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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 6th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Table of Contents:

| SafeMoon Sunday | MoonCast | Mooncraft | SafeMoon Teaser | SafeMoon Swap Listing | | BogCharts | Veno's Crossword Puzzle - MoonCraft Edition | | SafeMoon Standard | Community Contributions | SafeMoon Exchange |

| John Karony on Discord |

SafeMoon Sunday

The next SafeMoon Sunday will be February 13th, 2022. Time TBD.


It's Sunday and that means another SafeMoon community podcast with Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, Global Community Manager MrAdult and Community Platform Manager Veno! Join us TODAY for MoonCast at 8pm UTC | 3PM EST | 12 PM PST on Discord, YouTube or Facebook! If you are interested in posting questions for Cats, Gandalf, Mr. A and Veno, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.


(Servers live tomorrow)

Just a reminder that Mooncraft servers will go live tomorrow - Monday, February 7th. They plan to open them during the afternoon (PST Time) and will give a one hour notice on the SafeMoon Mooncraft Discord. For links and more information click here.

SafeMoon Teaser

A SafeMoon holder tagged Ryan and asked, "Any new payment options coming to the wallet? I keep having issues helping friends buy since their cards are being rejected. Bank transfer and even the addition of Simplex would be great. Is PayPal possible, like Coinbase has?

Ryan responded with a very simple "👀." What could this mean? 🤔

SafeMoon Swap Listing

New Listing - Rhythm

SafeMoon Official tweeted, "It might be the weekend #SAFEMOONARMY, but our February listing frenzy is still going strong!💪🎉 Please welcome to the SafeMoon SWaP and #SAFEMOONWALLET, @RhythmBSC🤝Dive in and see what their team are up to and give them a warm #SAFEMOON hello!"

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga added, "All aboard the #SAFEMOONSWAP🚂A token listing with #SAFEMOON is so much more than just a listing. We have BIG plans & YOU will partake in the biggest ECOSYSTEM ever to hit this industry! A🎫to CONNECT to a new world of innovative partners! 🛍️🌉🌎"

VP of Operations - Europe Charles Karony also tweeted, "Oh boy, the team isn't letting up! This is what has me loving every SafeMoon minute! Who might you love to see listed next?"

Listing Application

Global Community Manager Mr. Adult tweeted, "You got a token? Or maybe follow one? Send them this way! For this way epicness awaits!"

Have any questions about SafeMoon's token listing program or for the token listing application, click here.

Current SafeMoon Listings

RHYTHM- Rhythm

WBNB - Wrapped BNB

BIFI - Beefy Finance

ADA - Cardano

SALE - DxSale

EGC - EverGrow (Soon)

AFFINITY - SafeAffinity

ENH - Enhance Token

CAKE - PancakeSwap Token

HOD - Hodooi

BNB - Smart Chain


LINK - Chainlink

USDC - US Dollar Coin

USDT - US Dollar Tether pSAFEMOON - pTokens SafeMoon Swap links available here.

SHIB - Shiba Inu

AAVE - Aave

WETH - Wrapped Ether

ETH - Ethereum

Additional Swap links and education available in the guides within the SafeMoon Official Facebook Group

Trading Volume

SafeMoonWarrior tweeted, "$2.8M USD has been traded on #SAFEMOON SWaP in the last 24h"

Pretty awesome news, right? 😄😄


Bogged Finance shouted out to the SafeMoon Army to let us know they "now support tracking @Safemoon DEX on BogCharts!" To see SafeMoon V2 on BogCharts, click here!!

Veno's Crossword Puzzle - MoonCraft Edition

Discord Community Manager Veno announced, "It's #SafeMoon #Crossword time #SafeMoonArmy! Now some puzzles will have themes! Let's see that #SafeMoonCommunity effort! Can't we all solve this one together? #Mooncraft launches February 7!"

Submit a completed SafeMoon Community Crossword to enter to win!

