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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 12th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

MoonCast | SFM Labs | SafeMoon Standard | Veno's Crossword Useful Websites | Community Creations | EverGrowCoin

Fake SafeMoon Swap Token | The Team on Discord


It's almost time for another MoonCast!! And it looks as though there will be a special guest! "Join us this Sunday for another episode of #MoonCast as we are joined by none other than @JoeR_Mandala! You won't want to miss it!" Education Manager CatsRus tweeted.

'Who is Joe,' you ask? He is the CEO of Mandala Exchange! Join the MoonCast this Sunday 9PM CET, 3PM EST, 12PM PST! After SafeMoon Sunday!

SFM Labs

Incase you don't know already, SafeMoon Labs is a live Twitter Space discussion or "Laboratory think tank" on a variety of topics led by SafeMoon Educators. The spaces are recorded, and then uploaded to SafeMoon Education YouTube channel! Along with these Spaces will be a correlated article located within the SafeMoon Education site.

The SafeMoon Wallet - Features Explained

SafeMoon Scholar Gandalf held another SFM Labs "think tank" on Twitter Spaces titled The SafeMoon Wallet: Features Explained. If you missed it you can view the live recording and corresponding article here. Reach out to Gandalf if you have any questions here!

SafeMoon Standard

SafeMoon Holder shared a heart warming situation in which Global Community Manager, Mr. Adult made a difference by sharing some of his knowledge and wisdom, : "That’s why we say #SAFEMOON is a real family, Even if you DM someone for personal advice you’ll find them there for you, Everyday my love for this community grows stronger, YES We’re #SAFEMOONFAMILY 💗@WeMoonTogether"💗

"The first step is realizing something needs to change. Amazing work. Many don't get that far and remain miserable. The second step is realizing it can be progressives. As long as you're making moves in a better way for you, doesn't mean you have to dump everything overnight. That said sometimes that's how people need/want to do it. As long as you can survive/this risk is manageable then that's awesome! We have one life it's not worth wasting." - Mr. Adult Thank you for sharing, Ayman. 💝

"Make the echoes of you be great ones." - Mr. Adult
Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga posted this little slice of wisdom: "Popularity is when people like you. Happiness is when you like You," along with a simple✊.

Veno's Crossword

One of the Discord community members, @deadly, is the winner of Crossword #001 and a shiny new 🧩Puzzle Winner role!! Congrats, Deadly! We have TWO active crosswords right now, one of which you can win SFM V2 by completing!! Check out the Discord for more information!

Useful Websites

Glubiz sent out a tweet saying, "the new Treasury Wallet has now been added to the Dashboard and Holders on 🔥Will see if I can find a better way of displaying the LP tracking on the Dashboard today👀Have a great one #SAFEMOONARMY🚀🌕"

Cats tweeted a big THANK YOU to DexScreener saying, "We now are able to see and track all the ETH Tokens on the #SAFEMOONSWAP that get listed!"

Community Creations

Here are some of the recent Meme creations from Sypyros! Great work Spyros! You never fail to make us all chuckle. Thank you so much for your creations. 💗


EverGrow's Twitter account posted, "Some serious stuff brewing... Our #SAFEMOON co-branded billboards go live any day reaching 9 million people a day. We have a HUGE competition coming this month. And marketing being cranked up BIG TIME! More people will discover #EverGrowCoin than ever before!"

Fake SafeMoon Swap Token

SafeMoon Warrior tweeted, "Fake #SafeMoon Swap token on BscScan! Be safe!"

SafeMoon.swap is NOT a SafeMoon token so please disregard it.

The Team on Discord

CEO John Karony

SFM Holder - company holding wallet and LP Provider wallet gone

John - Its not gone

John - We are just storing treasury in a better location. EVOLVE the security.

SFM Holder - Wen locked LP to V2

John - We working it 🙂

John - Treasury* LP is just one function of treasury 🙂

SFM Holder - Yea good example, we were told we'd get a preview/teaser, and when we got exactly that, some were disappointed because they expected the whole picture.

John - It's 4D chess not checkers.

SFM Holder - Name one thing SafeMoon has done that lived up to everyone's expectations? 0 You can't focus on making everyone happy. You have to move right on by the noise. Innovation isn't a daily update or tweet to pump to give value. Patience is the name of the game. Lowering expectations is key to mentality. Expect less, gain more. Expect more, expect negative results.

