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SafeMoon Lowdown (Feb 11th, 2022)

Table of Contents:

SafeMoon Sunday | SafeMoon Ecosystem | Crypto Jobs | SafeMoon Swap

| SafeMoon Gaming | Community Creations | Mandala |

John on Discord

SafeMoon Sunday

SafeMoon has announced the times for SafeMoon Sunday. "Hold on to your space helmets! We have a brand new #SAFEMOONSUNDAY coming into orbit this weekend! 📅 Sunday 13th February 🕐1PM MST / 8PM GMT 📺 The SAFEMOON YouTube Channel...🍍👀IYKYK". If you know you know😁.

John quote tweeted the announcement saying "See you all there! #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONGALAXY 32 to the #SAFEMOON 🍍->🗑️🚮 IYKYK" I wonder if there will be some pizza involved. 🧐🤔🍍🍕🤭

Director Of Content Dave Smith also quote tweeted the SafeMoon Sunday tweet with this little message: "Who's excited for SafeMoon Sunday?" with a very interesting photo choice...hmmmm🤔🧐👀⬆👆👆👆

SafeMoon Ecosystem

Global Head of Products Ryan Arriaga said, "📣How we tie our Partner Ecosystem, our SafeMoon Rewards & SafeMoon Connect all together into one massive product offering when we are ready to launch is going to... In development for well over a year.😉 BLOW💥YOUR🧠 MINDS!🤯"

Who is ready to have their mind blown?🙋‍♀️

In the comments of Ryan's tweet a SafeMoon holder asked, "Will [SafeMoon] Rewards be exclusively for DeFi or will exchanges be able to participate🤔?" "ANYONE apart of the SafeMoon Ecosystem will be able to participate😁" he responded.

Another holder commented, "Anyone includes holders. 😁" in which Ryan answered, "Holders, Company Partners & Connect users - It's a trifecta of brilliance."🙌👏

The SafeMoon Hound even made a quick stop over to the SafeMoon Discord to say, "SafeMoon Rewards Contract SafeMoon Connect Web2 version Connect Web3 & SafeMoon Ecosystem...." 👏💃

Crypto Jobs

Blockworks, a Twitter account for news and insights about crypto for investors, tweeted, "companies hiring for crypto jobs." Among this list were companies like Bank of America, VISA, Microsoft, Nike, and NFL.

Ryan replied to the tweet adding, "& SafeMoon... but we snagged some of the best devs in the industry.🚀"

SafeMoon Swap

Here is a breakdown of the SafeMoon Swap volume data! Between 2/9 and 2/10, the 24hr volume increased $541,179!! We are so grateful to Discord Mod Hydra for this chart 💗💗

SatoshiStreetBets tweeted, "I'd love to see SatoshiSwap on SafeMoon Swap. Would you?" Ryan told them to apply!!

SafeMoon Gaming

Have you joined the SafeMoon Gaming Discord yet? Come hang out and play APEX, Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant or League of Legends with the SafeMoon Army and even John!! 🎮🖱

Community Creations and Mandala

Mandala Marketing Manager Donnie Mehrtens on Discord talked about the SafeMoon spin-off coming up and assures everyone that Mandala Exchange will be listing SafeMoon. He elaborates that this is a planned strategic launch. "Its all part of the plan. Safemoon is an exclusive listing and is much more special to us than those tokens we get from Binance listings."

In addition, Yesterday he reminded everyone that "a 24hr window [will be given] before deposits [are] open to coincide with [their] big giveaway.


We work with the Safemoon Team very closely and everything we do has a strategic reason behind it. This isn't just another listing..."

Spyro's then took this opportunity to create another one of his Memes

SafeMoon Warrior showing some love to Spyros for his creations

John on Discord

John popped in on discord yesterday to say one thing "Why don't bridging assets give reflections?" What could this mean?🤔


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