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SafeMoon Lowdown (February 12th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 13


Update from John Karony | SafeMoon Wallet: Icon Poll - Function Reminder | Trending | Community: Images & Videos | Blockchain News: Research Center for Blockchain in Beijing - Web3 Startup Competition - Web3 Marketing Takes Off | Food for Thought | SafeMoon Stats | SafeMoon Partners: Shido - EverGrow - Mirror Protocol - Rhythm - Revoltance - Grove Coin - Glow Token - Empire Token | Reminders

Update from John Karony

CEO John Karony posted this update on his LinkedIn:

We just added the ability to offramp supported coins/tokens (through our partners at MoonPay) to Fiat. Here at SafeMoon, we want to give people choice. In order to do that, we needed to create greater accessibility and ease of use for the non-custodial products (IE Wallet, Dex etc). We took a massive step forward when we launched Orbital Shield and integrated it into the SafeMoon Wallet. This integration has made it easier for people to get into the non-custodial experience of crypto/defi. With the addition of the offramp, the SafeMoon Wallet took another big step. Next item on the list: SafeMoon Card (crypto debit card). (no timelines are represented or implied).

When community members shared the image on Twitter, Karony added,

For clarification. No timelines are implied or represented. Additionally, that is on my list for integration, it does not mean it is or isn’t next up in the overall releases. And for further clarification. That post should be read within the confines of the subject of non-custodial experiences within this industry.

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SafeMoon Wallet

Icon Poll

SafeMoon Tweeted a poll asking to hear the community's opinion!

"#SAFEMOONARMY the time has come for you to choose your icon allegiance. Choose wisely as this will be your portal into the #SAFEMOONWALLET. ...until you change your mind. 😂 See icons below. 👇 32 Special, Winner Chicken Dinner, Skeumorphic, Gary."

The poll is almost over so make sure to share your voice with us. 😊

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Function Reminder

SafeMoon moderator Steve sent out a Tweet reminding the community of some of the features of the SafeMoon Wallet.

"Remember there are 2 functions that people don’t know/ forget in the #SAFEMOONWALLET Click balance to hide your value ****. Click again to unhide. Hold value to have option to view all chains total, or single chain. "

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#SAFEMOON was trending in Business and finance with 12k Tweets.

#SAFEMOONWALLET was also trending with 3.6k Tweets.

Images & Videos

Crypto Zed

Don Bailey, BBTF CEO

China to Establish a Research Center for Blockchain in Beijing

China was an early adopter of the cryptocurrency industry, when most of the world was still unfamiliar with the concept. However, the country has since taken a hard stance against cryptocurrencies by imposing a comprehensive ban on the industry, including targeting major Bitcoin mining companies. Although China has a conflicted relationship with NFTs and the metaverse, the country is rapidly embracing blockchain technology.

According to a recent report from the South China Morning Post, China is constructing a research center dedicated to blockchain in Beijing, which has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The center will focus on the development of fundamental theories, software, and hardware for blockchain, and work towards creating key technologies and industrial applications. The new blockchain innovation center will be overseen by the Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing, and aims to make blockchain a crucial part of China's digital infrastructure. [Source: Watcher Guru]

Paris Blockchain Week and Google Cloud Launch Web3 Startup Competition

Paris Blockchain Week will launch a start-up competition in collaboration with Google Cloud. Start-ups specializing in blockchain and Web3 have until February 15th to apply and have a chance to connect with investors who have a strong focus on the industry. These start-ups will have the opportunity to showcase their high potential projects, receive feedback from well-regarded investors, and gain access to funding, mentorship, and acceleration programs through the competition's partners.

The competition is open to start-ups that have raised less than €3 million. Investors will be the first to identify promising Web3 start-ups and have the chance to invest in these ground-breaking entrepreneurs. Over 100 pre-screened projects will be presented to investors, who will then choose ten to pitch on March 20th.