John - Some folks play a finite game, SafeMoon is playing the infinite game.

SFM Holder - Yup, but it was a disappointment to many potential investors, as hodlers we get it, others have a harder time

John - I think you missed the size of that innovation...

SFM Holder - You’ve done an excellent job pleasing us hodlers and keeping us excited! But how do you get outside investors as excited as we are? Especially because conventional investors may be scared away by the 10% buy and sell fee?

John - Innovate

SFM Holder - Haven't looked at SM in a while....just checking in.....yup still nothing

John - laughs in over 1 million wallet users but cries in having to taste pineapple pizza

SFM Holder - John , when we get an update about the turbines

John - I'm waiting on delivery of the turbines.

SFM holder - Because they put in more than they can afford and now it’s uncomfortable. Also people are just impatient and don’t appreciate the work it takes to get to where we are.

John - no, NDA

John -

Global Community Manager Mr. Adult

SFM holder A - I get it you always say people have an issue with doxxing. But there can be so many other ways. 1. One main way is the products ( it's kinds of hard for me to understand why our wallet UI still looks like the same rushed UI from September and hasn't been improved yet, the website also has so many small apparent quick fixes that take weeks to be fixed, I have worked with startups and the only reason I understand this happens when the workforce is less or their is enough workforce but the structure is missing)

Mr. A - Unlike other companies. Our primary focus has been on a more cohesive back end platform to power all of the things we have planned. This will all make more sense in time.

SFM holder A - Yes I understand the foundation part and how important it is to build internal processes. That's exactly my point if we have a proper structure the frontend team shouldn't care what the backend team is doing and we should have had a better UI of our 2,3 products or at least see some improvement every month.

Mr. A - Well. That would be true - but - sometimes front end products are intrinsically tied to back end unreleased and unannounced features. So - you won’t get the new shiny front end until the behind the scenes stuff is ready. First to market does not = best to market. Quickest in market does not = staying in market. Blockbuster, Blackberry, Nokia, MySpace, AOL, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, Friends Reunited, Flash, Netscape, etc.

SFM holder A - A different question out of curiosity, Do you think other companies focus on front end more? I think it's otherwise. As I haven't rarely seen any good frontend product fail but have seen many fail vice versa. Also I read in some book to not over Engineer the backend until needed because people every where do ( like I read somewhere if json files work an SA database for you use it and don't go Fancy SQL) I know SafeMoon needs a scalable backend due to million+ users already, this us more of a general question on what is your opinion. Mr. A - Good question. I like high quality questions. There is always a trade off when you’re working on MVP / MLP. But what’s different here is we are building out new tech stacks with new approaches. So it’s not a feast of documentation and ready to go libraries. This means a lot more heavy lifting and QA. But this is why it’s innovation not just building. Most the other products are powered by existing methods put together in new ways. So they deliver quicker. But we are developing the products and the methods. In the short term this can mean slower publicly perceived change / progress. In the longer term it’s what puts you out front and makes it incredibly difficult for others to catch up. Let me give you another quick example. Rather than just throw a simple WordPress site up like almost all other projects. We’ve rebuilt the entire thing in React Native and deeply integrated it into our dashboards and processes. We now have a basis to build a more cohesive ecosystem of products that can show up on more platforms. And we’ve reduced our risks, data bloat and other factors. Most people haven’t even noticed the full rebuild that got deployed. But that’s kind of the point. This is also why they think nothing is happening when it truly is. SFM holder B - A wise man once told me, when you deeply practice your craft. If you truly excel. No one will notice you did anything at all.

Mr. A - The best products are the ones you don’t have to notice. They get out the way of the task. One further point. We are on a mission to #EveryoneProof our products moving forward. So we can get out of the tech boundaries and into the general population. It’s amazing how hard it is to make something effortless.

SFM holder A - I know I just get impatient. It's like I have been telling my other crypto friends that SafeMoon is a good investment since may, Haven't still convinced em so now I need to show them the things we built. So am hoping 2022 will he the year I can convince them finally :P

Mr. A - Every hour is a year in crypto. Look up the law of diffusion of innovation. Some people are simply not early adopters. That’s ok.


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