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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 13th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Sunday | MoonCast | SafeMoon Wallet | Metaverse Josh

SafeMoon Standard | SafeMoon Community in NYC

#SafeMoonSuperbowl #SafeMoonSuperbowl | Community Creations

SafeMoon Sunday

Today is the day! It's SafeMoon Sunday. Don't forget to tune into SafeMoon's YouTube channel for the live stream:

📅 Sunday 13th February


📺 The SAFEMOON YouTube Channel


Directly after SafeMoon Sunday today, tune into MoonCast for a special episode with guest speaker Joseph Reiner, CEO of Mandala.

📅 Sunday 13th February


👂 in on Discord, YouTube or Facebook!

Mandala Exchange said, "You won't wanna miss this one!

Be sure to tune in 👇

#MandalarianArmy 🤝 #SAFEMOONARMY"

SafeMoon Wallet

Looks like the Collectibles tab within the SafeMoon Wallet will be available very soon! Here is another tweet Ryan made hinting at this "📢Because we...WON"T STOP KEEPING PROMISES!! 👉🍎. #NFTS #SAFEMOONWALLET #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONV2"

Metaverse Josh

SafeMoon community member Metaverse Josh tweeted, "I will be hosting [todays] SafemoonSunday live stream in the AltspaceVR #Metaverse. The event code is CPR913. You can also find more info at the link below. Hope to see the #SafemoonArmy there! #Safemoon #MysterySpaceTheater #ClubSafemoon"

Click here for access to his live stream!

SafeMoon Standard

"A leader:

- Gives all the credit away when things go right.

- Takes the blame when they go wrong.

A manager:

- takes all the credit

- blames the team when things go wrong.

Be a leader, not a manager. "

- John Karony, CEO

"When people remember how you made them feel - are you leading a life that means they feel how you hope they might?

This is at the core of our legacy. We all leave one. We all have control over what kind of one we leave."

-Mr Adult, Global Community Manager

SafeMoon Community in NYC

Members of the SafeMoon Army got together near the SafeMoon Billboard at Times Square in New York City to represent with SafeMoon gear, flags, and even a food truck! And even helped some buy SFM! Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos with us all! Looks like you all had a great time! 😊

(Credit to @JeremyBeaucha20 and @silentwiseroars for the photos)


"We are trending now on @twitter #SafeMoonArmy!!!

#SAFEMOONSUPERBOWL" - SafeMoon Community member @SafeMoonZeus

Photo Credit to Spyros

Community Creations

Shout out to SafeMoonTim who does one of these everyday for the Lowdown! Thanks Tim!!


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