The ten selected start-ups will present their pitches, followed by a Q&A session, in front of a panel of judges that includes prominent figures in the Web3 industry such as Tim Draper, Daniël Rood (Google Cloud), David Prinçay (Binance), and Julien Bouteloup (Stake Capital Group). The jury will provide their thoughts and scores publicly. The top three start-ups will then present their projects to the audience at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

Emmanuel Fenet, CEO of Paris Blockchain Week, expressed excitement about the competition and stated, "We are thrilled to announce this start-up competition with Google Cloud, as it highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of Paris Blockchain Week and the bright future of the industry. We welcome all professionals, digital assets enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs to gather and participate."

For start-ups, Paris Blockchain Week and this competition offer a unique chance to network and discuss their projects with over 150 dedicated Web3 investors. For investors, the event in Paris will be an ideal ecosystem to find and invest in early-stage Web3 start-ups with high potential. [Source: GritDaily]

Matching Crypto Wallets to Twitter Accounts: Web3 Marketing Takes Off

The anonymity of crypto wallets has historically been a challenge for Web3-focused marketing executives, as they have been unable to gather information on their audience's age, location, or purchasing history, hindering their efforts to reengage existing users and acquire new ones.

Addressable, established in June of last year, aims to change this by scanning various wallet data points, such as the tokens purchased, balance, and overall transaction activity levels.

Asaf Nadler, co-founder of Addressable, explained that the goal is to understand what the wallet owner is interested in and what they are doing on the blockchain, as well as on social media. The app analyzes data from approximately 500 million crypto wallets stored in one of its databases and uses matching algorithms to link them to more than 100 million social media profiles.

Addressable is currently matching 17 million crypto wallet holders to Twitter accounts by analyzing various social media interactions, providing marketing professionals in the crypto space with better insights into specific audiences.

Nadler added that a marketer can use this information to target those who have bought tokens from them or their competitors, or those who are playing blockchain games in a bear market. [Source: BlockWorks]

Food For Thought

"FOMO may lead to hasty investment decisions, but true wealth is built by investing in real opportunities with calculated risk and informed research. In the world of web 3, it's important to embrace ATIRO - the ability to invest in real opportunities - and make informed investments for a sustainable financial future."

- Darkmoon Tim

"Digitization is happening in EVERY sector. I don't care what you do, a new digital economy is emerging."

- Kevin O'Leary

"From a young age, we’re conditioned to believe mistakes are bad. Each time we make one, we get a lower score. In real life, mistakes are incredibly valuable. They’re how we grow and evolve."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

"Success requires some form of completion, many people abandon several of the actionable steps necessary for complete follow through. That can require planning, grit, persistence and self efficacy which may also need to be developed."

- Philip Brunner

SafeMoon Stats

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Shido officially launches Shido Docs GitBook. We have created a new Hub for all documentation about our utilities. Developers and Contributors can also request APIs, SDKs and code. This is the go to place for further information with easy access.

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logo, which everyone loved... but I think I'll give you 2 more treats...

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You wanted a leak?! THIS IS A LEAK!!!

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Surprise number 3! We promised this during the Lucro launch… almost like you all forgot! 😉 We want to keep the positive stuff coming, you guys deserve it!

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Mirror Protocol

To all my #NFT peeps sending me daily DMs and invites, I 👀 U 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Let me get my affairs in order here at #TheMirrorProtocol first and I promise we’ll go H.A.M. again like we did in 2022 but WAAAAY BETTER AND WAAAAY more innovative 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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We are performing some updates on The Mirror Protocols website. It will be back up shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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Be sure to Subscribe to our youtube channel! Just uploaded our space from last week! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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🎵🎶Rhythm Music Version 2.0 is available for early access testing! Links included below for everyone to jump in and begin testing! ⬇️🎵🎶

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Which Rhythm Music V2 feature are you most excited for? ⬇️🎵🎶

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Small change but strategic. Max holdings per wallet was just increased.

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Grove Coin

Earn up to 278% #Farming #GroveCoin farm #GRV with simple steps Create Lp tokens using your prefered network #BNB or #ETH Add Lp tokens to the farming pool and enjoy the rewards.