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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 24th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Table of Contents:

UK Trip | Swap and Evolve | SafeMoon Puzzle | 24hr SafeMoon SWaP Volume

Mandala Community Support | SafeMoon Standard | John on Discord

Crypto Adoption

UK Trip

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing updated the SafeMoon Army on his and Ryan's trip to the UK by tweeting "Back to HQ ✈️ ➜ 🏢" along with this awesome selfie!

Welcome back Ryan and Hayden!!! Can't wait to hear about everything 👀

SafeMoon Puzzle Update

Community member Henex has been keeping up the SafeMoon puzzle pieces!! He recently tweeted, "#SAFEMOON PUZZLE UPDATE! 😎There must be something in the middle of the core."

Thank you so much for keeping everyone up to date, Henex! ❤️

Swap and Evolve

In yesterday's Captain Log John Karony introduces a V2 token framework update which replaces the SwapandLiquify function in the contract called Swap & Evolve. Many in the community are talking about it including Reddit user LegitimateAd-2825.

"Instead of SwapandLiquify selling a ton of SafeMoon to Buy BNB(which lowers the price of SafeMoon and puts a small amount of buying pressure on BNB), the opposite will be happening.

BNB will now be collected and then sold at whatever threshold amount they come up with and then SafeMoon will be purchased with the proceeds. This creates buying pressure for SafeMoon.

(Edit: Remember, BNB is collected when people buy/swap for SafeMoon. And, SafeMoon is collected when people sell/swap their SafeMoon for BNB or BUSD.)

So, most likely anyway, half the collected amount of BNB will be sold to buy more SafeMoon for the LP to be paired with the remaining other half of the collected BNB that wasn’t sold. Basically the inverse of the old way of how SwapandLiquify functioned.

This is bullish AF for SafeMoon. 🔥 🚀

The BNB selling pressure from apandLiquify theoretically shouldn’t drop the price of BNB so much that it offsets the rise in price of SafeMoon from the new SwapandLiquify buying pressure. This is important because the LP has a significant amount of BNB in it. The market for BNB is massive so the price of BNB shouldn’t be affected very much.

Edit2: People have the false idea that SwapandLiquify/SwapandEvolve is a tokenomics taxed event, this is false. These transactions are exempt from tokenomics taxes. I don’t know if these transactions even pay the 0.25% SafeMoon trading fee."

SafeMoon Swap 24hr Volume Chart

Created by SafeMoon Mod Hydra!

Mandala Exchange - Community Support

The SafeMoon Community has been showing support to Mandala recently. Here SafeMoon memester Spyros has a wholesome message for the Mandala team saying, "It's fine Mandala, I know that I'm in good hands to fly one day." Mandala Discord senior moderator retweeted, "We appreciate everyone's patience and continuous support very much."

SafeMoon moderator SafeMoonWarrior responded to Fellow Fox tweeting, "You have our full support! Take your time!"🔥

SafeMoon moderator Mazz also tweeted some words of acknowledgement and encouragement, "Just wanted to reiterate how amazing it is for @safemoon to be working w/ @MandalaEx. There may be hurdles to overcome, but the Mandala team are working on implementing global tokenomics. It'll absolutely be worth the wait. The #SAFEMOONARMY appreciates the transparency! 🌑🚀" We couldn't agree more! We have no doubt of Mandala's success in resolving this issue and are grateful that Mandala shares the same drive to innovate. 🙏💗🤝

If you've scrolled here looking for an answer to a question you may have regarding Mandala the CTO has directed everyone to the best place to ask your question. 💚

"If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support department by opening a ticket at Thank you again for your patience and continued support." - Mandala CTO

SafeMoon Standard

"I enjoy solving complex problems, elegantly. Passionate about emerging technologies like blockchain and DeFi. On a mission to disrupt and change the world with the power of SafeMoon."

"Your brain is like a super computer and your self talk is the program that will run it…… Now repeat after me…… I am badass and live my most joy filled life full of abundance and possibilities. K. Thanks. Love you!

🤍" - Carly, Global HR

"Patience is a virtue. You can not plant a tree and expect to harvest it's fruits the next day. Give it some time and watch it spring.🌱" - Explorer, SafeMoon Discord mod

John Karony in Discord

John: What is going on? SFM Holder: Chillin, how YOU doin baby?

John: Full transparency. Experimenting with different *GIS software on the iPad. *"A Geographic Information System (GIS Software) is designed to store, retrieve, manage, display, and analyze all types of geographic and spatial data." (For more information, check it out here.)

SFM Holder: ESRI or nothing

John: Real G's use DCGS

SFM Holder: Hey Capt! How's your day going so far

John: Fantastic. Looking forward to Swap and Evolve.

John: I don't talk about price action, however I will talk about product action.

We are up folks, wallet, SWaP, Connect, point of sale system, and much more (stay tuned for our bday month).

Crypto Adoption

Terence Thomas Kevin O'Leary is a Canadian businessman, author, politician, and was an investor on Shark Tank. He recently made the statement that "Crypto is going to become the 12th sector of the S&P 500 in the next few years"! 🙌👏


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