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SafeMoon Lowdown (February 13th, 2023)

Updated: Mar 15


SafeMoon Billboard | Trending | SafeMoon Gaming: Rocket League | Blockchain Education: Proof-of-Stake-and-Activity (PoSA) | Community: Images | Blockchain News: CBDCs More Than You Wanted To Know - Top Modern Art Museum to Display NFTs - Building a Career in the Metaverse | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: Grove Coin - Shido - ONE Immortl - EverGrow | Reminders

SafeMoon Billboard

SafeMoon quote Tweeted community member Crypto Zed who visited and captured a recording of the SafeMoon Billboard in New York.

"waited 20 minutes, but there it is" - Crypto Zed

"Thanks for stopping by!" - SafeMoon

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SafeMoon acknowledged the recent SafeMoon trending stats, sharing the image which shows "Safemoon" trending with 42.4K Tweets.

"We see you #SAFEMOONARMY! 🙌 🙏"

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SafeMoon Gaming: Rocket League

The gaming community is playing Rocket League today at 3pm MDT/ 5pm EST/ 10pm BST. Interested in joining? Hop into the SafeMoon Gaming Discord.

About: Rocket League is a video game that blends sports with fantasy and is often referred to as "soccer with cars." The game features a competitive mode that emphasizes teamwork and strategy in order to outmaneuver opponents.

Want to learn more?

Rocket League's Website

Blockchain Education: Proof-of-Stake-and-Activity (PoSA)

PoSA introduces a revolutionary change in the blockchain world by considering not only the stake each node validator contributes to the network but also their activity level. This new approach to block creation and validation will shape the future of the blockchain economy. PoSA uses a smart contract deployed by validators to evaluate user actions, in addition to the stake, before granting the opportunity to become a block producer or validator. This also affects the distribution of block rewards.

PoSA places emphasis on network participants who focus on delivering value to their users through consistent block rewards. The larger the user base, the greater the level of activity and the larger the share of rewards.

Importantly, this new approach to what blockchain networks can be is at the center of what Fastex is looking to achieve with its products. Aiming to create an environment where Web3 businesses can thrive, and Web2 businesses can be easily onboarded and reshaped for a blockchain future, the Fastex Chain will offer the foundation for that. [Source: Cointelegraph]


"“Unidentified Flying Object” has now officially been identified. It’s actually a #SAFEMOON astronaut. So please don’t shoot it down! #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #ufotwitter #UFO #UFOshotdown"


"Never forget why you started this journey and who you started with. Our roots grow stronger with each passing day #SAFEMOONFAMILY #safemoonarmy @safemoon"


CBDCs: More Than You Wanted To Know

Below is a summary of an article titled "CBDCs: More Than You Wanted To Know" the author takes a "wonky deep dive into the newest entrant to the monetary policy toolkit"

Central banks across the world are exploring the use of digital currencies, also known as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs are digital forms of money issued by a country's central bank and are meant to replace physical money, like notes and coins. Some central banks, such as the Bank of England, are still in the planning stages of developing a CBDC, while others, like China and India, have already started using them. CBDCs were created as a solution to the problems posed by traditional cryptocurrencies, which can be volatile and not suitable for everyday use. However, central banks face a new set of challenges with CBDCs as they aim to monitor and control the money supply while encouraging spending and savings. Central banks use data collection and statistical analysis to adjust interest rates and maintain the economy, but with the rise of CBDCs, they risk losing control of their operations.

The central banks' main concern with CBDCs is their ability to monitor the circulation of money in the economy and make adjustments to encourage spending or savings. The use of CBDCs could allow central banks to have more control over the economy, but the use of such currencies remains a topic of debate. [Source: Strangleloppcanon]

France's Top Modern Art Museum to Display NFTs

The Centre Pompidou, Paris' top contemporary art museum, revealed plans for a permanent exhibition focused on the intersection between art and blockchain technology through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The museum will showcase NFTs from over 16 digital artists globally, including sought-after collectibles like CryptoPunk #110 and Autoglyph #25, both of which have been donated to the Centre Pompidou.

