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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 8th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Table of Contents:

| Exchange Migration update | SafeMoon Website | Mooncast | SafeMoon Wallet |

| pSafeMoon | Mooncraft | SafeMoon Standard | Community Creations |

| SafeMoon Sunday | SafeMoon Swap Listings |

Exchange Migration Update

Hotbit has reopened withdrawals as of February 7th. View their announcement here.

Automatic Migration of pSafeMoon to come with SafeMoon Swap/router upgrade very soon.

SafeMoon Website

Check out the new addition to the "About us" section of the SafeMoon Website! Lovely! Click the image to view it within the site.

"A human-focused technology and innovation business expanding blockchain technologies for a brighter tomorrow.

Deeply connected to and driven by our award winning community (The SafeMoon Army), we are innovating for good. Building blockchain, commerce, metaverse and NFT products to derive new kinds of value from crypto technology and to apply it to increasingly better use. We are now addressing the second part of our mission – the expansion and channeling of our technology to propel new innovations for good, and a Venture Philanthropy model to advance those innovations to every part of the world."


Did you miss MoonCast? In Sunday's MoonCast, CatsRus, Veno, Mr. Adult, and Gandalf covered various topics. View the summary and/or video here. Or click on a specific topic to get its recap below. ⬇⬇⬇

| FEATURED: Mooncraft & the Dev Team | SafeMoon Basics for New Arrivals |

| Token Listings | SafeMoon V2 | SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Labs |

| Mandala Exchange | SafeMoon Pulse & Lowdown |

SafeMoon Wallet

"#SAFEMOON will move forward with class in anything we do. That’s what makes our community shine & that will contribute to solid partnerships downstream. P.S. ACH transfers are LIVE in the #SAFEMOONWALLET w/ Wyre for those in the US wanting ETH!"

After he tweeted this Global head of Products Ryan responded to some of the comments and shared some information about what's coming up for the SafeMoon Wallet.

"Ryan you have gone quiet on add[ing] Bitcoin. [A]ny news[?] [A]nd I wouldn't mind Cro as well."

Ryan reassured. "Don’t worry, new Swap/Router upgrade will solve our ability to add new chains at speed 😉."

"New chains? Like the adorable and fluffy dogecoin network? 🥺so that I can leave TW??? Please, pretty please Ryan 🙏"

Ryan reponded with "👀" .

pSafeMoon UPDATE

It looks as though we can expect an upgrade to the current Swap router in the near future. And with this an automatic migration for pSafeMoon. "Curious if you can give a[n] update on the migration of pSafeMoon to V2?" Ryan responded to this comment recently with "We will be doing a huge Upgrade on our Router/Swap when this takes place we will be carrying out an automatic migration for PSafeMoon. You guys will love the change, it’s going to be huge!" Well I don't know about you guys, but I'M EXCITED! 😁


MoonCraft servers are now live. Yesterday just before MoonCraft's Launch the following message on the MoonCraft Discord was posted by the team.

"Hello @everyone!

We are officially opening our doors in exactly 1 hour (6pm CST)!

We hope you you have a great time and enjoy what we have been working on! We are excited to see so many of you excited about MoonCraft, and to help you have the best experience possible, we want to mention a few things! Please visit ALL the different gamemodes since each has a different flavor to it, and one might fit what you enjoy more then the others! Since this is our first time having such a large amount of players engage on our servers at one time, there may be things you find that you feel is an error or bug, in which case you should report this to us in bugs-reports ! If there is networking delays or lag, we will promptly adjust settings! Please be patient if this is the case! Even though this is an official release, we still consider this as an early access experience, and it's development will be ongoing!

Thanks again,

The MoonCraft Team

Can I become a Helper/Moderator?

Yes you can! You will need to become a Helper for a period of time before Moderator, but the path is open and you are welcome! If interested please apply via our forms page at

Server IP:



Staff App:

Mooncraft Discord:

SafeMoon Standard

"📢U don’t just invest in tech, U invest in PEOPLE, people who share winning traits:

- Integrity

- Leadership

- Work Ethic

- Professionalism

- Consistency

- Persistence

No matter where these people go, they create greatness. KEEP these people CLOSE.



Ryan responded to a holder who complains about not having more products dropping and some assumptions about liquidity.

"You must have missed our MoonCraft beta launch today. Keep your chin 🆙 more great things to come."

Two SafeMoon Holders expressed their gratitude for Ryan's (TheFudHound's) community involvement.

One holder Tweets "Thanks for keeping us happy!" with an image that reads "Happiness. HACKS FROM HOUNDS. What Your Dog Can Teach You About Living Your Best Life Yet!"

Ryan responded with "🐶". 🤭😆

Another holder responded to Ryan's tweet "Everytime you post it brightens up my day!

Ryan responded with some more emojis.💗🤭

"☁ 🔆 ☁ 🕺"

Communication is important and makes a difference! We appreciate you and the rest of the team's efforts to make communication a priority. Remember who won community of the year? Community matters. Together we are stronger! 💪🙌💗

Community Creations

A short video clip with the SafeMoon Logo. This was tweeted by @SafemoonarmyYT on Twitter. "#SafeMoon put your 🎶 volume ⬆." Very cool, thank you for sharing Army!

How could you not love this one!? Thank you for this adorable meme Spyros! We love it!!


SafeMoon Sunday

The next SafeMoon Sunday will be February 13th, 2022. Time TBD

SafeMoon Swap Listings

EverGrow Coin is now live! Official SafeMoon tweeted a wonderful message.

"SafeMoon are proud to partner with EverGrowCoinEGC! Together we will raise the bar, putting strong fundamentals and a community-first approach at the forefront of the cryptoverse! Live on SafeMoon SWaP and the #SAFEMOONWALLET #EverGrowCoin #SAFEMOON $EGC $SFM"

EverGrow 's Official Twitter retweeted this announcement.

Listing Application

Interested in being listed on SafeMoon's SWaP or have any questions about SafeMoon's token listing program, click here.

Current SafeMoon Listings

GlowV2 - GlowV2
RHYTHM- Rhythm
WBNB - Wrapped BNB
BIFI - Beefy Finance
ADA - Cardano
SALE - DxSale
EGC - EverGrow (Now Live)
AFFINITY - SafeAffinity
ENH - Enhance Token
CAKE - PancakeSwap Token
HOD - Hodooi
BNB - Smart Chain
LINK - Chainlink
USDC - US Dollar Coin
USDT - US Dollar Tether pSAFEMOON - pTokens SafeMoon Swap links available below.
SHIB - Shiba Inu
AAVE - Aave
WETH - Wrapped Ether
ETH - Ethereum

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