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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 9th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Table of Contents:

Company Wallets | NFT/Collectibles | SafeMoon Website Update | Mandala Exchange SafeMoon Standard | DexScreener | BSC News Article | Reminder | Current SafeMoon Swap Listings | John Karony on Discord

Company Wallets

SafeMoon Official Twitter announced, "We're always evolving our security, our accessibility & our ease of use at #SAFEMOON. As part of continuing our promise we are migrating the company wallets to our more secured, insured wallets. 🔒Just another way we are protecting the #SAFEMOONARMY = 💪" This is extremely exciting news! How wonderful it is to feel this secure with a cryptocurrency holding! Quality, Security, Accessibility! A bright future awaits SafeMoon. This is just the beginning!

CEO John Karony retweeted adding, "Be advised #SAFEMOONARMY: We are moving things around to a more secure and insured platform. This has been in the works for a little bit, due to "developments" in other projects, we decided to move now. #SAFEMOON always strives for greater security, quality and accessibility."


After SafeMoon posted the news about the wallet insurance, Ryan also tweeted, "Speaking of pushing the 🏀 forward, the next App Update will finally feature NFT/Collectibles module! The team has been working HARD on this one! We are in QA & it’s looking💪🔥👀"

SafeMoon Website Update

Check it out! An update was published for the Exchange Listings on the SafeMoon website! Click the image below to check it out. 😁🙌👏

Mandala Exchange

SafeMoon SpinOff

Mandala Exchange's Twitter said, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY... your easiest chance to stack some $MDX for #SafeMoonSpinOff & #MandalaMadness💰Go get it!"

SafeMoon Listing

Mandala's Marketing Manager Donnie retweeted with, "The time is near #SAFEMOONARMY. We ARE better than those other'll see 🧐" along with this adorable gif!

When a member of the Mandala Discord commented, "I will probably get banned for this, but worth a shot. What is actually being done behind the scenes? Why was Safe Moon announced in advance, before the listing was actually ready? This only keeps investors waiting indefinitely and impatiently," Mandala Community Manager BTB MDX replied, "Nah. We welcome respectful questions comments and concerns. You're fine. SafeMoon was announced on the last day of the month because SafeMoon promised its community that it would have an announcement about the next CeX listing by the end of the month. We also wanted to run some contest and get everyone accustomed to our platform while we work out the final details. It's all good. Not everything has to be done the same way everyone else does it. When we flip the Switch and Go live you're going to be very happy that we waited a little bit longer to get everything just right. The way it's supposed to be.

He added, "While I do cringe at the thought of giving an exact date, I am 99.32% sure that it will go live before the end of February. Just keep an eye on all the socials for both [Mandala and SafeMoon] for more info." A member of their Discord asked, "Why would Joe make an announcement about a listing [without a listing date]? Who does that?" in which BTB MDX responded, "Somebody who knows something about marketing. Just because you don't know what the date [it] is going to go live is, doesn't mean we don't. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. You can thank us later."

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon HR Generalist Carly tweeted. "Master Resilience Training: Hunt the good stuff Record 3 GOOD things each day.

  • Why this thing happened.

  • What this thing means to you.

  • What you can do to enable more of this thing.

  • What ways you or others contribute to this thing.

Mindset Matters Most. IYKYK 🤍"

Here's some more words of wisdom from our lovely Carly


Looking for realtime price charts for the SafeMoon Swap as well as information on our liquidity pools, burn, and circulating supply? Check out DexScreener!

BSC News Article

BSC News Twitter, an account for "Binance Smart Chain & DeFi News, Features & Analysis" with almost 400k followers, posted an article about the SafeMoon Card! They tweeted, "#SafeMoonArmy continues to think big! What could you see coming from a Mastercard payment system?"

To see the article, click here!


SafeMoon Sunday

The next SafeMoon Sunday will be February 13th, 2022. Time TBD

Current SafeMoon Listings

GlowV2 - GlowV2
RHYTHM- Rhythm
WBNB - Wrapped BNB
BIFI - Beefy Finance
ADA - Cardano
SALE - DxSale
EGC - EverGrow (Now Live)
AFFINITY - SafeAffinity
ENH - Enhance Token
CAKE - PancakeSwap Token
HOD - Hodooi
BNB - Smart Chain
LINK - Chainlink
USDC - US Dollar Coin
USDT - US Dollar Tether pSAFEMOON - pTokens SafeMoon Swap links available below.
SHIB - Shiba Inu
AAVE - Aave
WETH - Wrapped Ether
ETH - Ethereum

John Karony on Discord

John: insure, don't lock.

Mod: Improve, don't adapt.

John: No no, adapt and improve!

Mod: Innovate, don't stagnate.

John: Yes yes.

SafeMoon Holder: No no, pineapple pizza only.


Mod: Beans on toast.

John: I was against it, then I went to the UK. I'll allow it.

SafeMoon Holder: Adapt, improve, and evolve.

John: Yes.

SafeMoon Holder: Wait... you mean a wallet with insurance or a wallet that has insurance? I'm confused, please clarify.

John: A wallet that has insurance, just like you insure your car, your house, etc., the funds within the wallet have insurance on them against theft and other things. SafeMoon Holder: Sounds promising

John: Security, accessibility, quality. We are always evolving with these pillars as guidance. This move focuses on security. We are not insuring peoples wallets. Only the company's wallets and treasury. LP is a function of treasury.

John: We went ahead and moved quicker due to the actions of other projects, as well as the hacks taking place. We could have waited a bit, but figured now was a good time as any SafeMoon wants to show that there is a more evolved way to conduct business in this industry. While we are not always perfect, perfection is a journey. A journey done through evolution.

SafeMoon Holder: Dammit now i want to buy more SafeMoon because of your bullishness!

John: I am bullish on innovation and evolution (NFA)

John (responding the the Mandala Discord screenshot posted above): Patience! They are a good partner🙂Doing things the right way.

SafeMoon Holder: Something is definitely happening🚀

John: Here's a little secret, something is always definitely happening. Innovation doesnt sleep, and neither does the evolution🙂


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