Xavier Rey, the director of the French National Museum of Modern Art, stated that the Centre Pompidou is continuing its exploration into digital art and its connection to blockchain technology. According to Rey, the Web3 space is a new frontier for artists to create innovative and bold works, and this collection is a demonstration of the museum's support for artists in their pursuit of new forms of expression, which is the foundation of modern art.

This spring, the Centre Pompidou will host its first NFT exhibition, featuring masterpieces by artists such as Vassily Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, and Henri Matisse. The internationally renowned museum is a landmark for the display of NFTs. [Source: Cointelegraph]

Building a Career in the Metaverse

Working in the field of metaverse involves creating and shaping virtual environments and experiences within a digital world. This can encompass designing virtual characters, objects, and interactive elements. The field is growing and offers job opportunities in areas such as software development, content creation, and project management, and encompasses disciplines like game design, 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence.

To build a successful career in the metaverse, one needs to possess a mix of technical, creative, and business acumen. Want to learn more? Here are some of the essential skills that are needed to excel in this profession, provided by Cointelegraph.

Food For Thought

"Your personal growth is the only thing that matters. You own and write your story; no one else does. Believe in the unique step up the mountain."

- Gary Goodridge

"Crypto and community go hand in hand. A thriving community built on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision for a better future is what ideally every project envisions."

- Lunar Crush

"People do the best they can with the level of consciousness they have. This is why expanding consciousness (or perception) is so important. The wider our perception, the greater our understanding of ourselves and other people. In short: know better, do better."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

"What is one of the most important qualities that make a successful entrepreneur? The ability to communicate."

- Kevin O'Leary

SafeMoon Stats

Have you voted today?


Grove Coin

- Special Guest @rottoken on Monday Night 💚🐶 - @JohnGh87 AMA on Saturday 🎙️ - A big #GRV burn coming! 🔥🔥 - #GroveBlockchain release announcement ⛓️🗓️ There is so much that will be covered in this weeks #GroveCoin media schedule! #GroveGreenArmy make sure you tune in!

Original Tweet

Bridge on both sides #BSC and #ETH now have 50% of our circulating supply We also reached out to both chains to remove the #Bridge from the circulating supply of #GroveCoin That will put our supply at 50 M, which's less than #BNB and #ETH #Burn update to come

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Shido X Tesla NFT Airdrop Round #9 is live! If you made a +1.5m $SHIDO buy last week you can now claim your exclusive Shido X Tesla 3D NFT. The NFT serves as a ticket in the lottery of a #Tesla Model Y. Buy +1.5m $SHIDO to get one!

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Shido X Tesla NFT Airdrop Round #9 is live! If you made a +1.5m $SHIDO buy last week you can now claim your exclusive Shido X Tesla 3D NFT. The NFT serves as a ticket in the lottery of a #Tesla Model Y. Buy +1.5m $SHIDO to get one!

Claim your NFT now

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ONE Immortl

Presale is live!

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Happy Birthday to our wonderful team mate Mr. @Evergrow_Frank. Thank you for all that you do! Have a great day!

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Are you interested in becoming a Token Partner?

To apply, simply visit

Partner Information:

For more information on all our partners, visit SafeMoon's Partner Portal.



SafeMoon Minute


SafeMoon Orbital Shield

SafeMoon released a technical explanation of their patent-pending security product, SafeMoon Orbital Shield.

Need a slightly more simplified explanation?


SafeMoon Pulse Monthly Recap

Each month, the SafeMoon Pulse offers a comprehensive overview of the previous month, including any updates or changes you may have missed. The latest issue of the SafeMoon Pulse is now available, covering all the important information from the month of December.

The video is below, or if you prefer reading, you can access the Pulse article here.


PoA Article

What is PoA, and what are its advantages?

Learn more by clicking the image below.


Recent Captain's Logs

SafeMoon Exchange

SafeMoon CEO John Karony talks about SafeMoon's Centralized Exchange
(CEX) progress in the Captain's Log video below.

