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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 5th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Table of Contents:

| SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Connect | SafeMoon Swap Listing | Twitter Crypto Ranking | | SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon HQ | SafeMoon Holders | Community Creations |

SafeMoon Labs

Incase you don't know already, SafeMoon Labs is a live Twitter Space discussion or "Laboratory think tank" on a variety of topics led by SafeMoon Educators. The spaces are recorded, and then uploaded to SafeMoon Education YouTube channel! Along with these Spaces will be a correlated article located within the SafeMoon Education site.

Wallet Security - Risks and safety precautions

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf held another SFM Labs "think tank" on Twitter Spaces on Wallet Security - Risks and safety precautions. If you missed it you can view the live recording and corresponding article here. Reach out to Gandalf if you have any questions here!

SafeMoon Connect

"😁The other cool thing MOST don’t know is.. All #SAFEMOON Swap Partners are automatically eligible 4 #SAFEMOONCONNECT’s growing Partner Ecosystem. Tokens bridged to products. The BEASTLY Foundation is being built beautifully & in the right order. #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONV2 🧠"

A SafeMoon holder then asked, "Will it used #SFM as fuel and burn?"

"Of course. In a very clever way. :)," Ryan replied.

He then added, "Sorry for the silence, just working on some complex industry problems that will change the industry and streamline access to incredible brands/products!"

SafeMoon Swap Listing

EverGrow's official Twitter tweeted, "ANNOUNCING new token partnership between #EverGrowCoin & #SAFEMOON!!! $EGC HITS @SafeMoon Wallet & Swap THIS MONDAY, with co-branded billboards launching across SLC, Chicago & Dallas!! This is just the start of a beautiful partnership between the world's leading rewards tokens!"

Along with the tweet was this REALLY awesome video:

SafeMoon Twitter showed their support in this tweet: "It might be FriYAY but that doesn't mean we are slowing up, #SAFEMOONARMY🏎️💨 Send the good vibes to @evergrowcoinEGC 🤝Welcome to the SafeMoon Family!"

All the listings currently live on SafeMoon Swap:

WBNB -Wrapped BNB

BIFI - Beefy Finance

ADA - Cardano

SALE - DxSale

EGC - EverGrow (Soon)

AFFINITY - SafeAffinity

ENH - Enhance Token

CAKE - PancakeSwap Token

HOD - Hodooi

BNB - Smart Chain


LINK - Chainlink

USDC - US Dollar Coin

USDT - US Dollar Tether

pSAFEMOON - pTokens

SHIB - Shiba Inu

AAVE - Aave SafeMoon Swap links available here.

WETH - Wrapped Ether

ETH - Ethereum

Twitter Crypto Ranking

SafeMoon ranked #8 on the Top 10 coins mentioned on Twitter this week according to CryptoRank!

SafeMoon Standard

Discord Astronaut Sir Burns tweeted, "#SAFEMOONARMY I love it when others spread positivity. Doing good things and saying good things about others-- I'm focused on surrounding myself with people who have that same mindset. Focusing on the good and building great things requires extraordinary character. #mindfulSpaces."

We couldn't agree more, Burns! Thank you for being a positive light in this community. "A positive atmosphere nurtures a positive attitude, which is required to take positive action."

-Richard M. DeVos

SafeMoon HQ

Looks like we had a visitor at the SafeMoon HQ!! Looking snazzy, Brandon! 😊

SafeMoon Holders

UFC fighter Chuck Liddell made a crypto tweet commenting, "The last few weeks was a great time to do what the 1% of most do and 99% of others don't do. They buy then everyone is selling #crypto and it looks like it is starting to pay off. #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews"

A SafeMoon holder replied to his tweet saying, "[Hell yeah Iceman!!! You should throw that weight behind #SafeMoon and really see what they are working on!!!! Impressive company!"

"I have some #SAFEMOON 🤘🥶," said the Iceman. Global Head of Products Ryan then commented, "And we'll work our tails off.💪🏽"

Community Creations

A big thank you to @Ilovecryptocur2 on Twitter for this wholesome meme!


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