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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 16th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

Mandala Exchange | Global Tokenomics | SafeMoon V2 Wallet List | SafeMoon Swap

| SafeMoon Standard | Community Creations | John Karony on Discord

Mandala Exchange

Yesterday Mandala Exchange tweeted "We're going global #MandalarianArmy 🤝#SAFEMOONARMY" along with this video introducing the implementation of SFM Global Tokenomics and the announcement of SFM trading to be open Feb 17th at 06:00 AM (UTC).

Mandala Exchange then tweeted "$SFM Deposits will be open on Mandala Exchange in 24 hours🚀," along with this link for further details.

Global Tokenomics

"Global Tokenomics. This is the way." - CEO John Karony


What is Global Tokenomics?

In Mandala Exchange's article about SafeMoon's listing they explained, "Mandala Exchange will be the first CEX to adopt SafeMoon Global Tokenomics. Traders will be taxed the standard 10% SafeMoon tax as well as a Mandala trading fee, depending what $MDX locking tier you are in (Base trading fee is 0.1%, traders can receive up to 35% off trading fees by locking Mandala native token, $MDX).

Users that trade and hodl their SFM on Mandala exchange can enjoy SAFU funds, as well as collect their 4% global SFM reflections, just as you would holding your SFM in your Meta Mask."

In addition they posted the following schedule:

Mandala Exchange will open trading for SFM/USDT trading pairs on 2022-02-17 at 06:00 AM (UTC)
Deposits for SFM will open on 2022-02-16 at 6:00 PM (UTC)
Withdrawals for SFM will open on 2022-02-16 at 06:00 PM (UTC)

What Global Tokenomics Could Mean for SafeMoon by Mazz

Hey SafeMoon Army! For a few months now, John has mentioned that the plan for SafeMoon is to be able to incorporate both CEX and DEX utility into one platform. With the SafeMoon x Mandala Exchange partnership, we're starting to see what that means for SafeMoon as a whole.

A CEX is a (C)entralised (EX)change, a trading platform where users are able to engage in crypto asset trading with low fees, usually requiring some kind of KYC verification. A CEX will most often hold all of their tokens in a hot wallet and operate using an order book. When a CEX registers a trade, they update their records and essentially issue an IOU to their order book. The hot wallet holding the tokens will only be used to enable users on the platform to withdraw their funds if they decide to use a private DeFi Wallet.

Having a platform operate this way means that users can buy and hold crypto assets without needing to pay gas fees associated with trading. It also means that trades can be executed near instantly. This kind of trading is called "off-chain", as the transactions are recorded separate to the blockchain. You may have seen John talk about the difference between on-chain and off-chain on our Discord server over the past few months.

A DEX on the other hand is a (D)decentralized (EX)change, a different type of platform where you interact with crypto assets directly. A DEX doesn't require KYC, but you will have to pay gas fees for your transactions. DEX transactions occur "on-chain", as you are interacting directly with the blockchain. When you make a transaction, your assets are moved from one wallet to another as soon as they are confirmed by a validator.

DEX transactions are usually a little slower and more expensive, but you are afforded the luxury of being able to engage in DeFi without needing to verify your identity through KYC. Almost all exchanges require KYC to deposit and withdraw fiat currency to begin with, though. Another benefit of on-chain transactions is to enable unique token utility, often referred to as tokenomics. When a token has tokenomics, it usually involves redistributing tokens to other wallets as paid for through a transfer tax (e.g. 10% buy/sell for SFM, 2% transfer)

You may have noticed that there are a lot of exchanges that list SFM already, but only a small handful of them actually offer the SFM tokenomics. This is because integrating tokenomics in a CEX is difficult due to the fact that they usually operate off-chain. However... Mandala Exchange has been able to integrate global tokenomics for SafeMoon through trading on their CEX platform. Not only is that amazing news for everyone holding SFM, it also raises some interesting points...

In order for global tokenomics to function, transactions must occur on-chain. This is huge not only for SafeMoon, but for any token that offers tokenomics. All it takes is a listing on SafeMoon Swap for other tokens to benefit from SafeMoon's infrastructure & partnerships...

It could be that SWaP by SafeMoon will become the first and only DEX that can integrate tokenomics directly with willing CEXs. That's a pretty huge deal, and a major selling point for interested parties to apply for a listing on SWaP, whether they offer tokenomics or not. Until trading is live, we won't know how exactly the transactions are processed on Mandala Exchange, but it could be that all of the backend router upgrades Ryan Arriaga has been talking about have enabled CEXs to integrate the SWaP directly into their systems. We'll find out soon!

SafeMoon V2 Wallet List

Explorer a SafeMoon Discord moderator, made an updated list of all the known SafeMoon V2 wallet addresses. If there is anything that he needs to add or change, or if you have any suggestions for improving it, please reach out to him!

This is awesome Explorer! Thank you for collecting this information for us!! 💗

SafeMoon Swap

Director of Sales and Partnerships Hayden Wing tweeted asking, "Hey #SAFEMOONARMY, Who should we look at listing next on SafeMoon Swap and Wallet 🤔"

John retweeted saying, "Hmmm...🤔"

Have a suggestion? Let them know.

