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SafeMoon Lowdown (February 4th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 5


SafeMoon Minute: Feedback | SafeMoon Gaming: Overwatch | Blockchain Education: Blockchain Consensus Algorithm | Community: Metaverse | Blockchain News: Google AI Market Efforts - Australia Plans Crypto Regulations | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: Shido- Blockbusters Tech - Cryft - Mirror Protocol - Rhythm - LCP - Grove | Reminders

SafeMoon Minute

SafeMoon introduces a new video format titled "SafeMoon Minutes!" In this SafeMoon Minute, CEO John Karony is asked the following question:

"How would you describe the SafeMoon Mission?" He begins by explaining that considering what's important to your audience is a necessary step when thinking about how to share SafeMoon's mission. "SafeMoon, at its core, is a WEB3 movement" with an impact focus. He discusses that SafeMoon having both a decentralized and centralized exchange gives users control over how they experience blockchain tech. Pairing this with security, ease of use, and accessibility, SafeMoon plans to create an #Everyoneproof ecosystem.

Check out the full video below.

"📺 New SafeMoon Minute with CptHodl! SafeMoon is building the Web3 movement for everyone by creating an ecosystem that allows you to choose how you experience the vast world within blockchain tech! 👀" - SafeMoon

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"@safemoon @CptHodl Awesome 👏. We are proud to be a part of this evolution. 💖"

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"@safemoon @CptHodl These bite size information videos are lovely for my not very big brain. ❤️🧠 thank you @CptHodl and #SAFEMOON"

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SafeMoon Gaming: Overwatch

Play Overwatch??? Join in on some gaming community fun in today's scheduled gaming event. Hop over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord at 5 PM MDT.

Blockchain Education

What is a Blockchain Consensus Algorithm?

A blockchain consensus algorithm is a system that ensures all participants in a decentralized network agree on the current state of the blockchain and ensures the validity of new transactions being added to the blockchain. It ensures the network's security and helps maintain the integrity of the blockchain data.


The exact process by which a consensus algorithm operates can vary depending on the specific algorithm being used, but in general, it works by having network participants (e.g., nodes) perform certain tasks or solve complex mathematical problems to validate transactions and create new blocks. This process helps to reach a consensus on the current state of the blockchain and prevents malicious actors from making unauthorized changes. The consensus mechanism also incentivizes honest behavior among participants, as those who act maliciously can be penalized or have their blocks disregarded. This helps to maintain the overall security and integrity of the blockchain network.


Metaverse Josh shares WoW in the MetaVerse.

"I used to love hanging out in World of Warcraft cities just to talk with friends and other players. Some days I would play hours without doing any quests or combat, simply standing by the bank and chilling. That experience is coming to the #Metaverse 👀" - Josh

Try it out

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Google AI Market Efforts

Google has acquired a 300 million dollar stake in AI start-up Anthropic. The acquisition details, including the exact size of the stake and its implications for both companies, have not been disclosed. However, the investment is expected to support Anthropic's development of AI technology and Google's efforts to expand its presence in the AI market. [Source: WatcherGuru]

Australia Plans Crypto Regulations

Australia has released a plan to regulate cryptocurrencies. The regulatory framework aims to balance innovation and risk management in the crypto industry while protecting consumers and ensuring that anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing laws are adhered to. This plan is likely to have implications for how cryptocurrencies are traded, taxed, and stored in Australia.

[Source: WatcherGuru]

Food For Thought

"Innovations are miraculous as they not only change the way we deal with things, but how we approach them. A new impact in a recognised field 💡 The world belongs to those who dare to make a difference where no one sees a chance to improve anything 🌎#SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY"

- Gandalf

"The Law of Attraction is real. If you focus on what you dislike, you get more of it. If you focus on things you love, you get more of it. Perspective is everything. Change your perspective."

- Darren

"The road to riches is never straight and narrow. It can be riddled with financial land mines."

- Kevin O'Leary

SafeMoon Stats

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"Shido MasterCard is launching soon. By far the most versatile Crypto Card entering the market. $SHIDO token is fully integrated. You will be able to spend $SHIDO in +42m merchants worldwide....

Apply now for first access 👉

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Blockbusters Tech

"A foundational component of what we’re building is the ability for the average person to understand their tokens by using readable data from the blockchain. The Mirror Protocol is complex, this dashboard simplifies the user experience. #BBTF #MProtocol"

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"#Cryftopains, 1 year ago #CryftCards successfully completed our token launch via @dxsale. #Cryft has Landed on #SafeMoonSwap, Built a community and, developed a first of its kind #Blockchain #Gifting platform. Stay Tuned for a message from @CryftCreator -New Partnership +"

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Mirror Protocol

Take a look of an in depth breakdown of our staking fees for The MProtocol #MProtocol #BBTF #BTC #ETH #ADA #BNB #LINK #XRP #MATIC

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"If you missed this reveal earlier today, lets us introduce The Mirror Token Dashboard POWERED by @BlockBustersTch! We have multiple drops this month. Be sure to turn on your notifications so that you will know about the launch first! Stay tuned!"

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"In regards to our upcoming release of #MProtocol staking, there will be a window allotted for those that would like to participate to join the pool to ensure the first person doesn’t receive a ton of the rewards. Different from what the community is used too "

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"#TheMirrorStaking Community question: How can you prevent someone from repeatedly staking/unstaking and taking advantage of the staking pool? 🪞The rewards are sent every 24 hrs, globally, to everyone. Repeatedly staking/unstaking will do nothing. It will be pointless."

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"#TheMoreYouKnow The success of @GlowTokenLLC also contributes to #TheMirrorProtocol participants and the #MirrorStakingPlatform by way of the #BBTF ecosystem! It’s like one big happy family!"

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"The current music industry, despite its struggles, is worth over 18 billion dollars. Imagine a thriving industry where all artists are compensated fairly, streamers earn from listening, and innovation drives growth. That's the vision behind Rhythm Music, our first step towards revolutionizing the music space. With advancements in AI music generation, where users can select preferred artists and lyrics, the potential for growth is limitless. Currently valued at a 3 million market-cap, this project has tremendous growth potential, making early involvement a wise investment. As we continue to develop a stable desktop music streaming platform, the possibilities for expansion into other areas of the music industry are endless."

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"Don't miss out on $RHYTHM, Bridging the blockchain with the music industry! 🎵🎶🚀"


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Live Crypto Party

"We're feeling really cool today because we crushed a major milestone. How're you feeling today? Our #NFT holders are in for a surprise. Before the big switch, make sure to get som' http://1111NFTS.COM Thank God it's Fri-yay! ⏰ Photo credit: @1111nfts #LCP #BNB #SAFEMOON"


"Powering a Healthier and Wealthier Future, ⚡️ #GroveEnergySolutions ⚡️ In partnership with: Solar Power and technology, available globally, #GroveCoin/#GRVG payment options to be integrated. PR Below: #GroveEmpire"