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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 15th, 2022)

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Table of Contents:

| Mooncast |Ryan in Twitter Spaces | Safety Score | SafeMoon Swap |

| Mooncraft | SafeMoon Standard | John on Discord |


Did you know the CEO of Mandala Exchange Joseph Reiben is also a regulatory, business and tax attorney? He talks about this and much more in this past Sunday's live Q&A on Mooncast. If you missed it the recap and video can be found here!

Twitter Spaces with Ryan

Ryan Arriaga, SafeMoon Global Head of Products joined in to speak on the SFM Labs think tank special with Gandalf to reassure the SafeMoon Army about the Blockchain and the Exchange before heading off to a meeting. Check out what he had to say:

"I’m here to tell everybody. Can you guys hear me okay? I am in my truck right now heading over to a very big meeting today. I am meeting with sales and we are going to be going over some technical aspects in the meeting we have going on today. I just wanted to jump on for a second to say that we hear each and every one of you.

This exchange is being built as we speak if we didn’t give an update; then you know what? It’s because we have nothing to say as of now. But I will say that we are working very hard for you guys. You guys will have an exchange and as a matter of fact we’ve been working on some front end work for it. We’re tightening down the front end UX and UI for it. But you guys WILL have an exchange and we are making progress on that. That exchange will be released this year. I am not going to say any time frames on that because we’ve learned in the past, that has not gone well. Especially since we’re in emerging tech. But I’ll tell you, this team is passionate and they are here working night and day for each and every one of you.

The Blockchain is making progress as well and as we have more updates on that we will definitely share that with you guys. But this is not a zero sum game guys.

These are just products in the SafeMoon Ecosystem. From our end we are thinking, ‘Well this is how a company grows.’ It takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. What we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished in just under a year is unfathomable. Many people that I’ve talked to, big companies - developers of huge fortune 100 companies have said, “I don’t know how you’re moving so fast! Especially in the emerging tech space!”

We have to pull this back guys and always remember where we came from. Remember before we launched the wallet? Everybody said that we wouldn’t do it and was upset that it wasn’t a thing. A lot of people lost faith in us. Remember you’re here for us. We’re here for eachother. We will keep pushing that ball forward. We have made great progress on the exchange and you guys will love it! We’ve made great progress on all the products that we launched already and we continue to improve.

But think bigger. We are thinking bigger back here and this ecosystem is going to be huge! The blockchain, the exchange; those are just going to be great products that we have but we’re not stopping there.

There’s things that we have to do to improve our messaging to make sure that everybody sees it the way we see it. I have been in product for over a decade and in tech for over 15 years. For someone like me it’s very obvious to know that tech takes a really long time to build to do it right and secure. And we are focused on that. But I think there’s a disconnect, understandably. There’s a disconnect when you don’t understand the full software development lifecycle and instead you think that things should be built in a week or a month. In emerging tech that’s not possible because you’re always pioneering and experimenting new ways to make things work and make them work securely.

So I came on here today, to tell all of the SafeMoon Army, we are even more fired up than before! Nothing will stop us! Nothing will scare us! And nothing is going to lower our morale! We are going to keep pushing forward. Making progress on that blockchain, making progress on that exchange, and continuing to build out our ecosystem with amazing partners.

So, as I said I have to get out of here, I have a big meeting right now to meet with sales and another big entity. But thank you for having our support. Thank you to those who have believed in us from the very beginning. We’re here to keep our promises and we love each and every one of you!"

BSC Safety Score

SafeMoon made the list of the top 10 safest token on BSC! "#SAFEMOON is TOP 10 project with highest safety score on #Binance Smart Chain 🔥" - SafeMoon Warrior. 👀Thanks for sharing Warrior! 🙏

SafeMoon Swap

"Auto-Slippage is now live on the SafeMoon Web Swap. Works identically to the wallet. Slippage will be preset for you according to token developer specs. If you do not wish to see the popup, just click "don't show again". Slippage will still be applied.

"Swap Auto Slippage: Each token provides their required slippage settings, and those settings are auto applied in the swap. Pairs that both have fees are combined. You can also choose custom settings. Messages and confirmation popup provide relevant information. #SAFEMOONWALLET" Galan also tweeted along with the example images below showing the different slippages and the pop-up that occurs in the wallet when swapping.

"Todays SWAPDate is life!" Discord Moderator Hydra tweeted with this SFM Swap 24hr volume chart. Thanks Hydra!!

MoonCraft Update (v1.0.2)

The Mooncraft team have pushed another update and announced everything they've updated per game mode on the Mooncraft Discord! Thanks Mooncraft team for all your hard work and for keeping the Mooncraft community well informed.

"Hello @everyone! Based on the user feedback we've received, we have pushed another update with a lot of bug fixes, balancing, & more!

Lobby Servers:

+ Fixed players not getting teleported to the last Parkour checkpoint if falling onto a block.

Azkaban Prison:

+ Added Rank Sell multipliers.

+ Added /topplayers to display the Top Balance, Top Prestige, Top Tokens and Top Blocks Mined in the same place.

+ Added the /heal and /feed commands to ranked users.

+ Fixed incorrect players appearing in the leaderboards.

+ Decreased the reset time of the Z mine because if there were multiple people mining at the same time, it gets mined entirely in a very short period of time.

+ Linked the /spawn to /travel, now when players use that command it will directly open the Fast Travel menu instead of telling the player to use the /travel command.

+ Modified the answer of the Quest 4 to say 'Deal' instead of 'What can you offer me?' since it already mentions what he can do within his dialogue.

+ Adjusted the size of the lore in the Pickaxe enchantments to avoid it getting of players screens.

+ Increased Tokenator ability chance.