Submit your entry here. For the full list of rules, head to the SafeMoon Discord ► Community ► Puzzle.

SafeMoon Standard

Global HR Generalist Carly tweeted, "@safemoon has a rock solid foundation built by the integrity and kindness of its army. Some will challenge it. Some will forget. But most will stand strong. Keanu would be proud," and added this awesome gif by GIF Shinobi:

Community Contributions

Metaverse Development Experience (MDE)

r/SafeMoon member attentive_mystery posted a very cool article,"The Value Proposition of SafeMoon’s Wind Turbine MDE NFTs," and this cool "concept animation depicting a smart wind turbine's NFT's connection with the SafeMoon Ecosystem." The full article is posted below. Thank you for your contribution, attentive_mystery!!

Yesterday’s SafeMoon Sunday confirmed something I had suspected the team was working on for awhile regarding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) within... as John called it in [the last SafeMoon Sunday]... the Metaverse Development Experience (MDE). When they announced that the wind turbines introduced in the December Reveal video a week ago would be connected to NFT’s in SafeMoon’s ecosystem to generate dividends for its holders, my mind was at ease, as it had sufficiently melted a week ago when I initially speculated this after watching the video. Now, this post isn’t to pat myself on the back for correctly surmising an important piece of Operation Phoenix, but to outline the value proposition SafeMoon is offering in the crypto space through this effort, as I keep seeing posts and comments questioning why NFT's matter and that the team should be focused on the blockchain, exchange, etc.

Obviously the blockchain matters, and they're working on it. Almost everything featured in yesterday's SafeMoon Sunday video is predicated upon having our own blockchain ledger that the expanding ecosystem will live on. Presumably, the first turbine clusters SafeMoon will deploy will be in Utah. Perhaps on the roof of the new SafeMoon HQ. If wind conditions are favorable for permanent deployment there, this would be a genius PR move to have a crypto HQ running solely on renewable energy in an industry often mired with environmental dilemmas. Even cooler than that will be the fact that they’ll be paying their power bill in SafeMoon through their eventual blockchain as dividends to these wind turbine NFT holders. SafeMoon will inevitably buy the first turbines and test the ERC-721 NFT’s they mint and connect to the turbines for testing.

MDE NFT Function If executed properly, these NFT’s would essentially be: 1) a virtual lease for a share of a physical SafeMoon wind turbine. SafeMoon could make these function like modern timeshares where you: 2) only reap the rewards for a specified period of time— for example, two years, and 3) only receive a portion of the wind-energy yield from a shared turbine. These could be sold as: 4) dynamically artful NFT’s, yet they’d function as securities according to most governing bodies, so 5) expect SafeMoon’s emerging innovation to invite regulation.

  1. How can an NFT be a virtual lease? I imagine that these turbines will function similarly to SafeMoon’s autostaking reflections based upon volume. In the case of these turbine MDE NFT’s though, wind speed, and the local rate that the energy can be sold to the power grid will be the key components determining the volume of each turbine cluster’s intrinsic burn and reflections. Just like the existing reflections function in SafeMoon pays out proportional dividends as a function of volume to all holders, the Turbine NFT’s could pay all holders of hypothetical “SafeMoon Turbine 32” a share of the energy it generates in SafeMoon (this function would likely use the 2% transfer fee to contribute to the burn and reflections for all).

  2. Why do I think the NFTs will entitle their holders to reap dividends of the energy generation for only a specified period of time (and not forever)? As a scientist that has dealt with IoT technologies and remote sensors, I can attest to the fact that these mostly autonomous turbines and onboard sensors will still require some form of maintenance over time. Thus, a continual lease format enables SafeMoon to maintain their (currently) proprietary tech after it’s installed. You know you’d be upset if the NFT turbine was somehow not functioning properly to generate the yields you’d anticipated. Kinda like people asking “wen volume?” on slow market days, there will be slow wind days. Or maybe asking “wen BitMart?” will be similar to hacked or damaged/sabotaged turbines until maintenance is arranged. Sensors can get damaged or looted for electronic parts; unfortunately, it happens. Still, there is significant potential for profit here, even with the costs of initial hardware, installation, and maintenance costs. So these NFT’s are likely to function as a fixed term lease.

