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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 4th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

Dan's Podcast with John | SafeMoon Spin-Off | SafeMoon Swap | Community Creations

Dan's Millionaire Code Podcast with John

CEO John Karony visited Xidas PCs Founder Dan Young to join him for a short Q&A on his podcast.

Mandala's SafeMoon Spin-Off

Mandala Exchange has announced their new SafeMoon Spin-Off, which is "a twist on [their] recently rolled our Mandala Madness!" Mandala Marketing Manager Donnie further explains, "The SafeMoon Spin-Off prize pool will be generated from a percentage of revenue generated from trading SFM. The more volume generated on the pair, the larger the prize pool will be."

For more information on Mandala Exchange's SafeMoon Spin-Off, click here!

SafeMoon Swap

ETH Swap Listings

On the SafeMoon Community Discord a SafeMoon Holder asked CEO John Karony a question, "Hey John! We getting more SWaPs on the eth chain? Current pairs needs some liquidity as high price impact."

"More listings are coming 🙂" John responded.

SafeMoon Swap Token Listing

Did you hear? The SafeMoon February listing frenzy is really picking up speed!!! We have already welcomed CAKE, ADA, Hodooi, BIFI, Enhance and Affinity. Now let's give a big warm welcome to DxSale!!

Ryan tweeted, "Welcome to the club! 🔥🙌Now live on the #SAFEMOONSWAP!"

SafeMoon Official Twitter also tweeted saying, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, let's welcome @dxsale 🤝 Can you believe all these incredible #SAFEMOON SWaP & #SAFEMOONWALLET listings? 🤯 And out February listing frensy is only just getting the engines warmed up!🚀" Wow, that's amazing news!! I wonder what else is coming this month...🤔🤔🤔

Listing and Linktrees

Senior Moderator Steve4270 created some more Linktrees for SafeMoon Swap Listings to keep the SafeMoon Army safe! ❤️


Just a reminder that Mooncraft servers will go live this Monday, February 7th!

They plan to open them during the afternoon (PST Time) and will give a one hour notice on the SafeMoon Mooncraft Discord. For links and more information click here.

Community Creations

John posted a picture of a SafeMoon booth with some merchandise on a table and commented "Good times."

SafeMoon holder Master Clean then added himself and the speech bubble saying, "Best army in the world. Change my mind!"... THEN we decided to add the perfect finishing touch, since it isn't complete without our Captain!!! 😂😂 Here is the final product:

I'm curious what else we can add to this to make it even better 🤔

Who will accept my challenge?


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