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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 3rd, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Connect | SafeMoon Ecosystem | SafeMoon Swap (Affinity listing) | Swap Links | SafeMoon Standard | MoonCraft Launch Day | Veno's Crossword Puzzle | Community Creations

SafeMoon Connect

Global Head of Products Ryan tweeted, "There’s NO REASON why you shouldn’t be able to purchase anything from a computer 💻 to a dinner out 🍽️ with your fav crypto. Imagine the blossoming industry when these options are brought to life. Because they WILL BE! #SAFEMOONCONNECT #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOON"

CEO John Karony added, "Yah imagine 32 to the #SAFEMOON"

Ryan replied with a simple "32."

SafeMoon Ecosystem

SafeMoon CEO John Karony made a statement yesterday on the SafeMoon Community Discord. "Welcome to the SafeMoon Ecosystem! Dare I say SafeMoon Galaxy". 🙌🙌

SafeMoon SWAP

Ryan responded to Crypto Zeus's Tweet which said "Who thinks the #SAFEMOONSWAP is way more exciting than #PancakeSwap ? 🥞vs🚀🌙".

"I do" Ryan said ",but I may be a little bias 😊".

SafeMoon Swap Token Listing

Yesterday Affinity tweeted "🚨It's Now Official🚨#AffinityBSC is listed on the #SafeMoonSwap!! Partial liquidity has been migrated. We will maintain both Pancake Swap and #SafeMoon LPs!"

SafeMoon supported them by responding with, "The February Listing Frenzy continues with the delightful crew @AffinityBSC🚀Give them a warm #SAFEMOONARMY welcome and check out what they are up to🤝#SAFEMOON are delighted to have #AFFINITY aboard and excited for what the future holds.🔮"

7 hours later it went live! "#AffinityBSC token is now visible and live to trade on #SafemoonSwap on the website and the #SafemoonWallet!! Thank you to the @safemoon team for the hard work getting that taken care of quickly!" Way to go SafeMoon Team and Welcome to the SafeMoon Army, Affinity!

"Thank you so much to the @safemoon team for having a sit down with me to talk crypto and @AffinityBSC. Was a pleasure meeting you @CptHodl, we share a lot of common values and goals. #UniteDefi "- CMO of Affinity

SafeMoon Swap Linktrees

Senior Moderator Steve4270 created these Linktrees for the recent SafeMoon Swap Listings, Affinity and Enhance, to keep the SafeMoon Army safe! Thanks Steve!! ❤️

Affinity Linktree

Enhance Linktree

SafeMoon Standard

Remember when Ryan said this on Twitter. "Notice how #Safemoon doesn’t need to tear down other projects to be awesome. ..." And CEO John Karony responded with "Why waste time on negativity, when you can spend that time on positivity. A rising tide raises all ships." ? Let's not forget SafeMoon Family. 🚢💪💖 “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller.

MoonCraft Launch Day

Senior Scholar CatsRus tweeted, "With MoonCraft's launch this Monday, I'll be going live on Twitch to check it out and answer any questions you might have about MoonCraft! And who knows, I might be doing a giveaway or two 😉 (No time yet but will be live on Twitch at 12PM PST) #SAFEMOON | SAFEMOONARMY"

Veno's Crossword Puzzle

"Hey #SafeMoonArmy! The first #SafeMoon Community puzzle is here! Join the discord for a chance to win SFM V2 by completing it!" Here's another puzzle by Discord Community Manager Veno, but this time with the chance of a PRIZE!

Winners will be chosen randomly from all correct entries into the dyno-form below, and must be in the first 100 correct entries for a given puzzle.

Submit a completed SafeMoon Community Crossword to enter to win!

  • Submit you entry here:

  • #001 Prize: $50 USD worth of SAFEMOON V2 to the wallet address of your choice!

  • #001 Drawing: February 9

There will be a new winner every week! We will randomly choose a discord community member every week to win a prize, based on the prize listed above! Just be one of the first 100 people to submit a correct puzzle, and you're in the running! Winners will all also receive the @Puzzle Winner role to show off on their Discord profile!!

For the full list of rules, head to the SafeMoon Discord ► Community ► Puzzle.

Community Creations

SafeMoon Holder Darren, a song writer and musician has been considering creating a SafeMoon anthem! "I have very seriously considered making a SafeMoon anthem - like a proper one with great production. 🙌" To which Official SafeMoon Twitter responded with "👀".

Darren then tweeted "I would be absolutely honored to do this and I have the means to make this happen relatively quickly now with high production value." Mr. Adult SafeMoon Global Community Manager quote tweeted this with "👀" .

Mr. Adult also quote tweeted this "IYKYK💎👏 #SafeMoon" after Darren posted a short clip of himself singing a song he created. "Just going to drop this here real quick. 💎👐" . Check it out ⬇⬇⬇🙂👏

Darren does note in a later tweet that the above clip would not be the SafeMoon Anthem. He would be writing one specifically for SafeMoon. This would be awesome! Thanks Darren!

This is a perfect representation of how we feel

when we get to vibe with the SafeMoon Army!! 😊


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