+ Reduced Explosive ability chance.

+ Increased the Salary ability chance.

+ Buffed the Crate Finder enchantment.

+ Increased the Layer ability chance.

+ Increased the Charity ability effect.

+ Increased the Blessing ability effect.

Alcatraz Prison:

+ Added the /heal, /feed and /fix commands to ranked users.

+ Buffed the Crate Finder enchantment.

+ Fixed Super Crate not giving up rewards in some cases.

+ Fixed the 'Mine 300 Diorite' Quest not being able to be completed due to Diorite not being present in any mines. Diorite was added to the PvP mine.

+ Fixed players being able to place blocks in the Prestige areas.

+ Adjusted the regions of the prestige areas to be better and more organized in Alcatraz Prison.

+ Increased the delay between Chat announcements.


+ Players now can place animals at their plots with a max limit of 20 per plot.

Thanks for playing on and supporting the server!

The MoonCraft Team"

SafeMoon Standard

"My Valentines Date is with “work” for the #SAFEMOONARMY tonight. We will CONTINUE to move forward and make progress as we always have." Ryan tweeted this with a link of the spaces he popped into.

He then added "I know the Army because I started out as one of YOU. I didn’t come into this job from some ivory tower - I came in to make an impact and turn this franchise around for all of us, and that’s what will be DONE for as long as I have the privilege of SERVING you!" So grateful for you Ryan! Thank you for all your hard work and genuine care for SafeMoon and the SafeMoon Army.

Chris, one of the SafeMoon Community Managers who's been a massive help to everyone in the Discord and Moderator community as well as the SafeMoon team, put out a SafeMoon Standard worthy tweet today. '“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” ' Thank you for this reminder and all you do for our community and SafeMoon, Chris! 💗


John on Discord

SFM Holder: You said you'd [eat the pineapple pizza]...You gotta do it.

John: I did. I took a bite. I gaged and spat it out. We did many takes i couldn’t manage to get it down.

SFM Holder: did you really bite into the pizza? The shot was far away. 😉

John: I did. That disgust was not acting. also who said that?

SFM Holder: How many people are working on Blockchain?

John: Many, how many are actually implementing it. If we wanted to just build a blockchain, we can just fork it. That's not what we want to do. Its about the use case of the blockchain. What are the features of the blockchain? Why does it exist outside of just creating a coin? The point of our blockchain is to connect people. It is a piece of the overall ecosystem.

SFM Holder: Question if you can answer from dans millionaire code. You had mentioned you saw a lot of areas that were left open for safemoon to come in and do what others were not doing. Other than the Google sheets part 😂, what other areas were left open for safemoon?

John: A lot. There is a fallacy regarding a lot of projects. One of the issues i see with a lot of projects is they don't take in account for the human element. Prime example is DAOs. It is advertised as a democratization of something, however, just like in real life, those with deep pockets can end up controlling the DAO anyways. And once that control is solidified, their is little that folks can do to "out vote" the DAO whale. The intent of DAO's is to give a voice, what ends up happening most of the time is its only the voice of the largest holder of the DAO token. Now I'm not saying DAO's are bad, and I'm not dissuading folks from them. I'm just saying most don't take into account the Human element.

[SFM Dyno] BOT

Patience is 🔑

We are currently rolling out all of the foundational elements of the SafeMoon ecosystem in preparation for major product releases. Again, we are just getting started. Please wait for our ecosystem to be complete.

✅Android and iOS Wallet

✅SafeMoon SWaP

✅SafeMoon Contract V2

✅Operation Pheonix Reveal - Started in December

✅New listing - Mandala Exchange

✅MoonCraft (Minecraft Server)

🕓1 new listing incoming

🕓SafeMoon Exchange

🕓SafeMoon Blockchain

🕓SafeMoon Card

🕓SafeMoon Podcast

🕓SafeMoon Connect

🕓SafeMoon Hard Wallet

🕓SafeMoon Documentary

Disclaimer: This list is in random order

SFM Holder:That isn’t a roadmap. We NEED one!

John: That is a roadmap. If you look at "industry standard" that is a roadmap.

SFM Holder: Well you got out of that one. I think you know where we are coming from however. I realize it is industry standard but it needs to be updated.

John: Didn't get out of anything. SafeMoon Sundays are in a way, a change log. Developers do this, but they put the updates only on the app or game, we also do a video talking about the changes. Some SafeMoon Sundays we don't have the sexiest of updates, but every update is important. Like this one was a big update. New big feature added in, NFT support. And it only goes from there. We also have other stuff that we want to hold off on announcing as we don't have a clear delineation of timelines of them. When you are actually dealing with unknowns and new terrain (aka innovating) it is difficult to predict the time it takes to complete a task. Post restructure, we are now finally able to start gaging averages and build times as we have the personnel in place to track it, and we have collected enough performance data to be able to estimate time of delivery. Storming, forming, norming, performing.

John: And while an NFT integration is not new, im not taking into account just that feature. Its what additional integrations we have to plan for. Which dictates how we build that feature, and in which order we build the feature.

SFM Holder: I appreciate John replying. Takes character which he has a lot of. I care for this project and want it to succeed but we need to ask tough questions sometimes and we are still in the infant years and John will only mature and learn from it all.

John: The great thing, and one of the reasons we can move so fast, is the instant feedback we receive. Good or bad. It allows us to make faster decisions. We don't have to go hire focus groups or pay a ton of money and sift through user data (which we don't collect) because we interface directly with you all.

SFM Holder: “Storming! Forming! Norming! Performing!” - Rap God Capt

John: In tech its Forming, Storming Norming and performing.

John: Sprinkle the blockchain industry, it starts with storming.


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