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SafeMoon Lowdown (February 10th, 2023)

Updated: Feb 11


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SafeMoon Blockchain

SafeMoon community member Donology teased using the most recent SafeMoon Blockchain update image from SafeMoon.

"#SafeMoon is conducting a poll on Instagram, whether or not we enjoy these kind of updates."

SafeMoon replied with the eyes emoji. "👀"

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SafeMoon Gaming: Rust

For those of you who have been participating In community play on SafeMoon's Rust server, SafeMoon Global CM, Veno shared a new feature added to the server.

"New Feature: Teleportation Doorway Portals

Teleportation Portals

  • Many large Monuments now have hidden portals located at them.

  • Outpost connects all monument doorways. Easily travel in-between monuments, cutting down travel time!

  • Just approach a portal and press 'use' to teleport for free.

Operating Your Own Portal

  • Buy your own portal for 500 scrap with /buyportal

  • Must be placed in a doorway where you have building privileges.

  • You must buy TWO portals, to teleport in-between them.

  • Once you place a portal, click it to name it. Two doorways named the same become linked.

  • If you broadcast a portal, it will show on the map to everyone.

  • To edit a portal, use /changeportal

(Cost may be lowered next wipe, but it's 500 scrap per door to start.) "

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According to TradeDog, SafeMoon is on the most-mentioned BNB Chain projects on Twitter.

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Community Club SafeMoon in the Metaverse

SafeMoon community member Metaverse Josh created a Metaverse SafeMoon Club (ClubSafeMoon V1). He Tweeted yesterday that he is working on a SafeMoon V2 Club (ClubSafeMoon V2) and shared a sneak peek with the community. 👀

"Still very early, but here’s a sneak peek at #ClubSafeMoon V2 for those keeping up. You can check out the space for yourself on spatial_io at"

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He later shared that support for ClubSafeMoon V1 will be ending a month from now.

"For those of you that have #VR you can still check out Club Safemoon V1 at Support for #ClubSafeMoon V1 will end on March 10, 2023."

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Japanese Tech Giant Fujitsu Introduces Web3 Acceleration Program

Japanese technology giant, Fujitsu, is launching a Web3 Acceleration Program to provide startups with the resources they need to create Web3 applications and services. The program will offer high-performance computing technologies, blockchain-based service APIs, and a development environment. It will be available to Web3 startups, Fujitsu's partner companies, and universities.

Fujitsu's Web3 Acceleration Program aims to establish an ecosystem that allows users to develop Web3 applications that focus on business transactions, digital content management, contracts, and processes. Additionally, participants will be given access to Fujitsu's advanced computing technologies and applications, enabling them to use trusted data to run simulations, artificial intelligence, and combinatorial optimization applications.

According to a report from the Fintech Times, the program is set to help create a supportive environment for Web3 startups, where they can utilize advanced technology and resources to bring their ideas to life. [Source: BitDegree]

Blockchain Privacy Is at Risk in the EU

The language in the European Union's MiCA regulation, a comprehensive set of rules for cryptocurrencies, is overly restrictive and could impede the progress and creativity of the blockchain industry. In particular, Article 68 presents a risk to the privacy and security of individuals, businesses, communities, and nations.

Per MiCA Article 68, operating a trading platform for cryptocurrencies must prevent the trading of anonymous assets unless the owners and their transaction history can be identified by authorized crypto service providers. Gary Weinstein, Head of Global Regulatory Relations at Electric Coin Company, believes that this language could have a negative effect on the growth and innovation of the blockchain industry and the privacy and security of all involved parties.

It is crucial for regulators to recognize that the blockchain industry is still in its nascent stage and that a one-size-fits-all approach to regulation may not be the best solution. Instead, a more flexible and adaptable approach is necessary that allows for the continued growth and advancement of the industry while still adhering to regulatory requirements and safeguarding privacy and security.

To resolve this issue, regulators might consider alternative methods for crypto service providers to continue offering confidential transactions while still fulfilling regulatory obligations. Instead of mandating a particular technical solution, regulators should allow for regulated intermediaries to have the freedom to create their own risk-based solutions that balance compliance with innovation and privacy. [Source: CoinDesk]

The Future of Financial Planning Lies in AI and Blockchain

The integration of AI and blockchain technology in financial planning holds great promise and could bring a significant upgrade to the field. AI algorithms could sift through massive amounts of data to help make sound decisions regarding investments, taxes, and insurance. These algorithms could quickly adjust financial plans in real-time, implement updates based on shifting legislation, and decrease the likelihood of errors and fraudulent activities. This would result in more effective and precise financial plans, leaving financial advisors with more time to concentrate on providing personalized advice and strengthening client relationships.

By leveraging the secure and transparent infrastructure provided by blockchain, AI algorithms could securely store and analyze delicate financial information such as Social Security income and tax data. This could lead to quicker and more accurate computations, and financial plans that can adjust automatically in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates. [Source: CoinDesk]

Food For Thought

"The purpose of life is not to overcome an endless series of hurdles, but to strive for happiness 🙂 This can be triggered by small things or completed by big goals that you set for yourself 🎯 One can achieve what one imagines 🛣️"

- Gandalf

"Focus on getting started instead of getting ahead."

- bYd

"If you haven't experienced a true lifetime low, you will never be grateful at the top."

- Danology

"Never let anyone's negativity ruin your day or get under your skin. Focus on what matters. Your happiness belongs to YOU 😉 Make someone smile today, and as always, #BeKind 💙"

- HollyGirl

"Instead of thinking of 'hacks' think of practice. Practice and new habits are the path to any change you want in your life."

- Dr. Nicole LePera

SafeMoon Stats

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Glow Token LLC

"📈13,457 and growing. Thank you all for support in Glowing up #DeFi, #Web3 and #charity! 2023 is our year! "Patience is key.""

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"And... CoinGecko listing completed!"

Coin Gecko

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Grove Coin

"Quick #GroveCoin Updates 💚 : - Less than 24hours on 7% back DEX buy promo! ⌛️ - Futures Trading Announced 📢 - CEX #GRV promotions underway 💹 - Marketing expansion planned post #BESUMMIT"

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"🔟Days until @JohnGh87 AMA Space ⌛️ 1⃣8⃣ Days until #BESUMMIT London ⏰ #GroveBlockchain release date before AMA❗️ Now is a great time to check out our last #GroveCoin promo! 7% GRV back on DEX buys until Feb 10 8pm EST"

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Mirror Protocol

"Don’t miss tonight’s episode with special guests @barrt20 and @Wavy_Eh where we will talk all things #CRO and of course, #MProtocolⓂ️"

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"Join us for #TLG where we will have @barrt20 from @PrimateBusiness"

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Pige Inu

"February has hit, who is ready for a packed month full of exciting news? Through the upcoming days, we will be announcing major news updates about CEX listing, utilities, and many more We will have more details to share once all is confirmed, so be ready #PigeInu Army! 🐽"

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Empire Token