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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 14th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Sunday | SafeMoon Wallet | #SafeMoonSuperbowl#SafeMoonSuperbowl

SafeMoon Standard | Metaverse Josh

Community Creations | John on Discord

SafeMoon Sunday

Here is a SafeMoon highlight graphic. To view the full video, detailed highlights, and/or read the transcript click here.

SafeMoon community member SafeMoon Apollo tweeted this after watching the SafeMoon Sunday: "@TheFudHound one thing about the AMA that got me JACKED, is when you said that companies that don’t understand blockchain can still use the ecosystem. This means the ecosystem on the front side is user friendly, but the backside is integrated in the blockchain. HUGE!

Yes, we all want the major exchange, our blockchain, our exchange, etc. But if this releases without the foundation built, it is more likely to fail. Much like how you can’t build house without a foundation! The #SAFEMOONARMY is behind you and we trust process! GREAT WORK BRO!"

Ryan replied to his tweet saying, "That’s correct, many who don’t see the big picture will miss this."

SafeMoon Wallet

Ryan let every one know the most recent update to the SafeMoon Wallet was pushed "#SAFEMOONARMY YOU DESERVE IT, TODAY IS YOUR DAY!💪🍏"

Wallet Updates: New Collectibles module,

auto-slippage popup for new swap tokens, and

other bug fixes and stability improvements.

Collectibles update

SafeMoon Wallet Collectibles is currently integrated with Opensea on ERC-20. To see your Collections, you must load the same wallet that is tied to your Opensea account. To create NFT's, you will need to connect to Opensea using wallet connect. BEP-20 soon. #SAFEMOONWALLET

"So just tried the new “collections” tab it worked seamlessly A+ job guys all my NFTs loaded up @TheFudHound once again knocks it out of the park can’t wait to see what future updates hold potentially an upload feature would be nice." @Michael _T_ Moorex


SafeMoon community member Zeus tweeted out, "CONGRATULATIONS #SAFEMOONARMY!!!! WE HAVE REACHED 100K #SAFEMOONSUPERBOWL ON @Twitter TRENDING!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! Thank you EVERYONE who participated in this event!!!! I❤️you all!!!!"

Great job SafeMoon Army!

SafeMoon Standard

"We have learned a TON about what the community loves & hates. As we GROW we calibrate & IMPROVE.

We take chances & we aim to please everyone - impossible as it may be. We provide honest updates that are measured & reliable, not hype.

We have learned that speaking about things that aren’t close to launch has a net-negative effect.

I have personally learned that many expect “mind-blowing” updates every AMA - this isn’t sustainable as we work to keep our previous promises to ALL of you.45203910

This doesn’t mean the 🏀 isn’t moving forward everyday, it means we are careful with what we say.

We will keep our promises #SAFEMOONARMY!"

"What you believe doesn't make you a better person. Your behaviour is what makes the difference." - Mr. Adult, Global Community Manager

Metaverse Josh

As many of you know SafeMoon community member Metaverse Josh has been holding SFM Sunday streams within the Metaverse. on his own tweeted,

"#SAFEMOONMETABOWL was a success! Following up with #Safemoon #metaverse #Mooncast"

Big thank you to @captainloozer, @MegSafemoonHodl, and @LeetCoins for sharing your experience with us all!!

Community Creations

None other than our Mememaker @Spyros for this silly meme! Thank Spyros!

John on Discord

SFM Holder: You can't please everyone unfortunately.

John: We will continue to evolve. 🙂 Perfection is a journey, not a destination. I'm just glad as a company, we don't need to get focus groups or spend loads of money on stolen data to get feedback. We can get it directly from the award winning SafeMoon Army.

SFM Holder: I know you see me. I'm a military guy too. John, just let us know please how is the exchange/blockchain/listings going. We love you guys..

John: Fantastic, great, and eh, we are continuously working with exchanges and their listing processes. Fun fact, most use google sheets and don't have a partner portal like we do to make things easier for those who want to list. We built the partner portal to make the listing and partner process easier for our ecosystem. While that may not be amazing news to some, for the company and ops side, it allows us to move faster and efficiently.

SFM Holder: ARE WE LISTED ON MANDALA? No, it's cause we were suggested heavily we would have major exchange listings. So it was a Twitter post to shut us the [f***] up.

John: Mandala is part of the Binance Cloud Ecosystem. Also, they are working hard to implement tokenomics. Which is why it takes a little time. We went from "is it possible?" to "wen implemented?"

SFM Holder: Any teases on turbines?👀

John: Waiting on delivery. And I got a little more travel to do to finalize it. Step one was the nano tech. Step two is MVP (AKA iteration) then we refine from there. A lot of companies play a finite game, we are playing an infinite game. We are never done evolving.


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The amount of work the team puts in to be certain the future of SafeMoon is successful by creating a foundation built for overall high Quality, accessibility, and security is nothing short of amazing and should be celebrated. They are looking at the bigger picture and have SafeMoon as a tech company, and it's holders best interest at heart! Thanks Ryan, John, and team! - Pulse

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