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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 21st, 2022)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Table of Contents:

| SafeMoon Blockchain | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Standard |

| 24hr Swap Volume | Top trending/searched | SafeMoon Education |

| SafeMoon Puzzle | John Karony on Discord |

SafeMoon Blockchain

CEO John Karony tweets a little about building a blockchain for an ecosystem.

"When building a #blockchain, there are two things most do not take into account:

- The hardware element

- The human element

#SAFEMOON takes into consideration both of those heavily. Ecosystems are always more than just software."

"Why"? - SFM Holder

"Why the heck is the #SAFEMOONBLOCKCHAIN further along than it was yesterday?!?" - John

SafeMoon Labs

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf's weekly Twitter Space "think tank" is today! He will be educating and taking questions on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

Where: Gandalf's Twitter

When: Today at 2pm EST

Yesterday he tweeted this. " weekly educational Space will be SFM Labs - DAO - Explanation and examples“. Hope to see you there 😊👍 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONFAMILY #GLOTOKS

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon's Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga shared this tweet "Something I learned in life is that you will hit 🪨BOTTOM w/hope & faith - right b4 BIG things happen. It’s apart of the PROCESS. So many don’t realize it’s the ones who can TAKE the HITS who become the ones that prevail. Take the hits, push forward." Along with it the gif with the famous quote from the movie Rocky that reads "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." 🙌💗

Sharing some wise words once again SafeMoon Global Community Manager Mr. Adult. "We leave a legacy daily. Not at our grave. The impact we can have on someone’s life doesn’t need riches. Some tins of food can mean life or death. Maybe today. Now. This moment. Is the first time you google “food bank near me”. Maybe tomorrow you change some lives."

SafeMoon community member Vico also shared some inspiration with the SafeMoon Army, "The darkest hours are just before the dawn. Our time will come SFM Army, remember your long term goals and remain focused. Personally I'm more motivated and even more excited than I was on day 1. #safemoonarmy #safemoonv2 #safemoon #safemoonfamily" Thank you so much for sharing your positivity with the Army, Vico!

24hr Swap Volume

SafeMoon Swap 24hr volume for 2/20-2/21 By SafeMoon Mod Hydra

Top Trending/Searched

According to BitMart Research, SafeMoon is currently No. 8 of the Top 10 Most Researched Coins on BitMart!!

In addition to most searched SFM is No. 2 in the top 10 trending coins in the USA.

SafeMoon Education

The Captain himself gave SafeMoon Education a shoutout!! He said, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, Head on over to A lot of good information is on there. 32 to the #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOON32" Thank you so much, Cap!! 💙🙏

SafeMoon Puzzle

For those of you trying to figure out the SFM puzzle here are some more of the pieces:

"Happy Monday #SAFEMOONARMY 🎉

It's been fantastic watching you piece this #SAFEMOON puzzle together. Perhaps we'll solve it this week? 🧩

There are a handful more to find. Keep your eyes open within the wider community. 👀

Here is another piece for now...

#SAFEMOONEVOLUTION" - SafeMoon Official Twitter account

"Whatever you feel, whatever you think. There's always someone out there that understands you. Someone, who lets you grow and evolve. #SAFEMOON#SAFEMOONARMY#SAVEMOONGALAXY#SAFEMOONEVOLUTION" - SafeMoon Moderator Vibby

SafeMoon's Official Facebook Business Page posted this "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." along with another piece to the puzzel.

Community Manager Veno also had a piece to share.

"Together, we'll mold the future.





John Karony in Discord

SFM Holder: “If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

John: All about prep time

SFM Holder: John in the house for Mooncast

John: MoonCast? I am human. I was in a meeting. Just got done with it.

PS. Find amazing mentors. Doesn't matter where you are in life, there is always someone who can give you more knowledge. As one of my NCO's said, be a sponge and learn everything you can.

SFM Holder: Is Papa still on team?

John: Thomas is no longer an employee of SafeMoon. We wish him well on his future endeavors.

John: That's some sick music in the MoonCast.

Mod: Let's limit ex employee talk

John: Wish them well, move on.

SFM Holder: John, blockchain in next three months? Its not a hard date, its a softy

John: Publicly no. We are working on a hardware component. All will be talked about in due time. But TBH, If we get it done faster, it could be within the next 3 months.

Mod: Just make sure it's secure af. Take your time

John: We know how to yeet. But we always aim to yeet responsibly.

SFM Holder: Exchange sooner?!

John: Depends on compliance.

Mod: Did we get that EU license already?

John: They publish those things online I believe.

SFM Holder: Can you please tell us when will we get the second exchange? John: After the first one.

John: Part of what gives a blockchain it’s speed is it’s cryptography efficiency and speed.

Mooncast -🎉| Event-chat 💬

Veno: You can switch between any wallets right in the settings of the SafeMoon App!

John: YUUUUP. I only use the SafeMoon Wallet for myself now.

SFM Holder: Wen bank transfer?

John: There is bank transfer through Wyre on the wallet for ETH.

John: GTG. The team has it from here!


John: Love these!!!!!



SFM Holder:can you please tell us when will we get the second exchange

John: After the first one.

John: Part of what gives a blockchain it’s speed is it’s cryptography efficiency and speed.

John: Can ya'll not wait till our B-day? Trying to wrap presents and some folks getting impatient.

SFM Holder: Please confirm birthday Mr John

John: Whats my favorite number? B-day celebrations kick off that day. That's not my age though. 3️⃣2️⃣

SFM Holder: Honest question I would love to understand is why NY advertising when NYs can’t buy crypto via a simple process? - sorry if this was answered before!

John: NY is an international business hub. Just like london.

SFM Holder: RUG!

John: insurance says otherwise my dear friend.

SFM Holder:Yo, homie!! Don’t fall into a trap with these Mother FUDers! Keep your nose to the grindstone! You got this…

John: My nose is a grindstone.

SFM Holder: The lawsuit with multiple olds points that have sense been proven wrong and sad claims of a suit that can’t work because not only did they not force anything onto anyone but they also stated multiple times they that had no affiliation with anyone and every platform also stated that if something didn’t come from official sources you shouldn’t listen?

John: It's noise. We have yet to receive anything official. For us, nothing has changed. We continue mission.

SFM Holder: It’s a strategy. I’ve actually got some experience with this. The press effort they’ve undergone tells me quite a bit. The attention to their case is the entire point. It’ll collapse on itself based on what I read. They also filed in the wrong jurisdiction. Dummies.


SFM Holder:1) one burning question for me is has safemoon legal team got guidance on what constitutes has a security and non security in terms of Safemoon token going forward.

John: Yes, we have guidance lol. Question should now not be burning.

SFM Holder: So to me it seems like John’s reply went over your head as you’re regurgitating Reddit posts. The coding aspect of the blockchain is the fastest/easiest part of the whole thing. If done right it shouldn’t take long. His point was that they’re creating the blockchain around the ecosystem and not the other way around. There is no point in rewriting the code every time a product is removed or added.

John: Coding isnt the hard part. Folks who say it is are wrong. You have to get the architecture and the planning done right before the final execution. Which is the coding aspect. You are indeed right, why would we do a bunch of redundant or wasted work, when if we planned ahead, we would have realized the best path forward. This is exactly what we are doing. It is 90% prep work, 10% actual coding.

SFM Holder: CNBC interview

John: I did the interview. Whether or not they air it is on them. Did Vice as well. Thats being put into something they are working on.


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