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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 20th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

MoonCast | Crypto Contract Allowances | SafeMoon Gaming - Rust Server |

A Day Off | SafeMoon Partners | 24hr Swap Volume | SafeMoon Standard

Reminder - SafeMoon Labs | John on Discord


It's Sunday and that means another SafeMoon community podcast with Education Manager CatsRus, SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf, Global Community Manager MrAdult and Community Platform Manager Veno! Join us TODAY for MoonCast at 8pm UTC | 3PM EST | 12 PM PST on Discord, YouTube or Facebook! If you are interested in posting questions for Cats, Gandalf, Mr. A and Veno, you can do that once MoonCast begins in the Event Chat on SafeMoon Discord.

Crypto Contract Allowances

Crypto Token Allowances. Do you know what they are? Did you know that there is something you should be doing about them to keep your assets ever safer? Cats has created an explanation of what they are and what you should do about them! To check it out click the image below⬇⬇⬇

SafeMoon Gaming - Rust Server

SafeMoon Gaming now has a Rust server!! If you are interested in joining, check it out here. Not sure what Rust is? Check out Steam for more information and reviews. If you haven't joined the SafeMoon Gaming server, we definitely recommend it!

A Day Off

CEO John Karony took a day off last week to enjoy some skiing! This photo was posted on his Instagram, along with the message: "After many tries, I have learned to ski backwards. This was last week."

Last week John posted this photo of the slopes in Utah saying, "Utah does have fun activities. #safemoon"

SafeMoon Partners

Glow Token LLC

Glow Token LLC's Official Twitter informed the community, "Glow Token LLC and @NewToTheStreet will be broadcasting on @newsmax this weekend on Sunday, Feb 20th at 10AM EST. You can watch the show [at]"

There will be a viewing party on the Glow Token Discord! Check it out for more information.

Enhance Token

Enhance Token CEO tweeted, "FINISH THESE MASKS👀

[Attached link here] #EnhanceToken #EnhancedApes Check out, look at the ROADMAP and understand 9 of the total 20 milestones are missing😈😈😈 ITS ABOUT TO GET 🍌🍌🍌🍌’S 🌐🦍"

24hr Swap Volume

SafeMoon Discord Moderator Hydra tweeted, "Check out the latest SWAPDate #14 In the last 7 days SWaP by SafeMoon had $14,165,085 volume! It burned $4,249.53, provided $7,082.54 to our eco-system and added $24,080,64 to our LP! And this with ONLY 21 pairs!"

Here is the chart that he included! Thank you so much for continuously providing this information to the community, Hydra!! ❤️❤️

SafeMoon Standard

Global HR Generalist Carly tweeted, "Again #SafeMoonArmy……


Your intelligence, fortitude, and maturity in the face of adversity, is down right freaking impressive.

You all, are the way!


To those who are by SafeMoon's side every day, listen to the team and ask thoughtful questions, thank you so much! We love you all!

SafeMoon community member Romero said, "My addiction is to learn, take risk and strive for success. We only have one life to live. Take risk and be patience... It will come 👊"

We love your way of thinking, Romero!❤️


SFM Labs - SafeMoon As A Company

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf held another SFM Labs "think tank" on Twitter Spaces

where he talks about SafeMoon as a company and what it means to the world. If you missed it you can view the live recording and corresponding article here. Feel free to reach out to Gandalf if you have any questions here! Gandalf holds spaces every Monday at 2pm EST.


John Karony in Discord

The New FUD

SFM Holder: I feel like thats just a sign of legitimacy. My father ran a business for 15 years and I remember the first time he got served a suit. Was obviously absolute bull and someone just trying to get free work, but still.

John: This is actually normal for large and well known companies. SFM Holder: Oreleh Holmes you just got to have good lawyers on deck 💪💪

John: We have an amazing legal team.

SFM Holder: I think you need to make a statement regarding the lawsuit. I'm not selling but weaker people will be

John: I saw that article, too. We’ve received no filing, so as of yet, at least, the story is hearsay and there’s nothing here to respond to. I can tell you, however, that description doesn’t represent a mode of operation we could ever endorse, and it’s been heartening to see the members of our community who’ve noted this in their remarks. Other than reiterating our vision and mission, there’s no response we can make, and we’ll be staying the course.


SFM Holder: Any news today John?

John: Not today. We are prepping for the news.


SFM Holder: Awesome we await….. “cross” every T

John: dot every i.

SFM Holder : 5:45 in Utah. Do you sleep?

John: Define sleep?

SFM Holder: Hey, loving the ski shots on IG. Looks absolutely 🔥

John: You all want more of what I do on my limited free time on there?

John: SIKE, what free time. I just do work in different places.

SFM Holder: Can you tell when roughly blockchain?

John: The actual coding of it has not been started. Again, that's the last 10%. 90% of it is prep work. We are finishing a few products so we can finalize what "nodes" will look like. But can confirm it will not be proof of work. If we wanted to yeet a blockchain into existence we could. But that is not the way. It is making sure that piece supports the entire ecosystem (this is the way). This includes the mesh network, SafeMoon Connect, wallet etc (and yes, wind turbines). PS. there is a hardware component to it.

SFM Holder: Sounds nice, thank you for your explanation John, do you estimate this year will be ready ?or at least the exchange will be released this year?

John: the estimation is indeed for launch this year. Again there is a hardware component we are finishing first.

John: if 90% of the work is coding, you're doing it wrong. Batman is the strongest hero as long as he has prep time. All about that prep time.

John: Also, don't boo me on BatMan. I'm right. He is the strongest with prep time.

SFM Holder: Batman rekt superman. Trustory

John: But then got destroyed by Doomsday. Why? He wasn't prepped for that. He still won tho, because he was half prepped. Batman with zero prep time is weak. However his super power is prep time. He is a program manager on steroids and ninja skills.

SFM holder: With enough prep time, could he beat thor?

John: Easily.

SFM Holder: At least USDC is green.

John: Oooof, dont look at inflation.

Mr. Adult:

John: REKT!


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