SafeMoon Blockchain

CEO John Karony gave a quick update on the SafeMoon blockchain explaining a bit about the chosen consensus mechanism and release expectations.

Token Monetization Innovation (TMI)

SafeMoon has released a new patent pending feature designed to improve the user experience on it's DEX (Decentralized Exchange - SafeMoon SWaP) labeling the feature TMI (Token Monetization Innovation).

TMI aims to improve transparency and transaction predictability by charging the exchange fees upfront in the native token and using smart contracts to ensure transparency in token liquidity pairings. It also aims to expand the availability of web3 and enable additional community partnerships with meaningful projects.

SafeMoon made the announcement in a Tweet and shared the SafeMoon Newsletter Captain's Log.

pSFM Migration

Attention pSafeMoon holders ONLY. SafeMoon Tweeted,
"The pSFM Migration Campaign is now LIVE! If you held pSafeMoon before December 19th 11am EST, you can now migrate your tokens with our easy migration tool. *If you do not hold the pSafeMoon token you may dismiss this message."
  • Only use the official dApp link on the SafeMoon Website.⚠️

  • Have the tokens you want to use for migration in your wallet.

  • Don't transfer after the cutoff date/time

  • Have a small amount of ETH for gas fees

  • Tokens acquired in wallets after the cutoff date/time won't be eligible

Am I eligible?

- Moving forward, the partnership with pTokens will be coming to a natural end. The pSafeMoon Token will no longer be supported except through this Migration Program dApp.

- If you acquired pSafeMoon prior to Monday, December 19th at 9AM MST (GMT-7) please initiate a migration to SFM V2 as soon as possible.

- Liquidity for the pSafeMoon Token has been removed, and any tokens acquired through any means after Monday, December 19th at 9AM MST (GMT-7) will not be redeemable for SafeMoon V2 tokens.

- In order to assist the pSafeMoon holders in this migration, a secure and user-friendly procedure has been put in place. This process will remain live for a minimum of six months.

Migrate your pSafeMoon tokens to SafeMoon V2 tokens

The education team has also recently updated their pSafeMoon Guide to include an updates section so you can be aware of any issues relating to pSafeMoon. In addition, you'll find some FAQs to keep you all up to date.

Click the image to check it out


Tokenomics Supervisor

SafeMoon announced that with the recent SafeMoon SWaP updates came a new patent pending feature that solves the existing Defi inconsistent fee paradigm for tokens on multiple Decentralized Exchanges.
"Our recent updates to the #SAFEMOONSWAP have seen the launch of the SafeMoon Tokenomics Supervisor. Curious?🤔Read more about it in this shiny new press release" [Businesswire]

They partnered with "Blockchain and AI expert Dr. Adel Elmessiry to help solve the inconsistency. Labeling the invention "Tokenomic Supervisor," they explain that it operates in 2 steps:
Token Registration
Token SWaP

To learn more, view the full article here.

Security Questions (Best Practice)

🎓You might have seen that SafeMoon Orbital Shield requires users to answer 2 security questions.

⚠️We highly encourage reading our Best Practice article to learn about a safer method for answering these security questions!


Slippage and Gas Articles

You may have heard of slippage and gas related to the transactions you make when trading your digital assets on the blockchain but do you know what they are, where they come into play during a transaction, or even why they exist?

SafeMoon Education Manager Cats published two new educational articles for those interested in understanding more.

⬇️Click on the image of the subject you'd like to learn about first.⬇️
Learn about Slippage (Left) and Gas (Right)

Understanding SafeMoon Transactions Article

🎓Want to understand more about what happens when a SafeMoon SWaP transaction takes place? Here's an article that can help you understand the process a bit further.
Check it out by clicking the image below. 👇👇👇

SafeMoon Career Opportunities

"Are you someone who imagines new realities & wants to collaborate with others to bring that new reality into being, for the good of everyone? Or maybe you know someone who might be a good fit?"


SafeMoon Gaming

February Calendar

Click below to join the SafeMoon Official Gaming Discord:



SafeMoon SWaP Listings


Upcoming Card Features

Sign-up for the pre-launch waitlist here

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