! "Preparation is key!"

SFM/BUSD Pair on TradingView

"Something else new that would be cool would be a SFM/BUSD pair on Trading view. It would certainly be enough for us to make the switch. Would ❤️for SFM to be updated on TradingView in the near future." Ryan responding to a tweet put out by TradingView in hopes to bring light to them adding the SFM/BUSD pairing on their site.

The above is a screenshot taken from TradingView's website. After a search of "SafeMoon", SFM/BUSD pair is missing.


Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 - What is it?

Learn and understand where Web 1.0 started, where Web 2.0 is now, and where Web 3.0 is going in this educational article written by CatsRus and Ryan! "Hear from myself and 'Ryan, Global Head of Products' on how Web3 is a huge factor to the #SafeMoon ecosystem. But also it's time to take a closer look at WEB and where Web3 plays into crypto's future!" Cats tweeted. Thank you for your passion to educate our community and the crypto space! Check it out here.

SafeMoon Wallet

John Karony made a tweet today exclaiming that there are only "20,000 users till we hit 1 million #SafeMoonWallet users! #SafeMoonArmy #SafeMoon". Many in the community teased John reminding him of his promise to eat pineapple pizza at 1 million SafeMoon Wallet user downloads. It looks as though pineapple pizza is in John's near future. 🍍🍕🤭

A member of the SafeMoon Community asking Ryan, SafeMoon Global Head of Products, if the SafeMoon "wallet could follow poocoin instead of CMC".

"If poocoin had robust open APIs we would be all for it!

We are definitely looking into viable alternatives to CMC, however this will be done at a little later date, but do not worry it is certainly something we are tracking." -Ryan

Company Restructure

In response to Ryan's tweet regarding SafeMoon Connect and staying true to DeFi, a holder (who is this guy?) replied, "You've been [a] blessing to #SAFEMOON ever since you came aboard and even before then. #SAFEMOONFAMILY"

John responded saying, "Ryan and all of the hires that happened because of the restructure has allowed me to make the strategic moves and keep the evolution going. Also, who are you?"

John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

John: Fun fact. BitMart was a victim too. They could have closed up shop. But they are doing everything they can. Anger should be directed towards the hacker.

John: Look who’s on the list.

John: It’s free for the users if the company is part of the TaxBit network. SafeMoon is part of this network now.

SFM Holder: We are not allowed to talk about taxes in here 🤣

John: I’m not but TaxBit is.

John: We are a tech company. Not a simple token project.

SFM Holder A: I don’t know the details. I don’t know if this is true. But for people holding on BitMart, we’re very happy regardless. When you have $700K on the line, come back and provide your opinion at that point in time

John: You can withdraw. And BitMart will be doing daily reflections.

SFM Holder B: That "700k" could be worth 1 mil + if they buy back

John: You all are forgetting, they were a victim too.

SFM Holder C: but we the Community are bigger victims here bro. BitMart already have billions in treasury. But we don't.

John: Yes. But you can remove your tokens from BitMart, and when you do, they buy the tokens from the market. This is the first step to make things right.

SFM Holder C: My point is that BitMart need to buyback that stolen tokens.

John: They are.

SFM Holder: So my house is 100% off grid, no connection to utilities at all, I have tank water and my own water treatment plant. I have solar panels and wind turbine so my question is this, apart from the turbines (which I’ll be trying to get one as soon as they are available) has SafeMoon got any plans to do something similar with solar panels and has it been thought about possibly creating a whole ecosystem for an eco-house?

John: We got plans for panels.

SFM Holder: John can you make my day less shitty and tell me I’m cute

John: You don't need outside compliments. You're stronger than you give yourself credit. Be kind to yourself.

MoonCast (Jan 9th) Transcript

Want to know all the juicy details of last Sunday's MoonCast? Check it out here!

Veno's Riddle

Veno, one of our Community Managers, tweeted this cryptic message today. What could it possibly mean? 👀

SafeMoon Community Creations

Credit to SafeMoon community member Donnell

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