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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 27th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Table of Contents:

*NEW* Swap & Evolve | SafeMoon Swap | NFTs | Birthday Month Preparations Understanding Blockchain | Reminders | Community Creations | John Karony on Discord

*NEW* Swap & Evolve

Have you heard about SafeMoon's newest feature? Check out CatsRus's latest educational article which explains what Swap & Evolve is and how it works.

An educational video for S&E will be coming in the future so keep an eye out for it!

Click here to see the full article!

SafeMoon Swap

*NEW* SafeMoon Partners Site

SafeMoon's Partners site is now live! There you can see our Moon partners (Tier 1), Meteor partners (Tier 2) and Comet partners (Tier 3) and what all they have to offer to the SafeMoon ecosystem as well as the listing checklist for token partners!

Click here to visit the new site!

24hr Volume Chart

Weekly Volume Chart

These charts were created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

*NEW* SafeMoon Partner - DOXED

Doxed Official Twitter posted, "#DoxedNation welcomes all the #SAFEMOONARMY to our community and look forward to building a strong relationship and joining forces for many years to come 🤝🔥🤝"

SafeMoon Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing replied, "Welcome @DoxedOfficial_🤘🏼We are just as excited for this partnership."

Trading for Doxed is now LIVE on the SafeMoon Swap!

For more information on our new Comet Partner (Tier 3) click here.


Yeah, I'm into NFTs. Noses, feets n teefs! This was spotted on CEO John Karony's Instagram. It's way too cute not to share! 🤍

Birthday Month Preparations

John tweeted, "Shoutout to the great work the product team and all the @safemoon employees are doing in preparation for our birthday month! #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!"

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga replied with this gif which reads: "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get [hit] and keep moving forward."

John also shared his excitement, "Birthday month is almost here!" with this happy dance!!

Today SafeMoon Official tweeted, "Why have a birthday day, when you can have a birthday month! The party starts on the 2nd of March"

Check out the other tweets from the team below 👇👇👇

"What gift did you prepare for us, I'm curious. 👀🤔" - SFM Holder

"You dropped this.... 's'" Global Community Manager Mr. Adult -


Understanding Blockchain by Mazz

Hey SafeMoon Army! With all the conversation around the SafeMoon Blockchain lately, I thought I'd take some time to explain the basics of blockchain technology and hopefully teach you a thing or two about blockchain function and utility.

Let's start simple: what is a blockchain? A blockchain is a digital, decentralized and immutable ledger. Blockchain technology was first designed to facilitate transactions with Bitcoin just over 13 years ago. A blockchain can be used to record transactions and track asset management, but in crypto circles they're commonly talked about as the networks on which cryptocurrency is transacted. Blockchain utility goes far beyond just cryptocurrency, however.

Many businesses have started exploring blockchain technology to take advantage of the transparency it can provide. Data can be tracked to the second, meaning members of a network can know with certainty they are dealing with the most up to date information about a given subject. The nature of blockchain data being immutable means that once data is verified on chain, it cannot be changed. In a business environment, it can be beneficial to see exactly what the state of any given data set is (or was) at any time.

Arguably the most important function of a blockchain is the capacity to create and run smart contracts. A smart contract is essentially a program that is stored on a blockchain, and they can be used to do virtually anything. The Ethereum blockchain is one of the most popular chains. Through the use of smart contracts, people and organizations have collectively built a vast ecosystem, including staking and lending platforms, NFT marketplaces, games, metaverse realms and much more.

On some blockchains, developers will opt to create something called a side chain. A side chain is a separate blockchain designed with one specific purpose to connect to a main blockchain in order to increase functionality without negatively affecting performance. If you've ever looked at a blockchain ecosystem map, particularly with Ethereum, you may notice there are a lot of side chains that connect to the parent chain. Each of these side chains aims to take advantage of the utility of Ethereum without slowing down the network too much.

If you're familiar with BSC DeFi protocols, you may have run into the problem of needing a small amount of BEP-20 BNB in order to process a transaction on the BSC chain. This is because BSC is the smart contract optimized side chain relative to the BNB parent blockchain. This transaction fee is commonly referred to as a 'gas fee', and it is paid to blockchain validators to process and record your transaction, or execute your smart contract process. Some blockchains have very high gas fees, others have virtually nonexistent gas fees. Perhaps in the future we'll have functionality to make these processes more simple. For the time being the barrier to entry for DeFi is fairly high, but with good educational resources hopefully we can make these complex topics more accessible.

Anyway, back to SafeMoon. The SFM token is a smart contract, too. It is currently native to BSC, the 'BNB Smart Chain'. An intricate and beautiful set of instructions that you can interact with using a DeFi wallet and an internet connection. When the SafeMoon Blockchain is launched, the SFM token will be able to be used natively on chain, so we will begin referring to it as a coin. A coin is just what we call the native asset on a blockchain (like ETH for Ethereum, CRO for Cronos, etc.)

There won't be much difference in terms of utility when the SFM token to coin migration happens, but typically gas fees are paid in the blockchain's native token - this is why you need to pay in ETH to transact on Ethereum. Another benefit of having a native blockchain is that developers will be able to build directly within the SafeMoon ecosystem. Can you imagine what kind of amazing projects and protocols will be launched using SFM as a native token? We're going to find out together. 🌑🚀

I'll round this off here, for fear of overwhelming you with too much information. Blockchain processes can be complex, but hopefully this thread has cleared up some confusion you may have had! Let me know below if you enjoyed this content. As always, feel free to DM me here on Twitter (@0xMazz) or find me at on Discord @ Mazz#3907 with any questions or comments.


Today we have another MoonCast, hosted by our SafeMoon Education Manager CatsRus, Global Community Manager Mr. Adult, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, and Community Manager Veno! Come hang out with us on the Discord.

DAOs! What are they? How do they work? Do you truly understand them? Here's a recorded Twitter Space think tank and its corresponding article where you can learn all about decentralized autonomous organizations. Check it out here!

Community Creations

SafeMoon community member SafeMoonSpidey tweeted, "#SafeMoonSpidey Fun with maths. What would $SFM's price be if had the same MC as one of the top 20 coins on CMC? How far away from that position are we?" Who knew math could be so much fun to look at!! 😄 Thank you for sharing this, Spidey!

SafeMoon memester Spyros made a SafeMoon Insider/SafeMoon Lowdown meme!!! "SFM LOWDOWN is a part of the big picture. Help the big guns become bigger, Army!! 🔥🔥"😊😊 Thanks as always for showing your support and making us smile!💛

John Karony in Discord

SFM Holder: When does ski season end in Utah?

John: When the snow stops.

SFM Holder: U bullish John?

John: I'm bullish on our tech and our community. You already know I don't talk about price action.

John: Maybe we FREEBIF as a bday gift?

SFM Holder: i dont understand why people keep coming in here asking for maps of roads. get gps.

John: I was just using GIS software. I’m trying to get road maps for you

SFM Holder: I am scared of the 3/2!!!

John: I want #SAFEMOON32 trending on 3/2


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