  3. Why do I think they’ll split these up? The SafeMoon Army is large, and they will want to make this something many people can invest in. Demand for these NFTs will inevitably be high. These will have actual utility, unlike if the SafeMoon devs decided to auction off two limited edition NFTs picturing each of John’s watches (don’t lie, at least 50 of you would bid on them)! Holders of these wind turbine NFT’s would be proportionally compensated for their share of the energy production of that turbine. In a way, SafeMoon keeps their proprietary turbine technology, but the NFT holders reap the breezy rewards (John has confirmed multiple times that they don’t intend to sell the turbines themselves). The bulk of the profit from a single turbine could proportionally be shared among blocks, for example, 100 shares. No idea what these might cost, but just like premium land NFT’s, they are likely to vary in value. Some turbine locations will be meteorologically and geographically more favorable for wind-driven yields, and would likely warrant a higher price. Even more hypothetically, if each of these 100 shares are independently minted as an NFT on SafeMoon’s eventual blockchain, someone could buy multiple NFT’s diversified across different turbines or purchase and collect all from one turbine to receive their combined income among SafeMoon’s future legion of wind turbines. These NFT’s, once minted, could be sold to others and traded between wallets. Thus, these turbine NFT’s could be more than the equivalent function of an ERC-721 barcode/QR code or blockchain address. They could possess dynamic aesthetic attributes in the NFT graphic and in the metaverse too.

  4. Hypothetical Dynamic NFT Aesthetic? I imagine as a product, the NFT itself may be artistic as a visual depiction of a helical wind turbine (maybe on the moon or something, which would be silly because there’s no wind power to harness there without an atmosphere, but you get the idea). Beyond that, I envision that in the SafeMoon Wallet’s NFT tab, it could be dynamic to show the turbine spinning in the NFT graphic (or in the metaverse) when the physical SafeMoon wind turbine it is connected to is spinning. The illustrated depiction of the wind turbine could be shown to be still when there’s no wind, or moving slowly during a breeze, or rapidly spinning based upon on-chain data from the previous processed block as it communicates with SafeMoon’s eventual blockchain.

  5. What About Regulation? As regulation eventually enters this space, this approach will become important. In significant quantities, these turbines with virtually frictionless nanotechnology have the potential to disrupt the energy market. This could lead to the existing energy companies (first at local, then regional, then national/international levels) to lobby for more government regulation if SafeMoon begins to noticeably erode their market share.

Conclusion Speaking as a guy who has bought and sold multiple land NFT’s as a “virtual real estate broker” in the metaverse for a profit— NFT’s have been steadily working on transcending beyond the cute artsy phase and making their way into science, where they can have some serious real world utility.

If you haven’t considered the potential importance of NFT’s in the future as a candidate form of virtual contract to replace physical ones in the near future, you may want to come around to the concept soon. We are all extremely early.

I hope these insights are helpful to anyone who took the time to read this. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments. Cheers to you all for a profitable and prosperous 2022!

Community Creations

SafeMoonTim tweeted, "Let’s help @MomoKombat and @SafemoonPulse welcome the new swaps to the #safemoon party!" Thank you for spreading positivity every day!!!

John Karony on Discord

SafeMoon Holder: DEXs are cool but a DEX and a CEX is where it's at. John: Yes, the SafeMoon Exchange exists already and has for a bit. SWaP is SafeMoon's DEX. We ill be releasing a CEX as well.

John: You all know you can swap any BSC token to any BSC token on our wallet, right? Same with ETH. Imagine if we took that a step further?


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