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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 22nd, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Exchange | MoonCast | SafeMoon Puzzle | SFM V2 Wallet List

24hr Swap Volume | Mandala Exchange Update | Community Reassurance

SafeMoon Exchange

Captain's Log

"Hello SafeMoon Army – It’s your captain here. I am going to try a new format today. Something more personal and direct. from me to you –" View the very first Captain's Log here.

"No. Why the heck is the SafeMoon Blockchain further along than it was yesterday?!?" SafeMoon CEO John Karony said in the Discord screenshot Ryan Arriaga shared. Along with this screenshot Ryan tweeted "Why the heck is the #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE further along than yesterday?!?


"Did you get yourself into some interesting business in the U.K.? 👀" a SFM Holder replied in the comments.

"👀" was all that Ryan replied with. 🤔🧐

Crypto Atlas also chimed in and asked "Are you still in the UK doing meetings at the moment or did you head back?"

To which Ryan responded "Still in the UK, more meetings lined up!"

Ryan also responded to this great comment made from a SFM Holder quoting the film Rocky "Every day is a step forward. That’s how winning is done!" with "Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits!" 🙌👏


Did you miss this past week's Mooncast? We've got you covered with a nice summary and the recording here!

SafeMoon Puzzle

"Puzzles are digital wrapping paper." - John Karony

How much wrapping paper do you need? turbine size amount? - SFM Holder

"Depends on the gift. We got some we know will be ready, and others that have a high probability of being ready. However we want to talk about BDAY gifts, and the other items of 2022 starting in March" "Fuders out here Fudding while SafeMoon just trying to finish wrapping presents up for our bday month."

SafeMoon Scholar and Moderator Gandalf tweeted and shared a piece of the puzzle yesterday. "The journey we take is not meant to be taken alone. Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.

Education makes the difference between progress and stagnation, the greatest changes come through evolution."

Along with hashtags


Carly SafeMoon's HR Generalist also shared a p

"It is about making ideas happen together, while being rooted to the mindset of kindness and abundance.

That is where the problems of the past are solved by the possibilities of the future.


Another piece. This time Mr. Adult tweeted "🔎" with one hashtag "#SAFEMOONEVOLUTION"

This piece looks as though it may spell out "evolution".

Mr. Adult responded to a comment where a SFM holder kindly expressed their feelings about the puzzle:

"I'm bullish #safemoon but can't do puzzles or play detective anymore. that's just me. I trust the NEW TEAM."

Mr. Adult replied "That is 100% ok. Understand it isn't everyone's cup of tea. The good news is, everyone can enjoy what it results in without having to get involved in the process. :D"

Hypafly introduced another piece of the puzzle in a fancy video. 🤭😄. In his tweet he says "Big journeys begin with small steps. #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONEVOLUTION

The SFM Army has been busy piecing these together. SFM Holder Henex tweeted "...I'll be using this one to fill the missing pieces. Seems like we have a few left." with this image. Love this. Great work Henex!

MetaverseJosh also put them together and put them in the Metaverse!

"🧩 #SAFEMOONARMY #Metaverse getting close!" 👏🙌

SFM V2 Wallet List

Explorer has updated the SFM V2 wallet list to reflect Mandala/MEXC! 👀 Thank you Explorer!

SafeMoon Swap Volume

"SWAPDate#16 We have a new SWaP by SafeMoon ATH Volume! " - Hydra

Mandala Exchange Update

Community Manager of Mandala reminded everyone that they are working diligently on the issue re SFM trading:

"I just got done with a very productive meeting this morning and I want to let everyone know that even though you may see some announcements from us in the near future regarding various projects and deliverables we are working on we have not forgotten about the SafeMoon community and your concerns.

Making sure that we address those concerns and provide a solution in a timely manner is of Paramount importance to us. No hard date at this time. ["We're working on it in conjunction with Binance Cloud."] More details are forthcoming.

Thank you for your continued patience and trust that you have placed in us.🙏"

Many SafeMoon Holders have expressed their concerns in regards to Global Tokenomics and Mandala's recent delay in listing SFM. In response to this Mandala Official Tweeted "#SAFEMOONARMY we hear your concerns and will be addressing them with an official statement very soon. Don’t worry, we got you!" Don't you just love them!? 👏👏💗

Q: Can we see this month SFM live on Mandala?

Mandala CM: Still a possibility. We are working towards that.


Community Reassurance

"Friendly reminder that the entire crypto asset class is just barely over 13 years old. DeFi didn't exist until 2017. If you feel like things aren't moving fast enough, take a step back and just look at where we are and how we got here." - Mazz SafeMoon Discord Moderator

"Family I’m here at SFM HQ and they’re working on a US holiday. Let’s go." - SFM Holder and certified Veteran

Thank you Mazz and Troy


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