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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 1st, 2022)

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Table of Contents:

Mandala Exchange | MoonCast | SafeMoon Pulse

Mooncraft | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Standard

Mandala Exchange

The rumors were true! There were subtle hints everywhere about Mandala being the exchange to list SFM and now we have official confirmation! Mandala shared this image on the left on their Official Twitter.

They also gave us a warm welcome saying, "Welcome to the family @safemoon 🔥Things are just getting started... #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOON #SafeMoonSpinOff"

SafeMoon Official Twitter replied, "A tremendous & exciting step for #SAFEMOON as we board the @MandalaEx 🎉 A truly kind and friendly team that welcome the #SAFEMOONARMY and all that we stand for 🤝 Deposit/trading times & other special surprises will be shared in near future. Keep an eye on both twitter accounts! 👀"

Mandala then tweeted, "The moment you've all been waiting for... #TheMoonHasArrived #MandalorianArmy🤝#SAFEMOONARMY Together we are stronger."

Ryan gave his seal of approval tweeting, "Rock on 🤟🙂"

When a holder asked, "Something else coming?" Mandala replied with, "There is always something else coming. Stay tuned.👀"

In the Mandala Discord server they elaborated:

"Please stay tuned to both our Twitter and our Discord for announcements on when SFM deposits & trading will open. Additionally, we will be releasing an article soon that will explain how the SFM tokenomics will work. In the meantime, welcome to Mandala Exchange. You also might want to familiarize yourself with our recently rolled out Mandala Madness…there might just be a spin-off version for the SafeMoon Community."


Did you miss MoonCast? In Sunday's MoonCast, CatsRus, Veno and Gandalf covered various topics: Community Q&As, Crypto Best Practices, SafeMoon Labs, Mooncraft, scam accounts and more. View the full transcript and/or video here.

SafeMoon Pulse

Were you busy during the never-ending month of January? Are you behind on your SafeMoon news? Don't worry, we've got your back!! Check out the Pulse for a monthly overview of everything you need to know including SafeMoon Connect, SafeMoon Rewards, the SafeMoon Card, Operation Pheonix, NFTs, and more!


A message from the Mooncraft team:

We are happy to announce that on Monday, February 7th our Mooncraft servers will go live! We will open during the afternoon (PST Time) and will be alerting you here 1hr before! You will be able to connect by using our server IP in the multiplayer menu of your Minecraft launcher.

Your interest in this project means the world to us, and we know how tough it has been to wait. Thank you for coming on this journey with us! We feel it is important to give you guys some insight into what you can expect from Mooncraft for our Version 1 launch, and also where we are headed in the future! So lets jump right in!

Game Modes:

As you may or may not know, we will be opening with a few different game modes. These game modes are called BedWars, Azkaban Prison (OP), Alcatraz Prison (OG), and Creative. This is an ongoing project! After our initial open, we will focus on updating these game modes as well as continuing to build a game mode called Starfruit SkyBlock that we will be adding in the future.

Starfruit will be an MMO-inspired mode with many different themed worlds, weapons, tasks, skills, enemies, and hidden mysteries! More information on Starfruit will come in the future!

For brief descriptions of our launch ready game modes, please read below!

BedWars is a competitive (PVP) game mode. Teams spawn on separate islands and use resources to build toward other islands and attempt to destroy enemy team's beds with weapons and other special items. If a teams bed is destroyed and then the team members are slain (out of lives) then they are eliminated! Be the last team alive to win!

In Azkaban Prison (OP), you join as an “inmate” and from there you can earn your freedom over time by mining and gathering items from 28 different mining areas. You must level up to get to the next mine. In our special take on this classic game mode, there has been many RPG elements added such as custom storylines that players can engage with via NPCs, unique weapons, items, and mobs, as well as many other features!

OG Prisons is similar to OP prisons but in a much simpler and straightforward form. It’s a Classic Prisons game mode that many Minecraft players will be familiar with. Players mine -> collect money -> rank up and unlock a new mine. This repeats until the final mine. Players can then prestige to restart their progress with a bonus perk.

In Creative, players receive a plot of land that they can freely build on. you can use this plot to create artwork, buildings, or anything else imaginable in-game without the limitations that are present in other game modes. Build something cool and show it to the community!

FAQ Will we integrate Crypto/Blockchain/NFT's into Mooncraft!?

We are currently focused on building the foundation of Mooncraft's server content. We need to make sure our content is attractive, our scalability possible, and our safety perfect before we add crypto. When considering crypto integration we must ensure the safety and security of your finances! Development is first, then safe and meaningful implementation of blockchain technology can be discussed in the future!

Can I become a Helper/Moderator?

Yes you can! You will need to become a Helper for a period of time before Moderator, but the path is open and you are welcome! If interested please apply via our forms page at

Server IP:



Staff App:

Mooncraft Discord:

SafeMoon Labs

Gandalf held his first official SafeMoon Labs Twitter Space since announcing his project! Full of gratitude Gandalf tweeted, "Thank you for being in my Space 'SFM Labs - Wallet Security - Risks and Safety Precautions' 😊 It is always important to take security precautions, whether you are new or old in crypto. This is the best way to protect your wealth⚠️Thank you very much for listening to me "

SafeMoon Standard

Carly tweeted out this food for thought:

"I'm just going to leave this little bundle of words right here............ Do with it what you will "

Below reads, "Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything."


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