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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 25th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Swap | Veno's Crossword | Mandala Exchange Refund | Community Creations | Community Positivity | John Karony in Discord

SafeMoon Swap

When asked if it were possible for a specific token to be listed, @TheFudHound responded, "Anything is possible once an application is submitted, we review and they take a smiley picture with our team. 😄📸"

PULI Listing

"We promised... And we delivered! #PULI IS NOW OFFICIALLY LISTED ON #SAFEMOON SWAP! This is the beginning of a huge partnership with @Safemoon Thanks everyone for your support and stay tuned in... we are just getting warmed up! You can purchase PULI token on the official SAFEMOON SWAP website now 👇"

Puli can also be swapped via the SafeMoon Wallet.

In addition they shared some love to the SafeMoon Army. "What an amazing day for $PULI becoming a Comet Partner with @safemoon - Welcome SAFEMOONARMY we love you all! #PULIARMY." 💗🚀 🤝 They also shared some photos yesterday from SafeMoon HQ.


One Immortl Listing

ONE App tweeted, "It's OFFICIAL🚀 One Immortl x #SAFEMOON An epic day to celebrate😎Shaping the future of #crypto hand in hand💯"

“It is our intention of continuing to grow and become a Tier 3 Moon Partner with SafeMoon as this level of partnership will pre-list us on their upcoming Centralized Exchange," One Immortl's CEO Christopher Johnson, PhD said. Read more from this article posted by CoinMarketCal here. We are so happy to have you with us, One Immortl!

24hr Volume Chart

"SWAPDate #19 - We hit a new ATH [total] Volume...! " - Hydra

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

SFM Metrics

Glubiz has you covered with SFM metrics! Thank you Glubiz!

Circulating: 474.4B

Burned: 434.0B

Deployer: 91.5B

Veno's Crossword

"Hey #SafeMoonCommunity! It's time for another #Crossword puzzle! The journey is long and bumpy, and distractions can sometimes be welcome. Sending positive vibes and thoughts to all who need it in these wild times. #SafeMoon


Mandala Exchange

Refund Guide

"SafeMoon Update:

Here is the update mentioned in yesterday's announcement that will guide you through the refund process for those who wish to withdraw their SFM tokens and receive a refund on the lost 4% deposit and withdrawal fees.

In order to receive your refund please:

Support will confirm the transaction and calculate the refund.
  • Refunds will then be sent to the withdrawal address used in this process

Thank you for your continued trust, patience and support. 🙏"

For more information:

Mandala Twitter Analytics

"The Mandala Exchange Twitter account has seen some seriously impressive growth over the last month or so thanks to all of you. Our friends in the SAFEMOONARMY have truly impressed us with their level of engagement on socials as well, and we hope to continue these outstanding metrics. I will share a screenshot of our Twitter Analytics below to give you an idea." - Mandala Marketing Manager

Tweet impressions ➡ +803.9%

Profile visits ➡ +354.1%

Mentions ➡ +358.1%

This is the power of the SafeMoon Community! Together we can make things happen! 💪💙🙌

Community Creations

SafeMoon community member Mr. Merchandise designed his very own Limited Edition John Karony LEGO! How cool!


John Karony in Discord


SFM Holder: Opposite of Swap and Liquify. They are gonna accumulate BNB with the 3% of the fee instead of SafeMoon And then buy SafeMoon with it Instead of the other way around So it comes as a buy, not a swap and liquify sale

John: This feature alone is great, but combined with another item we will be discussing in our bday march, it becomes just that much more effective.

Community Positivity

Enjoying some bacon and tunes SFM Holder JuJu shares his confidence in SFM while we all wait for the SafeMoon team to build out the SafeMoon Ecosystem. 😄🤭🎶 Thanks for the laugh JuJu!

"People worried about @safemoon and I’m just like 🔥

@SnoopDogg #Confident #Neverworry #BeAPositiveVibe #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONCHALLENGE" -Safemoon JuJu


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