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SafeMoon Lowdown (February 20th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 21


SafeMoon Tweets about Partner | Blockchain | Accessibility | SafeMoon Gaming: WoW | Wrapped BTC | SafeMoon Birthday | SafeMoon Meet-Up | What Is a Supernet? | Community: "Being a Pioneer" by Gandalf - Thoughts - Image | Food For Thought | SafeMoon Stats | Partners: Mirror Protocol - Shido Grove Token - ONE Immortl

SafeMoon Partner

SafeMoon urged the community to check out what SafeMoon partner Mirror Protocol is up to:

"Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, have you seen what our friends over at The Mirror Protocol have been cooking up? Get curious! 👀@MProtocolFuture #BBTF #DeFi #SAFEMOONSWAP"

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SafeMoon Education Manager Cats wants to know your thoughts.

"I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on the flaws of blockchain. Blockchain is an incredibly powerful piece of technology that can be well diversified in its capabilities. But what is the biggest flaw that comes to mind? BLOCKCHAIN, NOT CRYPTOCURRENCY!"

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Cats also shared some thoughts on Discord about accessibility.

"The biggest thing that the Defi/Blockchain world needs to let go of is familiarity. If everyone wants the ecosystem of Web3 to grow, then there needs to be a push for accessibility. Recovery Phrase and Private Keys are great and sure are secure to a certain extent, but they only have that one layer of protection, that being the phrase itself. Orbital Shield's first integration into the SafeMoon Wallet provides users accessibility while providing multiple layers of protection. And again, this is the first implementation as the MVP (Minimal viable product)"

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SafeMoon CEO John Karony added to Cat's comment.

"A friend of mine who comes from traditional finance downloaded and set up their wallet in under a couple minutes or less. I call that an accessibility win."

SafeMoon Gaming: WoW

We are playing WoW tomorrow at 3 pm MDT/ 5 pm EST/ 10 am BST. Want to join us in PvP or even some raids? Hop into the SafeMoon Gaming Discord.

The gaming community recently just completed "Volts of the Incarnates" as a guild on Heroic. The actual clip is below! 🙌

John Karony says he may do some more gaming Sundays with the community.

"Maybe I'll do gaming Sundays again on the gaming discord."

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Wrapped BTC

SafeMoon community member Danology shared a question SafeMoon CEO John Karony asked on Discord.

"Is a wrapped version of BTC something that would be wanted?" - John Karony

"I think we could all mutually agree that a wrapped version of #BTC is absolutely something we ALL want." - Danology

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats posted a poll in response to Dan's Tweet, curious about which would be the most requested, Native BTC or Wrapped BTC.

What would you choose?

SafeMoon Birthday

SafeMoon is closing in on 2 years since its launch!

"Bday is coming up fast doing our best to get some gifts wrapped up."

"has it really been almost 2 years!"⤵️

"And SafeMoon is still here.

"Been a wild 2 years. I'm surprised im not bald yet."

Conversation starts here.

SafeMoon Meet-Up

A SafeMoon community member asked John Karony about when there will be a community meet-up.

"Honest question... Wen SafeMoon fam meetup?

"There have been a few, unfortunately, i have not been able to attend. I feel like my time is split in so many directions. Need to spend more time engaging here if i can." - John

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What Is a Supernet?

1. Supernet (or metanet) is a network of blockchain networks for interoperability and cross-communication. It enables decentralized interaction and communication among different blockchains, creating a unified ecosystem.

2. Supernets offer the following advantages:

  • Improve speed and efficiency of transactions and communications among various blockchains.

  • Enable the creation of new decentralized apps and services by combining the strengths of multiple blockchains, offering new opportunities for innovation.

  • Cross-chain communication connects and transacts chains with each other, increasing user value.

3. Various protocols and technologies are used to establish a supernet:

  • Atomic swaps enable cryptocurrency trading without the involvement of centralized intermediaries by using a smart contract on one blockchain to transfer assets to another.

  • Cross-chain communication protocols like Cosmos and Polkadot permit the exchange of information and assets among various blockchains and the development of decentralized apps.

  • Sidechains allow for the transfer of assets between primary and supplementary blockchains for greater scalability, privacy, and experimentation.

To learn more about supernets, please head to Cointelegraph to read their educational article.

"Being a Pioneer" by Gandalf

What does being a pioneer mean?

To lead the way means to go ahead and show others which direction you consider to be right/positive. It does not have to be the only way, but it is your way that you propose. A role model function paired with self-confidence. Why it is important that we have someone to show us the way.

There are many directions in life. Good and bad, easy and hard, beautiful and ugly. It is important to make the right decision, which is not always easy. If there is someone who shows us the way to go, it isn't only helpful, it also supports us in our decisions. Because it isn't always easy to make the right decision, but if you see someone who made a different one, it may be easier to find out whether this suits you or not.

Not every pioneer is a pioneer.

Even if many claim to have found the only right way, there are not many who naturally use this for their personal enrichment. It usually becomes clear very quickly whether this pioneer is an actual, helpful person or someone who is "just passing through". The motives and the will of the person give here very quickly the indication whether the goals are long-term and honest or short and pushy. Because someone who is convinced of his goals takes all the time in the world.

What can you learn from a pioneer?

Regardless of the goal of the pioneer, there are three things you can learn:

1. Determination

2. Perseverance

3. Iron will

All of these three skills are instrumental in determining whether or not the pursuit of a goal is successful.

Dedication to a cause, pursuing it and ultimately achieving it is something many say but fewer do. Achieving goals seems hard, but it's not - because with a balanced plan, a realization of possibilities, and a setting of the ambition, anything is doable. The result reflects the commitment of one's own work. It may differ from your initial vision, but it is your result, your goal and your achievement - and that makes it unique. And when you present your path to others, you may inspire others as well


"I’ve really fallen in love with the safemoon long sleeve t shirt lol I wear it with my swear pants. Really soft and warm 💕 especially needed for cold nights like today"

Ms. That Will Cost You


"@GOTTI_MProtocol @DonBaileySpeaks I wanted to show some gratitude for the staking launch so I made you and @GOTTI_MProtocol matching jewelry 😉. Perfect for business meetings!!"

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Food For Thought

"We judge others to avoid parts of Self. The most judgmental people are the least in touch with themselves."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

“Don't consider yourself a failure simply because it took you more time than others to accomplish something."

- Gary Goodridge

"If you never push yourself, you'll never grow. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the world."

- Burly Monk

SafeMoon Stats

Have you voted today?


Mirror Protocol

"Imagine being in a staking pool with volume based rewards that will directly benefit from the launch of 5 new tokens in the near future….."

Original Tweet

"Our #HollyGirl chat option is in full effect with information for #MirrorStaking! Thank you so much and huge shout out to @LemmeHollyatU for assisting #TheMirrorProtocol and helping current and new participants learn about our products!"

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"#NewStandards in #DeFi! We say, it's about the people, the community, and the participants of DeFi as a whole! Not just for MP!"