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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 7th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon V2 | SafeMoon Swap Listing | Chain | SafeMoon Blockchain | E-commerce

| SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Sunday | Mooncraft |

| SafeMoon Labs | John Karony on Discord |

SafeMoon V2

SafeMoon just broke 600,000 V2 Holders yesterday! 👏

SafeMoon Swap Listing

Wow! Another one today! "You can't have a February listing frenzy without another listing! 🎉@GlowTokenLLC is now LIVE on the #SAFEMOON SWaP and #SAFEMOONWALLET 💥

#GlowTokenLLC have created a short FAQ so the #SAFEMOONARMY can get to know them. 🤝" SafeMoon Official Tweeted.

Glow Official Twitter quote tweeted SafeMoon's announcement, "✅It's official GlowV2 and SafeMoon partnership‼ 🤝🔥GlowV2 on @SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon Swap! 🎉

Welcome to the SafeMoon family GlowToken! Happy to have you!

Listing Application

Interested in being listed on SafeMoon's SWaP or have any questions about SafeMoon's token listing program, click here.

Current SafeMoon Listings

GlowV2 - GlowV2

RHYTHM- Rhythm

WBNB - Wrapped BNB

BIFI - Beefy Finance

ADA - Cardano

SALE - DxSale

EGC - EverGrow (Soon)

AFFINITY - SafeAffinity

ENH - Enhance Token

CAKE - PancakeSwap Token

HOD - Hodooi

BNB - Smart Chain


LINK - Chainlink

USDC - US Dollar Coin

USDT - US Dollar Tether pSAFEMOON - pTokens SafeMoon Swap links available here.

SHIB - Shiba Inu

AAVE - Aave

WETH - Wrapped Ether

ETH - Ethereum


CEO John Karony addressed the community on Twitter asking this question "Should we cross the chains or not? 🤔#SAFEMOON".

To which Ryan, Global head of products replied "Cross 'em!!!" John then tweeted a GIF that said "Criss Cross". 🤔🔎

Community Contributions

Another fantastic write-up by the brilliant @OxMazz on Twitter:

"Alright #SAFEMOONARMY, who's ready for another dive into some technical speculation about the plans and projects surrounding #SAFEMOON? This time I'm going to explore what the SafeMoon blockchain might look like, and what kind of consensus mechanism it may use. Let's go!" Mazz begins.

SafeMoon Blockchain

So first up, what's a blockchain, and why is a SafeMoon native blockchain going to be super cool?

At its core, a blockchain is essentially a digital decentralized system for recording transactions, data storage, and distribution.

Blockchains use validators/nodes to confirm transactions, as well as to ensure that all data is accurate and consistent across all records. (Usually) these validators can be run by anyone, providing you have the right hardware. This is how blockchains stay decentralized.

Consensus Mechanism types

The consensus mechanism is a set of rules that determines whether or not transactions are legitimate, and every validator agrees to adhere to them in order to ensure that transactions on the network are genuine. There are a lot of different types of consensus mechanisms, but the two most popular are proof of work (PoW), used by Bitcoin and Ethereum (for now), and proof of stake (PoS) used by CRO, Binance Coin, Cardano, Polkadot, Avalanche, and many more.

Ethereum is an interesting example here - ETH is currently undergoing a series of upgrades and improvements to move away from PoW and instead use PoS as a means to facilitate blockchain activity. This is the beauty of blockchain technology, upgrades and innovations are plentiful.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every kind of consensus mechanism. PoW for example is extremely secure and hard to tamper with, but is very expensive in terms of energy use, and transactions are slow.

PoS on the other hand requires validators to own a chunk of a cryptocurrency to hold as collateral in order to participate in the blockchain activity. If they make fraudulent transactions, they lose some of their collateral as a means of punishment.

Turbine Implementation

"What if I said the end state is for [the wind turbines] to be a part of what validates?" - John Karony

[CEO John Karony] mentioned on Discord that the long-term plan will be for the wind turbines to function as a -part- of the validation system for the SafeMoon blockchain. The kind of infrastructure SafeMoon is planning to deploy for Operation Pheonix would lend itself well to a blockchain that automatically verifies information based on numerous devices connected to the network.