Interested in being listed on SafeMoon's SWaP or have any questions about SafeMoon's token listing program, click here.

SafeMoon Standard

"Be the umbrella🌂for others who need one.☀️" - Global Community Manager Mr Adult

"🪖A GENERAL always has a direct line of communication to the President. This is because the general is wise 🧠to the strategies of war & knows how to avert bad situations. If you cut out your General, you have lost control of base camp. "

"Always trust your Generals. 💪"

"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valley; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death. -Sun Tzu"

Community Creations

"🙏 for everything till now and beyond Ryan." - Spyros

John Karony on Discord

SFM Holder:

John: That is some MAJOR EXCHANGE type of moves.

John: @everyone can I get a 32 for tokenomics?

John: WEN MANDALA….. wait that's not my line.

Mod: This is a statistic that easily can be twisted and misunderstood. Their developers has confirmed that a Mandala listing doesn't ensure nor exclude a Binance listing. Perhaps Mandala decided to list their tokens from the already listed ones on Binance? You must remember Mandala is not that old of an exchange yet. I think the common path for tokens is to

minimizes the risk they take with a listing as it has already been approved and listed on a bigger more well established exchange.

SFM Holder: but at the end of the day being listed on an exchange is smol. Other tokens being listed on Binance is there endgame and only goal. SafeMoon currently has its own DEX (less than a year old), and will be releasing our own CEX by the end of the year (per Ryan in a Twitter space). Being listed on an exchange should be smol to all holders. Who we list on OUR exchange is the bigger deal to me. Because those tokens/coins will be implemented with cryptonomics. Changing the game and cryptoverse.

John: It’s not always about “big” partnerships. It’s about the “right” partnerships. SafeMoon is playing the infinite game.

SFM Holder: I’m still mad at you. That pizza stunt was weak. Lol

SFM Holder: I agree. Even Jeremiah ate some in solidarity with cap


SFM Holder: I'll toss the pizza and eat the pineapple 😋🍍

John: Separate they are good. Together is a sin.

SFM Holder: I don't know about you but that pizza you bite looked like a cardboard 😆

John: Woah, that is actually really good pizza place. Too bad they do trash as well. I had to eat a whole pepperoni afterwards. However, the best pizza I have is Pupatellas in Arlington, Virginia.

SFM Holder: Gonna need a close up of the gag sir.

John: Which take? They tried to get me a whole slice. I almost puked. That stuff is trash.

Mod: My friend told me about that place. He said they have the best pizza he's ever had.

John: I could eat their everyday. Well, when i lived out there I pretty much did.

SFM Holder: Pupatellas/Safemoon Collab?

John: Would love that.

SFM Holder: When are you coming back to NY. You need to do a pizza tour if Virginia was best slice u ever had lol

John: I’m game to come back and do a pizza tour.

SFM Holder: John, I want a SafeMoon Rolex

John: So do I. Get in line.

John: SafeMoon is bigger than anyone person on the team. It takes all of us working together to accomplish the mission. Even HR. AKA the Fun police (HR if you are reading this please understand it is joke.) When I say all of us, that includes you all! Being able to get instant feedback gives us the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

SFM Holder: And what separates you guys from other tech companies is you listen ❤️

John: The CEO being in Discord talking directly to the users.

SFM Holder: And you let scrubs pwn you in Halo ❤️

John: Hush you. Just because you failed to keep the captain alive doesn't mean i got PWND by scrubs.

SFM Holder: Consider having project loading bars to track progress and have some transparency for hodlers? Would probably be accepted greatly. We don't expect massive updates often even small ideas of progress is ok

John: We are considering that. However, our backend folks had to upgrade our website as we get about 100million hits per month there.

SFM Holder: Captain, just to resolve the FUD that I'm sure is brewing, can you just clarify there's no issue between you and Ryan?

John: That is the dumbest FUD I have seen to date.

SFM Holder: Now why would someone who puts so much work and heart into the SafeMoon project have a problem with the captain? It's all been a teamwork effort.

John: Team work makes the dream work. Even Toby………………

SFM Holder: Who is Toby?

John: Do you even “Office” bro.

SFM Holder: Hey CPT. I have a question that everyone is honestly curious about, since Thomas's departure. Has the blockchain been started from scratch?

John: I don’t comment on former employees. I wish them all well in life.

John: It’s not “Global Tokenomics” its “GloToks”

SFM Holder: Just wanted to express my gratitude to Mandala for finding a way to implement global tokenomics. They’re now paving the way for other CEXs to do the same. I’m so excited

John: The partnership team worked hard on that one. Oh and Mr. Adult. But are cats allowed to take credit?

John: OH BTW, yes we have some plans for our Bday.

SFM Holder: Can anyone confirm if it's better to trade on trust wallet or SFM wallet?

John: I have never used or created a trust wallet personally


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