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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 17th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

Mandala SFM Update | SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Swap (24hr volume) | SafeMoon Team | SafeMoon Loyalty | Wallet Security

Mandala SFM Update

"Stage one booster rockets engage! 🚀#SAFEMOON deposits are now open for the #SAFEMOONARMY at @MandalaEx

🍾The race to be the first 1000 has begun! 🎉Here is everything you need to know. "

SafeMoon Official Tweeted in response to Mandala Exchange's announcement.

"🚨 $SFM deposits are now open 🚨. First 1,000 deposits get bonus entries into #SafeMoonSpinOff #SAFEMOONARMY #MANDALARIANARMY"

To learn more about how to enter and a FAQ on the SafeMoon Spin Off go here.

The SafeMoon Army may have broken something again? Mandala Exchange made an official announcement on their Discord notifying everyone that they are experiencing some technical issues and have therefore postponed trading and Deposits of SFM but have left withdrawals open.

"We regret to advise you that trading and deposits of SFM on the Mandala Exchange are temporarily postponed due to technical issues. Withdrawals will remain open. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

At 1:15am EST Mandala Exchange's Community Manager, BTB MDX let everyone know that their are no new updates after a Mandala Discord Community member asked "any update curious what happened" . BTB MDX replied "Unfortunately no update at the moment. As soon as something is available it will be posted in the 🎙│updates or 📢│announcements Channels. We do appreciate everyone's patience while we work through this."

Stay tuned to the Official Mandala discord for further updates.

General Information

If you are curious about the relationship between Mandala and SafeMoon, please check out this SafeMoon FAQ on their website!

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon Holder Brian tweeted this today in regards to Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga's talk during SFM Labs Twitter Spaces on Monday.

"It's extremely important to note that @TheFudHound said ALL of this, OFF THE CUFF, while driving; it wasn't planned or rehearsed. It was from the heart and soul of someone forged in the tech industry fire for over a decade. Let that sink in #SAFEMOONARMY.😎✊💪".

Incase you missed it here is the image of what he said. For translation purposes you can also view it in Tuesday's Lowdown.

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf tweeted, "Freedom is a state of mind🧠

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them💡

Problems can't stop you, only you can stop you. Set yourself free🆓"

SafeMoon Swap

02/16/2022 - 02/17/2022 SafeMoon Swap 24hr volume chart

"Check out the latest #SWAPDate" Discord Moderator Hydra tweeted with this SFM Swap 24hr volume chart. Thanks again Hydra!!

One of SafeMoon's Swap listing partners EverGrow has received a security score of 92 on their Certik audit. "Our @CertiKTech audit is complete & we are incredibly honoured & proud to have achieved such a great score! #EverGrowCoin $EGC" Way to go, EverGrow!

On their Official Twitter account EGC recently expressed their excitement about the SFM billboard coming up as well as a wonderful statement about positivity towards other projects "OK, #EverGrowArmy, we have an incredible month ahead. Our #SAFEMOON billboards going live, @BitrueOfficial listing any day, NFT marketplace & Crator this Q. Let's agree 100% positivity from today, not just for $EGC, but other projects too. Nothing negative. Deal? 💙💜💗🙏" Love this! 🤝🙌💚🌍

Here is a list of all current SFM Swap Listings

SafeMoon Team

Speaking of SafeMoon partners, have you met this guy? You may recognize him from the latest SafeMoon Sunday...🤔Go give SafeMoon's Director of Sales and Partnerships, Hayden Wing a follow! Let's go show Hayden some SafeMoon Army love and support. Can we get Hayden to 5k followers!?🙌💪


Yesterday, Ryan had tweeted something that seemed to confuse some of the SafeMoon Army which said,

"🪖A GENERAL always has a direct line of communication to the President. This is because the general is wise 🧠to the strategies of war & knows how to avert bad situations. If you cut out your General, you have lost control of base camp."

After many asking questions of his intentions behind the tweet, Ryan decided tweet, "Adding clarity to my last Tweet as some confusion has ensued.

Yes, that is exactly right. TRUST in us to pull through for you #SAFEMOONARMY. Trust that we are working HARD & have the patience 2 know that WE HAVE YOUR BACK. Big things WILL come. Keep faith."

SafeMoon Warrior tweeted "Everything is fine between John and Ryan 😉." along with a Discord screenshot where a SFM holder asked John a question: "Captain, just to resolve the FUD that I'm sure is brewing, can you just clarify there's no issue between you and Ryan?" to which John replied, "That is the dumbest FUD I have ever seen to date."

Ryan commented on this post saying, "NO ONE has loyalty to each other like John and I have. 💪" 💗

Wallet Security

SafeMoon Discord Moderator Explorer has made so many contributions to help educate SafeMoon Holders. Here, he educates on wallet security. Check it out.

How secure is a wallet really? If a hacker really wanted to, could they brute force their way into your wallet?

Short answer is no.

Let me explain and break it down:

  • There are 2^160 possible wallet addresses. (That is 1,461,501,637,330,902,918,203,684,832,716,283,019,655,932,542,976)

  • Each address will generate a seed phrase with 2048^12 possible combinations. (5,444,517,870,735,015,415,413,993,718,908,291,383,296)

  • According to a study done by Google and KTH Royal Institute of Technology quantum supercomputers could potentially crack a 2048-bit RSA in just 8 hours. If we were to use this same quantum supercomputer to bruteforce BIP-39 (mnemonic seed phrase) It would take approximately 349,525 days, or 957 years to do so. For a single seed phrase. And that implies that the hacker would already know your wallet address.

As you can see wallets are incredibly safe. The absolute weakest link by far within wallet security, as with most other security chains in general is you - the user and owner of said wallet. Scammers and hackers will need information or accesses from you in order to get their hands on a wallet.

What are the ways in which you can keep your seed phrase secure?

  • Store your seed phrase somewhere safe. You should not share it with anyone, even if you think you can trust them.

  • Do not connect your wallet to anywhere or anything unless you are 100% sure it can be trusted.

  • Do not disclose how much you hold, and keep your wallet address to yourself. The less information there is out there, the better.

  • Keep your wallets on a secure device. If your device becomes compromised your wallet can be compromised as well.

A massive thank you, again to Explorer for all his efforts in helping to educate our community. 🙏


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