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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 28th, 2022)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Standard SafeMoon Army Birthday Q&A | Community Creations | John Karony in Discord

SafeMoon Swap

24hr Volume Chart

Chart by Discord Mod Hydra

Glow Token LLC

"#GLOWTOKENLLC is proud to be part of the Tier 1 SafeMoon Partners! 🙌"

To learn more about Glow Token, check out our Partners Portal!

One Immortl

"We have exciting news to share soon 🚀#Safemoon #SafemoonArmy #Staking #BSC #HarmonyONE #SAFEMOONSWAP #Immortl $IMRTL"

SafeMoon Labs

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf tweeted, "My weekly educational Space will be SFM Labs: Scam Awareness - Origin and Explanation of Scams. Hope to see you there😊👍" This Space will be held at 2PM EST/6AM CET so if you are free definitely check it out!!

SafeMoon Standard

“Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put some sunglasses on.” — Lady Gaga

(Posted by Discord Community Manager Chris)

SafeMoon Army Birthday Q&A

We have asked some community members to share their thoughts and experiences regarding SafeMoon and our 1st birthday! We will be sharing different people's stories throughout the month to celebrate but our first response is from Janky, a Discord community member.

How did you get into SafeMoon?

I was just browsing through different tokens on CMC and SafeMoon caught my eye. After that I started reading the roadmap, whitepaper etc. and fell in love with the concept, did some calculations and invested in.

How has SafeMoon affected your life?

After buying in, I naturally started following the SafeMoon Army on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and ofc joined the Discord community. The community has always been super welcoming, funny and loving towards each other. I fell in love with the SafeMoon Army and the transparency of the core team straight away. After that I have been fully addicted to SafeMoon, buying most dips and growing my bag, because I believe in the team and know how the community is extremely strong and will back the team up no matter what. I feel that I now have a second family to go to if anything bad happens. That is something I don't take for granted. SafeMoon has already changed my life with all the international friendships I feel I have gotten from the Discord community. Gotta also say thanks to the moderating team for the amazing work. You guys putting FUD aside like no other while being friendly and civil. Not an easy job to do!

Are you excited about the 1st birthday?

HYPED!! I'm always excited by anything that the SafeMoon team is brewing behind the scenes. I'm not expecting any big announcements, but I know that there will be something special planned for the community. What could those presents be?? I'll take anything SafeMoon related

Where do you see SafeMoon going in the next year?

I see the major products being rolled out during this year. The community will start utilizing the ecosystem and giving valuable feedback. The products will be perfected based on the feedback and others will start FOMOing in on the project. It's always been the evolution for me and SafeMoon being first in innovating new ways of doing DeFi in a user friendly way.

Any memorable stories you'd like to share?

Has to be the Twitter Space with crazy amount of issues and John's "are you f***ing..."🤣I felt his pain!

Anything else you would like to add to the SafeMoon Army or the team?

Keep up the amazing work! Let's bulldoze our way to the top of DeFi and make us even more of an household name. Also, security is key. Don't share your seed phase with ANYONE and never click any Janky ass links!

Community Creations

SafeMoon community member Kuldeep posted, "I manufacture Induction Furnaces 40MT, 30MT & 8MT furnaces in the other picture I [have] changed my product color theme to #SAFEMOONARMY color theme 4 months back & shall continue to do so..."

SafeMoon Official Twitter retweeted this saying, "Just when you think you've seen all the incredible & passionate lengths the #SAFEMOONARMY will go to, you see something truly soul-warming like this! Thank you @Kuldeep84613132 - your desire to adopt #SAFEMOON into what you do day-to-day is deeply appreciated & exciting to see!"

John Karony also commented saying, "@safemoon @Kuldeep84613132 What a great color choice🔥"

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community, Kuldeep!! 💙💙

John Karony in Discord

SFM Holder: Are you guys really about to announce exchange on your birthdayyyyyy? How dope if soooooo

John: It's a birthday month. Whole month. Presents will be delivered over the whole month.

SFM Holder: Just stopped by to say that the captain logs are amazing


SFM Holder: Ketosis stage right now and the biscuits look really good John: Cookies or biscuits? Which one do you mean? SFM Holder: Don't start this, John

John: Is there a UK English to US English translator? Could have used it to avoid some awkward situations. PS for you Americans coming here, Pants are underwear, trousers are pants, cookies are biscuits, scones are biscuits and uuuh oh Gaf is a house not an insult.

SFM Holder: Anyone wanna join me in a Monday morning screaming session?

John: Would love to, but just got done with mine. Screams of joy that is.

SFM Holder: John, how the GIS maps look today?

John: Looking good. Had to brush up on me yee old skills. Found a great app for the iPad so I can stay mobile on my next trip where its needed.

SFM Holder: Excited as well. However the merch and NFTs will play a key role as well due to the fact that the SafeMoon NFT project will be like no other! Evolved NFTs and actual use cases outside of the collective category

John: I have had partners reach out wanting to add some extra benefits to the NFTs. So lots of good stuff. Remember, everything we build continues to evolve. We spend a lot of time whiteboarding how to make products better. SafeMoon is playing an infinite game, aka evolution.

SFM Holder: You mean the blockchain that we was told was done last year that now we're being told is hopeful for this year?

John: Blockchain is just an immutable ledger. Great, now we got an immutable ledger, but its the further applications that matter more. Prep work is everything. SafeMoon doesn't want to do redundant or wasted work on it. So yes, its alllll about prep time so all we have to do is translate the plan into code. Remember, coding language is just a written list of instructions, but those instructions have to be defined first. You don't film a movie before the script is finished.

SFM Holder: Papa has said many times it was done.

John: SafeMoon will not comment on what previous employees did or didn't do, nor about the performance of previous employees. We thank them for what they contributed and we moved on. SafeMoon went through a restructure (starting around September 2021) to ensure efficiency and accountability so that we can continue to work in the best manner. Just like our tech and product evolves, so does the company and it's employees. Perfection is a journey, not a destination. We will continue to evolve

SFM Holder: When will I be able to buy real things with, airline tickets, food?

John: AHA! An amazing question. This, this is something we have been looking at heavily. That is where the point of sale system and sales/partnerships team comes into play (which does create volume and reflections).

John: is a great site for information


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