The team has repeatedly mentioned that everything will tie together and having a large infrastructure of devices that all support and maintain their own connectivity would be a really interesting symbiosis for this technology.

It may even be possible to incorporate a kind of light validation client that could operate on your phone. Pi Network are building an inclusive platform where everyone can mine on the Pi network for free using just their phones.


Imagine if you could use your phone as a validator for the SafeMoon blockchain, and earn some reflections in exchange for ensuring your phone maintains a connection? This is speculation, but it's not science fiction. And it would definitely suit this type of ecosystem.

IoTA's blockchain technology may also be worth thinking about here - the Tangle is an innovative blockchain system designed specifically for IoT devices. IoTA has also described Tangle as "the evolution of blockchain technology" sound familiar?

The Tangle is specifically designed to increase in speed and efficiency when more devices are connected. I'll provide some sources in the last comment so you can read up on it separately, but it's super cool. It also can process near instant transfers with zero fees.

Final thoughts

So, we might end up seeing a SafeMoon blockchain that can offer near instant data transfer with zero fees, supported by all kinds of devices ranging from wind turbines and solar panels to smart fridges and mobile phones.

I think an ecosystem that offers near instant & free data transfer would be a fantastic foundation to build on. Certain products & services offered on that platform could be paid for using SFM, to maintain steady volume & burn rate, too. There's so much potential in this space! 2022 is going to be very exciting!

As always, feel free to DM me with any questions.

Thanks again Mazz for this thought provoking write-up!

Eco-friendly E-commerce Possibilities

On LinkedIn, Ryan commented on an article written by 3DLOOK about "fashion's eco-friendly future". "Insightful and really interesting, we have to discuss that someday!" he typed.

3DLOOK is the creator of the "world’s leading patented mobile body scanning technology that drives retail innovation by providing personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers. We help brands reduce returns while increasing conversion and Average Order Value."

On 3DLOOKS Website they talk about partnerships. "LET'S INNOVATE TOGETHER." the passage is titled. "We love to work with partners who are excited about transforming retail and it’s supply chain, building great customer experiences, exploring the future of 3D commerce, and who believe in making a positive environmental impact on the planet."

With e-commerce in SafeMoon's future finding partnerships that are not only innovative but also passionate about supporting the environment are a win. Much too early to say whether or not this will lead to anything but it is certainly something neat to think about. To view the article Ryan commented on click here.

SafeMoon Standard

"I applaud the #SAFEMOON army for being so wise to bottom-feeder FUD.

If you encounter cynicism it means you are ruffling feathers & doing something right. We’ve launched products that take some years. But..we’re just getting started!"

GlowToken expressed their gratitude for the love they have been receiving from the SafeMoon community. "💗Loving all the support from the SafeMoon Community! Together we are stronger!! 💪"

SafeMoon Holder Don Wiggins responded in a quote tweet from SafeMoon's newest listing, Glow. "We are Family" He typed. "🙏💗🚀@safemoon leadership is unstoppable. Strength in numbers 🚀. @GlowToken LLC x @safemoon"! We are in this together!


SFM Labs

Tomorrow Gandalf SafeMoon Scholar will be hosting a SFM Labs think tank on Twitter Spaces. The SafeMoon Wallet - Features explained, open discussion“. This space will be held on here at 2pm Est.

SafeMoon Sunday

The next SafeMoon Sunday will be February 13th, 2022. Time TBD


Just a reminder that Mooncraft servers go live today - Monday, February 7th. They plan to open them during the afternoon (PST Time) and will give a one hour notice on the SafeMoon Mooncraft Discord. For links and more information click here.


John on Discord

Casual Discord Communications

SFM Holder: wen blockchain?

John: Sir, this is a Wendys.

SFM Holder: Good attempt at Dying Light 2 capt.

John: Made it further than i thought.

John: Sunday Funday because no SafeMoon Sunday today.

SFM Holder: wen safemoon exchange

John: DEX is released.

SFM Holder: Round 2 of Dying Light 2?

John: You read my mind. Or I might go Skiing.

SFM Holder: Snowboarding is better

SFM Holder: for ending up in the ER

John: Roasted


John: round 2 of dying light 2 in the gaming channel.